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  1. Possibly, or maybe it will just be a learning experience. I think some of the ideas have definitely been proven and could be incorporated into vanilla/other mods. 1.4 is the first release @ValihrAnt hasn't found a way of breaking in 1v1 against me but I am not quite good enough to really test vs him. @Feldfeld @ValihrAnt are you guys available for some pro 1v1s?
  2. Champions Mod 1.4 Women's attack and health stats and techs have been reworked. Before, fully upgraded women were too strong! Women now do 1.5x (or 2x for Spartan women) multiplier damage to dogs, tigers and lions. Spartans' Rebel tech (which transforms women into warriors) now irrevocably decreases women's gather rate 75%. Melee cavalry now do 1.5x damage vs Siege units. Siege units' values have been reworked. More consistent loot, lower pierce, the same or more crush, slightly higher minimum range. Britain's rams have been upgraded with +3 hack/crush armour. Added Scorpio to I
  3. Champions Mod 1.2 Towers do more damage. Garrisoning units used to reduce or barely change the amount of damage done in fights because tower damage was only 4.5/s. Towers now do 12 damage/s which is higher than most units would do ungarrisoned. This makes towers a good defence until siege units become available. The city phase is now slightly cheaper and grants +20% unit health instead of +10%. Civic Centres are now cheaper and Military Colonies are slower to build. Civic Centres now garrison 30 units. New Brits tech to decrease the metal cost of Naked Fanatics. New Rome tech to
  4. Champions Mod 1.1 This is a big release which addresses four main issues: Making turtling and booming more viable Encourage transitioning to the next phase more Making civs moe different to each other Adding more depth to gameplay Houses have a new aura which gives +30% health within its range. Clever positioning of houses can now protect against rushes. Towers now do more damage and garrison slightly more units but have a lower maximum number of arrows. Overall this benefits defense. It's now slightly cheaper to research the town and city phases. Stone a
  5. Thanks @borg- @Feldfeld and @ValihrAnt for testing. I felt pleased that players would defend, then build a counter unit and then go on the offensive. In vanilla I don't normally see that back and forth gameplay. The civs were played differently to their unique strengths and I saw players choosing different techs which makes me think there's probably no obviously best strategy! But I agree with the consenus that cavalry was too strong and melee infantry too weak so I've made some changes: Cavalry -40% hunting gather rate, except for camels which remain fast hunters (but weak fighters)
  6. Thanks. Had some fun games: @nani beat @ValihrAnt and me in a 1v1v1 game. And I lost to @ValihrAnt twice in 1v1. I've released 0.9 which slightly buffs lions/tigers/dogs, fixes a Sparta bug, makes healers cheaper but limits the number you can build and tweaks the Golden Age tech. When you update to the new version make sure to delete the old version first!
  7. Summary For a while I've been working on a new mod to balance 0 A.D. for pro players. It features a lot of changes, and may take some getting used to. A counter system: melee infantry counters cavalry which counters ranged infantry which counters melee infantry (rock paper scissors) All techs are now useful and new dilemas have been added: many techs were too expensive to be worthwhile before Only six civilizations: each one very different to the others, with more depth and possible strategies More military buildings: units are split between barracks, archery range
  8. Thanks everyone who played! It was a pleasure to watch all your matches! ^^ At long last we have the results... Winners borg- FeldFeld ValihrAnt Jofursloft
  9. 3-2 to @Feldfeld so far. Unknown_Land and Mainland again left to play! ^^ @borg- can you post the replays so far please?
  10. They haven't arranged a time yet but it's likely this weekend. Will let ya know when more's known!
  11. Since game 25 wasn't played I have to choose a winner. Overall I thought Jofursloft did a better job of attempting to arrange the match so he is given the win. I've PMed both players the detailed explanation of my decision.
  12. I'm extending the deadline for games 25-26 till 9 September!
  13. The deadline for matches 23-24 has been extended until 29 August.
  14. I get your point but it's a small cup and most games are played ahead of schedule. It'll be fine!
  15. I'm extending the second round until 12 August for @kizito and @spahis to play their match. That means the third round losers bracket will run until 19 August.
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