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  1. yeah could be server is restarting . better wait come back later XD
  2. i suggest as name for A25 , Ya Allah or as for one word : Y'Allah as it is the original and allways existing one and only God in arabic language and in arabic culture
  3. Lately, some players including me were thinking about playing APLHA 23 TGs again as we used to. we decided to make it public event this Sunday around 17h to 21H UTC. To do that you need to join alpha 23 lobby , as for me i reinstall the older version . if you have any A24 mods installed such as "balanced_maps" and "autociv " then you need to disable them because they don't work in A23 , but if you want using them during this event you will need to delete the mods from 0ad/mods forlder then download the A23 version of the mods in settings. Everyone is wellcomed to join us .
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