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  1. If you think that 8 cav rush is that powerful, you should be able to climb ranks with it, being able to kill all the woodline should be a great advantage. The balance for cavalry was very different, but still the rush came later anyway I think
  2. The weird part is that he actually recommands positioning it in the back in priority in the guide. I don't understand. In all seriousness though, if for once we want to discuss the actual arguments, I think that the assumption that the enemy will want to cut off woodworkers is wrong. Typically the cavalry rusher will not be able to overpower the woodline, therefore he will want to come from the shortest path to see if he can do something (and fast) and if he can't, find another target.
  3. It's not what's going to make you good. The top 3 players know how to play all civs with only very small differences in mastering (and like to play their 1v1s with random civs), meanwhile players that only know how to play 1 civ (typically brit) still had much to learn. Or at least it was the case until some months ago.
  4. Does not apply in 0 A.D. nor in AoE2
  5. Nice, I'll consider making a new map when the mountain shape painter is done.
  6. Champions could be okayish if they get balanced (although there is still the problem if you are attacked before you get to them, especially with the introduction of siege workshops)
  7. You're welcome. And that's not a problem I think in this specific case as it's a high food gen but that could be one if it can happen in low food gen as well.
  8. Yes, you just need to create a folder just like the other replays but there won't be a metadata.json (it's not needed). Don't forget to look in singleplayer replays, not multiplayer. Use this file instead: commands.txt A possible solution is to use the idea of having a unique tileclass for each player, and avoid all tileclasses that are not the current player's. Granted, that's not very elegant.
  9. Yes, but there's a mod i forgot to remove that you most certainly don't have xd I'm curious why is this the case
  10. That's good (I would still like them a bit farther from the CC for my taste but that's better than before). Also you might want to check this (singleplayer) replay, if I counted well red has more food, I don't know if it's an expected case: commands.txt
  11. I could give a little bit less trees but I still like having a good amount there.
  12. Yes, that's because I didn't put the workaround from nani which enables that. You can disable the mod if you don't intend to play the map. Not that I know of (I give a bit more straggler trees as arguments for the base building function, but there is still plenty of place for the chicken) I did put some terrain flattening around CC starting position, the code being taken from the Hellas map IIRC
  13. Thanks for your feedback. Indeed, making players spawn further away is something I considered. It can also be fun having games when they're close but that makes unbalanced generations more likely to happen I think so yeah i'll put some minimum distance some time in the future. And yeah, I noticed for the chicken too, I have no idea why it happens
  14. New update, the most notable change is that can't be separated by forests now. A patch has also been submited on Phabricator.
  15. Yeah, problem fixed, I had put the line setPPEffect("hdr"); as I copied the graphic settings from a skirmish map.
  16. Alright, so upon testing with other players we discovered that there is a problem with post processing. If you see something like this : You need to disable post processing in options. I'm don't know about graphisms so I don't know why this bug happens. Yeah, I'll submit a patch for flood fill, along with the map in my next update, except if the graphic issues turn out to be too much of a problem.
  17. Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I didn't do the early stop as it would imply some more checks during the algorithm but guess it's faster after all. Will change for next version.
  18. I updated the map using flood fill. I saw @FeXoR put a todo for that. My implementation could probably be generalized. The forests can still block the passage, though, so i'll have to modify the map later to fix that. There's also the nomad case. I also modified the map a bit. It now can generate 4v4 Tiny maps with a few internal retries : Overall, the map is much more reliable now. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into that diamond square method sometimes later.
  19. Oh also I remember there's a ticket about that https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/5209
  20. Oh yeah, that's true, it's a good solution. (still the 2 other benefits the pathfinder can bring could be nice but far from crucial) That looks interesting, I'll search that when i have some time.
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