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  1. @MaDmaxwell311 The directory would look like this under Linux: 0ad/data/mods/public/maps/scenarios You probably would be able to find it under the /usr/share directory Maps are hotloaded, so after adding it, you might be able to find it in 0ad without reloading the client. To then share it with friends, you'd need to either host or upload the map somewhere they can save it for themselves.
  2. Very nice @Dade , good to hear. Hope to see you on the Mumble.
  3. It works well and is very fast. And is up about 99.99999% of the time.
  4. Its hosted from in U.S. by a Russian company.
  5. There's currently a new Mumble out which anyone can use for free. These mumble settings can also be added to the footers of the WildFireGames webpages to help welcome non-devs and forums users to join. Address: mumble-us.cleanvoice.com Port: 39697
  6. @sanderd17, I would love to split the Ais threads or to parallelize the 3D rendering or the GUI rendering. Could you please be direct to whoever may be able to assist me?
  7. you might want to add more restrictions than that (unless contacted)
  8. Someone in the lobby today, "sotocodes", complained that someone on their network received the error message "Unknown Registration" when trying to create an account. This error was happening on both pcs and the network already had an account created and signed in. One pc was running windows 7 and the other was running windows 10. Notes: users have reported that they can create multiple accounts on the same computer. The same error has occurred here: It turns out the solution is to either either use another network (e.g., phones hotspot), or to restart the client (no pc restart was necessary).
  9. Again, I'm really interested in parallelizing some code -- especially the formations. I could use either OpenMP, MPI, or Cuda with C++, and I could also use Javascript's Web Workers and Asynchronization.
  10. This is a brilliant idea. Currently, the game quite restricted with the number of units it can handle. It can make it harder for player to avoid the lag with a large number of units when theres not much of a warning for the players during the game. I really like the idea of replacing worker units with buildings. Like edaq said, we could have specialized building to handle some of the worker. We could even make it so these specialized buildings need a certain number of units garrisoning it in order to function. This will then have less units on the board, but will also have units to use when finished with wood processing. Also, the idea of combining multiple units into one is brilliant. This could be accomplished by maybe having certain unit types to accomplish this unit type such as slaves or gladiator slaves pseudo combined together Also, there should be a limit on the max number of units that can be in an individual formations for the moment. This should be the case until code improvement. There's also the consideration of parallelizing the code for formations. I might be able to do this myself if I'm directed to the proper team and proper code.
  11. While looking through the triggers example, "Treasure Island", I noticed some "object" was being used. This object holds the default triggers that can be built upon during the game. I'm trying to find this object so I can learn all its triggers, and possibly make modifications to it allow its expansion, but I'm having trouble find the object. I've "grep" the source code and checked documentations but am unable to find it anywheres. I understand that, http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Triggers, holds a reference table to the triggers for "Engine" but I want to see if theres more. Thanks.
  12. I would love logistics to be sent to me that way I can work them out. I would need: objects to deliver, timing of the deliveries, damage impact of the deliveries, formations of the deliveries, objectives of the deliveries, messages to display, alliance impacts, etc..
  13. If you're having trouble posting replys to any forum discussion to PMS, try disabling your Javascript then posting the reply. After disabling Javascript I was enable to post replies. Funny enough, after re-enabling Javascript, I was once again able to post replies with Javascript enabled. Seems to have something to do with "js objects" -- something I'm not too familiar with.
  14. Although I'm new to making 0ad scripts, I certainly would love to try to make the script for you.
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