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  1. I recall that some time ago @wowgetoffyourcellphone introduced new textures but these have been merged in vanilla already. Did he bring new ones since then? If so feel free to link me the relevant content
  2. Textures and models are artists work which is not in my expertise. That being said, the wood rebalance should make every biome perfectly playable. So as result of the mod update you should see more diverse biomes being played which if you're used to only playing temperate would be a big improvement. If even with the update the community keeps playing the same biome I don't know what I can do anymore.
  3. I'm finally working toward finishing the mod, starting with wood balance. Roadmap: - Release 1.0.0: Wood balance, straggler berry tree balance. - Release 2.0.0: Hidden map gen zone of control mechanic, to allow large scale resource balance while still having the map look natural, and be resilient under varying map size/number of players. Metal/Stone balance. At this point I will view Mainland Balanced as feature complete. Then I will consider porting the changes to other maps or merging stuff to 0 A.D.
  4. Archive.zip Tried another structure after and didn't work
  5. I guess I couldn't upload the replay since nothing happened. I'm on Librewolf browser
  6. Tried to upload a replay of my first game back, it didn't seem responsive. I had no feedback on clicking the upload button.
  7. I checked the graph and it seems like what is plotted is (1500 + PlayerDeviation) instead of PlayerRating This is why the graph gets closer and closer to 1500 after each match. Maybe after giving a replay to the glicko code it doesn't take the current player rating, but instead the base value of 1500?
  8. What I mean is that the graph indicates I lost every game beside the first, at least that's the understanding I get from this. But since most replays on the website are from the tournament I'd expect it to be mostly victories, and victories would bring the graph up
  9. Now the graph indicates I'm dropping rating for each match, not sure that's accurate
  10. Nice! The glicko data looks inconsistent. It tells me my rating is 1545 while the graph puts me above 1600 Now may be time to invite the 0addicts to dump their replay. Many players should have hundreds of teamgames, though they would all be in now outdated version of community mod. (that would amount to GBs of disk size) Is there a duplicate detection for replays? Ideally it would keep also the longest version available (there could be a somewhat frequent situation where a player spectated a 1v1 then left in the middle of the game, and posted the replay first) Guess this problem would occur only if players post replays by dumps instead of hand picked 1 by 1. I'd recommend posting the link to the website at the top of the opening post of the thread for visibility.
  11. Finally something is done about melee/ranged balance Maybe I'll try it out this weekend
  12. Feldfeld

    Replays for A26

    It's better to just delete every folder related to the community mod and then do a manual install. For precise instructions with manual install you'd have to ask someone else though. For which version, I think the last matches of the tournament were played on 26.3 but the early matches were maybe on something earlier like 26.2 To know precisely which version you can also download the replay from here https://replay-pallas.wildfiregames.ovh/ (it contains the same replays as the tournament and tells the version, plus you can easily filter the games from me), you can also inspect the commands.txt file which indicates the version
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