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  1. Easy or not, this is the best option for a tournament. BO1 would def feel too quick when this is over. Also imo nothing wrong for a dominant player to inevitably win (every) tournament, people do like to see dominant performances, and I believe this increased the popularity of many sports/games. Regardless, someone would need to step up if we don't want that to happen This is why I left the option open for the tournament to be played on a single day, on Sunday, that way all what a player needs to do is to show up at the scheduled time and then play the tournament, and the tournament would finish quite fast if the BO1 option is chosen. Also if one player doesn't show up there is the possibility of finding a substitute in lobby.
  2. Small note: regardless of the format for the other rounds, the finals will be in BO3
  3. Thanks for your interest. You can announce your favorite schedule(s) and format, even if you don't want to participate in the first edition it is good for me to know what would be most favorable for the players. For tag team tournaments, it can be a possibility if this simpler format works well and we can do regular tournaments. For now I use a simpler format because I want it to succeed, and from experience from other organizers, it is hard to organize a 0 A.D. tournament.
  4. I agree with your points about the simplicity of the format. Indeed the tournament should be smooth I have no intention of adding rating requirements. I don't think we could afford it unless the tournament gets real popular, and even then, having gold/silver brackets would allow for best possible level in top bracket anyway. Also, the purpose of the tournament is experimentation with new features/balance, not necessarily high competitiveness. The most successful 0 A.D. tournament had a weekly round format so I'm still quite open for this format. Having only 3 rounds and single elimination should prevent some of the drawbacks, but I know it's not foolproof and issues could happen. See Maybe I was not enough clear on that point, but the daily/lightning format would only take place on Sunday, again unless the tournament gets popular enough. It's simply the most convenient day for most people. That said if we can afford it I'll offer alternatives. For that format, I indeed intend to be very clear on the schedule (eg it starts at Sunday 13 UTC and I link to a website for local conversions). Maybe I'll also add a check-in but I intend to let registration open for the whole week. Regardless, let's not focus too much on possible issues, so the thread is easy to read
  5. @psypherium @Feldfeld @ValihrAnt @camel @Boudica @ffffffff @JC (naval supremacist) @Unknown_Player @borg- @chrstgtr @Lefo @Pudim @Philip the Swaggerless @Stockfish @PhyZik @itrelles @nani @Hannibal_Barca @LeGenDz @phoenixdesk @LANDLORD @kizitom @mord @user1 @elexis @Stan` @SaidRdz @Emperior @Emacz @Dunedan @Ivaylo @yilmazgng @go2die @MorTak @Imarok @sarcoma @Lion.Kanzen @D_D_T_ @R4PT0R @Servo @Itms @coworotel @badosu @sphyrth @wowgetoffyourcellphone @faction02 @feneur @Issh @PrincessChristmas @RolandSC2 @Jofursloft @CAGD_lulofun @HirnWolf @Dakara @thankforpie @mgx @ffm2 @andy_beauty @King_Soly @Ammaz @carthage @AltosLagos Old ping list I know
  6. Welcome everyone Following a suggestion from @Lion.Kanzen I thought it would be indeed a good idea to try to host a tournament to promote the mod and its advantages. This would be a friendly tournament where it is encouraged to try out stuff you think is OP and should be fixed, and stuff that has been modified by the Community Mod to see if it works well. This is not required though, you are free to play however you like. The 2 mods required to play the tournament is the Community Mod https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/83784-introducing-the-official-community-mod-for-alpha-26/ And feldmap https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/53880-feldmap-a26/ The settings for individual games would be the same for all of them. Basically always Mainland Balanced and typical 1v1 settings. I will post the exact settings later though player agreements could also be made. Now for the actual tournament format: the primary goals I want to achieve is speed (it's a tournament series so there will continuously be new tournaments of the same format, ideally) and balanced player matchups in order to have proper testing of gameplay balance features. The speed requirement means that the tournaments will be single elimination. Double elimination just takes too long. The tournament will be seeded meaning early on matchups could be imbalanced, so to avoid it being too hard I would limit the number of participants to 8 for a tournament, however if there are enough players interested there could be multiple brackets (Gold Silver) so anyone can