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  1. i think you can make them run by attacking a lion and then giving them a move order, lion coming after them does it
  2. So in the end of this page you can find out how to add custom hotkeys by editing your user config file This is how i altered mine hotkey.session.patrol = "Alt+E" hotkey.session.repair = "Alt+R" hotkey.selection.idleonly = "Alt+A" ; Select only idle units hotkey.selection.idleunit = "Alt+Q" ; Select next idle unit hotkey.tab.next = "Tab" hotkey.tab.prev = "Shift+Tab" hotkey.selection.nonmilitaryonly = "Alt+W" hotkey.selection.woundedonly = "Alt+S" hotkey.camera.rotate.ccw = "Ctrl+RightArrow", "E" ; Rotate camera anticlockwise around terrain hotkey.camera.rotate.cw = "Ctr
  3. I was wondering if i can find and download the music of the game, or the pics and quotes used on loading screens thanks
  4. The mods i need to watch the round 2 replay @Jofursloft posted above How come i could spectate their round 1 game without any of these dependencies being met but it doesn't let me watch round 2 from replay?
  5. @PrincessChristmas upload replays vs @RomuloSinRemo?
  6. I have read the manual both in game and online, played some games vs AI and here are some things still unclear to me: What is the purpose of the loot stat? Do you get the amount specified when you kill an enemy unit? What about when you delete a unit / building of your own, do you get loot? What if you capture an enemy building? If a building gets destroyed do garrison units die or do they come out like when it gets captured by the enemy? In spearman description it says 3x against cavalry, 3x what? attack? armor? both? Does a basic swordsman counter a basic spearman in
  7. So i have an old card (nvidia geforce 9600GT 512mb) and besides the vram being on the brick of death at ~500mb with only having 0ad open (i am on linux mint tara and cinnamon seems to take about 120mb of the vram), i get very low fps even below 10 with the default settings so i am trying to experiment with them and see how it goes so if someone has too an old card i would appreciate seeing his graphics settings Here are some changes i made -disabled shadows, seemed to have helped a lot with fps -from water i only kept water depth and water refraction (disabling reflections seems
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