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  1. They are worth it, but are forbidden in multiplayer games because more pop => too much lag. Or at least that was the case back in A21, players seem to just have forgotten it now.
  2. There isn't much hunt micro in AoE2. If you decide to mill a pack of deer all you have to do is shift click. If you're speaking of dealing with dark age and managing sheep, then yes it's a bit of effort to kill them one at a time while doing other tasks, however there isn't really any equivalent right now in 0 A.D. (edit: and if you're thinking about luring deer all the way to TC, that is gather efficiency micro and avoiding to spend wood for farm/mill, not related to decaying) About animal decaying in 0 A.D., I don't think it will have much impact on how hunting is microed, due to ho
  3. They were probably tasked to attack the civic center, but couldn't find a path as it was completely surrounded by buildings, so they end up stuck.
  4. Hopefully this thread can address a few of the complaints I have read there: I won't go into details about the others yet. Personally I'm fine with the gameplay being slower, including unit movement speed. Sometimes in a23 I had the feeling maps for teamgame were quite small, the enemy could be reached very fast (in bigger map size settings was not an option due to lag). Now with the slower movement this looks more like AoE2 in term of 'map size feeling', and I think this alpha puts more emphasis on map control in general, something I felt was missing in a23. Regarding a balance pa
  5. Hello, I want to inaugurate this new A24 replay section by dumping a few of my multiplayer replays, showcasing the new unit balance and the increased diversity of units that can be reliably trained. I have a feeling sometimes players don't make use of all tools available to them. Champions, trade and siege (3v3).zip This teamgame showcases a lot of different unit types, but notably champions swordsmen, some champion archers, some trading, catapult+ballistas attack, and camel archer lategame composition on the other side. Roman sword cavalry champions (3v3).zip Features roman swo
  6. Ratings have not been migrated yet. The ratings you see now are the ratings from the start of a23
  7. Movement in formation has been improved but still has flaws in the way it deals with obstruction. If you want to pass through a chokepoint small enough, the formation will not find a path here and will need to go around, whereas in 'no formation' they can go through. Also when there are small objects which obstructs the path, the formation will be slowed down, sometimes more than necessary. Also there is no option to temporarily select 'no formation' to deal with these cases. For these reasons I deactivated it. Edit: That said it is true it might still be faster for when there are sm
  8. If you think that 8 cav rush is that powerful, you should be able to climb ranks with it, being able to kill all the woodline should be a great advantage. The balance for cavalry was very different, but still the rush came later anyway I think
  9. The weird part is that he actually recommands positioning it in the back in priority in the guide. I don't understand. In all seriousness though, if for once we want to discuss the actual arguments, I think that the assumption that the enemy will want to cut off woodworkers is wrong. Typically the cavalry rusher will not be able to overpower the woodline, therefore he will want to come from the shortest path to see if he can do something (and fast) and if he can't, find another target.
  10. It's not what's going to make you good. The top 3 players know how to play all civs with only very small differences in mastering (and like to play their 1v1s with random civs), meanwhile players that only know how to play 1 civ (typically brit) still had much to learn. Or at least it was the case until some months ago.
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