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  1. you are welcome , but it is still the same with community mod 26.4 . i also added new suuggestions and changed some old ones , give it a look . good luck
  2. @real_tabasco_sauce the hero still not fixed with the new community mod release 26.3 , still only melée cavs get the bonus.
  3. i think because devs trying to make romans close to the nearby Factions ( gauls , macedonians , athenians ,sparta , iberians ) though iberians and athenians have slings option.
  4. i have explained it in the feedback , its the smaller farms 3 per each that increases the gathering efficiency by almost 10% we used to do that trick with bigger farms we put 3 per fram instead of 5 and that proved to be better , but alsothat will mean bigger numbers of farms more used space and easier raid and more wood spent for famrs. While Hans get that feature by standard because of smaller farms unlike other civs.
  5. Why are you so fixated on me? why you try so hard to just to prove i am wrong ? as if you didn't spec the whole game from start , first of all those are 18 farms which means 54 women while with other civs i make 12 farms atleast means 60 women for cav training approach . secondly even though i was training cav and units and don't have the last farming and woodcuting upgrades i was floating food juwt with 54 women and no pahse 3 yet , and since i needed to help my ally i sent ll my units to fight and sent women to wood since i m floating food whixh are thing you cant understand ofc) you intentionally took screenshot to mention that i made alot of farms (which is not true normally should be 60+ women ) but ofcouse you proved me right that even with less famrs and women gathering food with hans i was training cav and floating food and that due to smaller farms (3 women per farm) that increase infficiency but 10+
  6. i don't think pike lose 1v1 against jav cav , its just the mobility ( hit and retreat ) that gives cav the advantage. Also thats how to differenciate between spear and pike , historically was accurate too that pike are damage absorbing units with less damage than spears and swords .
  7. @real_tabasco_sauce all the players get it that the balance is really hard to do , specifically the good players knew that new civ is allways hard to put good balance which happened throu 0ad previous versions . in my opinion the pro players not that disaapointed of hans balance because its acceptable but in the same time better be changed , like for example the case with ptols in a23 and the big change they got in a24
  8. -first of all @Emperior , your reply is obviously akward to me , do you hate me ?, better fix that son . in which case if you need help just ask before its too late . <3 <3 -philiptheswagerless sniping me ? what are you even talking about ?! did you come to reply my post by showing how much you actually like me or to write something that make sense ? if you have grudge to me then we can settle things with 1v1 ofc . you like Doctororgans big mouth and get slapped quiclky type of players . -wow, with actual idea like these of yours no wonder you level skills are low . 90% of player doing 8-9 farms what a joke. 100% (minus you ofc cuz you don't belong to pros) do 10 farms at least to proper boom not to mention cav training , while Hans civ able to do cav with only 14 farms due to the food advantage that i explained above if you actually can read -i don't do sniping yeah clearly you know me and my playstyle, i pretty much the one who taught you sniping kid. - "sword-cav against spear-cav are doing great" ! wow ! you very op , you even lack ad basics. -last thing, all the players whom read my feedback agreed with me , i didn't do this feedback + suggested change ideas alone . i don't get it why you the only one who opposed it ( clearly you pro thats why) .
  9. giving spear infantry to romans will give them at least same chances as macedonians another phase1 spear cav civ . the reason is because spear cav not bad in small numbers against jav cav . the diversity is recommanded some civs must have spear cav phase 1
  10. indeed feldmap and autociv are both on mod.io and everyone should get them personally i would like to see night time mainland
  11. i have changed that in explanation . obviously you cant buff spearcav because they still do ok to jav-cav and kill sword-cav easy. better solution is to give romans spear-infts phase 1 and unlock swords-infts phase2
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