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  1. Feldfeld vs Edwarf Feldfeld vs Edwarf.zip
  2. And the last game got played. The deadline extension proved to be useful! Remember you can ask one if you couldn't play your game in time due to unfortunate things. Thanks @alre for staying available while he could take the free win. __________________________________________________ Round 4 matches: @Feldfeld vs @Edwarf @ValihrAnt vs @MarcusAureliu#s @Philip the Swaggerless vs @Dakara @Player of 0AD vs @LetswaveaBook @BeTe vs @seeh @rm -rf vs @alre Bye (no game for this round, +1 point): @chocapoca The deadline for this round is Friday 9, 23:59 UTC. Please try to organize your match as soon as possible using forum private messaging! Beware of timezone differences. Please message me personally if your opponent doesn't answer you after 2-3 days. __________________________________________________ Replays of past round: Round 3 (Community Mod 0.26.3): FTS2-Round3.zip
  3. Yes, sorry, that's a consequence of having borg- forfeit the tournament. If nothing changes next 2 rounds will have a different player getting a Bye as well
  4. Basically look at my game against LetswaveaBook in the tournament. If I didn't get attacked, I would have gone once I had 8 cavs total (so after a batch of 3 cav are trained) That's because - Your opponent had a few units inside CC so this shoots more arrows - You stayed too long under despite that - You had a low number of cav so CC arrows don't get split and that makes you have to go back sooner as cav gets in low health sooner. Of course unit management is tricky there especially if you are against this opponent. After you went back I stopped watching because from there you lost the timing to pretend making damage. Since you didn't disrupt enough on your first go then the economy advantage of your opponent is too strong and he can defend the rest Well tell this to vinme's opponents he got himself a good elo by only using persian archer cav strategy pretty much. Not saying it's easy of course it takes skills to do that strategy properly.
  5. You could have done: - Better build order - Coming with more cav (a requirement at that timing unless you spotted a weakness by scouting) - Focus on disrupting food income (idling women near CC while not staying under its fire, raid the additional berry patch until the slingers come then retreat, force slingers to stay on the berries unless you come back, alternate checking food sources) Of course against this defensive position and that player it takes good skills to make it. Not many players can do it. I'm curious of what would have happened if I were in your spot.
  6. Towers and fortresses are used in 1v1s and TGs on mainland. Walls are not but that's because Mainland is as open as it gets, on top of players sometimes not realizing they are in "must defend" situation. Also, that champions are weak gives less incentive to stall out. Mainland is not the only map. There are maps that are less open but not as closed as the ones you created, and they give some easy to defend positions, one example are water maps (eg Rivers, Corinthian Isthmus). I know by experience they play like this At the end of the day, players mostly play TGs on Mainland. It may be due to lack of taste, but the fact that many options are hardly viable for civs doesn't help. I kind of agree. In AoE2 all civs have trebuchets. In Delenda Est I think infantry can build catapults on the field which is an interesting idea.
  7. Too chokepointy imo. From my experience, chokepoints make it too easy to defend and leads to stalemates. If not for that problem I'd be advertising my Alpine Mountains map for multiplayer. Some civs only have rams as siege capabilities, pushing with rams can be incredibly difficult against a well defended position. If there were some other siege options, or if walls and towers could be disabled in some maps, this could maybe change this situation.
  8. For me, either no nerf, or the small damage nerf for skirm cav and archer cav only. For the reasons I already wrote in this thread, I think cavalry is in a good place currently. It's already very hard to have an effective rush if the defender plays appropriately. Infantry is still plenty useful. Etc
  9. I use it in 1v1. I imagine it doesn't matter much in TGs though with that mainland
  10. Right click the "no formation" to make it default
  11. ValihrAnt vs Feldfeld ValihrAnt vs Feldfeld.zip
  12. I packaged all replays to make it less tedious for late watchers: Round 1 (Community Mod 0.26.2) FTS2-Round1.zip Round 2 (Community Mod 0.26.3 - latest) FTS2-Round2.zip
  13. You have community-mod 0.26.0, this shouldn't be on your system. You'd need 0.26.2 to watch the specific replay, or 0.26.3 from now on (latest version) Anyway fine if you don't want to spend anymore time, indeed it's just a game
  14. There is a version available in my thread. (https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/53880-feldmap-a26/ look a26 archive) You can also download the file feldmap.zip from there: https://0ad.old.mod.io/feldmap The replay should work with 0.2.1 as well however.
  15. Maybe try to only possibly have one Community mod version read by the game (0.26.2). This means temporarily removing 0.26.3 from game files, not just deactivating it. Then try again When you had 0.26.2 activated only it looked like there was no compatible replays while there should be some played in that version, or maybe it was still the result of a previous filter. And make sure your 0.26.2 community mod has the exact same mod.json as the original and the replay file has not been modified
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