play. Now that this is settled, there remains the scheduling. I have multiple formats in mind, and I would like your feedback for which you prefer/think is best. Considering there will be 8 players per tournament/bracket, that means the duration is 3 rounds. Here are the possibilities - Weekly (1 round per week, players schedule their match in PM) - Lightning (tournament gets played in a day, each round just after the previous one, on Sunday at European afternoon (eg 13 UTC) or European evening (eg 18 UTC) The tournament could start as soon as next week. So i invite potential participants to announce what scheduling format they prefer, and potentially already sign up for these schedules. Please note that I would not be able to play/help scheduling in European evenings. A forum account is required for signing up. Here is a sample message you can use to sign up: - In game name: Feldfeld - Interested for the following schedules: Weekly, Lightning European afternoon (Sunday 13 UTC) - BO1 or BO3?: BO1 ______________________________________ Interests: Weekly: Feldfeld ValihrAnt PhiliptheSwaggerless Lightning European Afternoon (Sunday 13 UTC): Feldfeld ValihrAnt vinme Lightning European Evening (Sunday 18 UTC): BO1: Feldfeld vinme PhiliptheSwaggerless BO3: ValihrAnt
  7. Try to make it so it has a similar folder structure as other mods. So a folder named "feldmap", and immediately after there should be a mod.json file. Alternatively try the pyromod installation (drag and drop the file to 0AD shortcut to start the game)
  8. I updated the mod for a26, there should be no change in map generations from the version in a25. If I finish the ongoing patch for balanced maps, I will update the mod again. The old versions will be kept available for downloading for compatibility with replays
  9. In the mod I only fixed food (which is the most critical resource for competitive play in A25) I have the intention to improve the map by fixing all 4 resources, generalize it so all fitting existing maps can be balanced in the same way, and bring it to vanilla 0AD. I also gathered the support of the 0AD devs interested on the matter. I started a patch in order to merge it to vanilla 0AD. Unfortunately up to now I haven't got the motivation to actually finish it. Now please note that since the upcoming A26 was in feature freeze for quite a long time, there was no chance of the patch getting in that version. I imagine that the next release after that, A27, will be out at least quite a few months later, so hopefully I will regain my motivation by then.
  10. The turn length used to be 500ms before A24 or A25, and there was just as much if not more lag. The game was tested just before and just after the change to make sure of the lag impact. It's safe to say turn length has a way smaller impact on lag, or at the very least it doesn't affect it linearly like you could expect. @wraitiifor more details
  11. Oh actually I have seen quite a few reports of similar attacks in Discord, and in a long timeframe (months or years) so it sounded quite likely to me, I just wondered what was up then, since everything seems to happen inside a single application, and Discord is huge on top of that. EDIT: actually NVM,I was probably mixing up with free Nitro typical phishing attack, which have nothing to do with simply inviting in a discord server
  12. Now i've got to ask, how do these phishing links even work? If by just clicking on a link inside Discord you can lose your account there has to be some serious security vulnerabilities there right? It's not like you give your password after all.
  13. I had an idea which is probably too crazy but you never know: - Civic centers start with a smaller territory and are cheaper - Buildings don't expand territory around them - Instead, they expand a little bit the territory of their central CC - There is a limit for each building type of the total territory expansion they give to 1 CC - Towers may be an exception to be the only building that expands territory around it, but it is not possible to build multiple nearby towers to reach a location linearly. - Maybe there could be a bonus if buildings are closer to their central CC, encouraging careful city planning. - Fortresses may be built in neutral territory and have some territory around it but this cannot be grown like with CCs - Civic centers could also start weaker but get stronger the more buildings are around it (with exception to initial CC to provide some defense) - A fully developped CC will still have reasonably smaller territory than current p3 CC - There will still be a solid minimum range between CCs encouraging players to develop their secondary cities instead of building many of them to grab all nearby resources.
  14. If the AI was better at population it wouldn't need this much bonuses!
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