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  1. One good reason to implement falling trees: consistency. We already have falling animals, so why not trees? We could start with some specific trees, and then improve from there...
  2. Hi, I was wondering if the implementation of a auto-explore function is feasible and if there is any work going on this direction? I found this: but this thread is too long and is pretty much dead! Would anyone but me be interested in this auto-explore feature? Thanks!
  3. it would only add to the realism of the game! But I agree, point 2 is probably a bad idea...
  4. Fair enough, we would need to crate some stumps, which i could try that in Blender, as I am ok with Blender 3D. Could we have pre-made animations like @wowgetoffyourcellphone suggested?
  5. Thanks @wowgetoffyourcellphone, It still rocks and it is great eye candy, IMO. Perhaps it would be too much of an hassle to implement people dying from falling trees...
  6. Thanks @Stan` Not quite. For example, in minutes 7:16 - 7:30 it is possible to see how falling trees are handled by AoE 3. Quite nice technique and no need to implement/add art for roots!
  7. Hi, I am wondering how to implement the following: 1) When a player cuts a tree, the tree will fall in some direction. Has any work on this been done? What technology would it be required to implement these two features (C/C++, JavaScript...,)? What would be the best way to start? Thanks! EDIT: Previously, there was a point 2): 2)the tree could kill units while falling, that would have to run away from the falling tree. But this is probably a bad idea so i removed it...
  8. Is this check disabled inside the mods themselves or is it hardcoded in the engine?
  9. does anyone know which hash is calculated when running the mod? Which .zip files have their hash verified? Thanks
  10. Thanks @Stan`! Does anyone know how to get my mod to work online? Cheers
  11. Hi, I am learning how to make modes and made a simple "learn_modding" that changes the default trade values. It runs fine in single player, but when i go online it stops me from using it: Why won't 0ad let me use the mod online? How do i get it to work? Cheers
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