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  1. Feldmap doesn't use compatibility check. Perhaps your issue is caused by another mod? Could you take a screenshot of your ingame mod selection screen?
  2. I think it's bad for gameplay if palisades are built for the sole purpose of hindering pathfinding. To mitigate that, I could suggest to make it so when one section of palisade is broken then nearby sections are destroyed as well so it doesn't make a super tiny opening. Could consider making them weaker to pierce damage as well. On the other hand, they could be quicker to build so it doesn't take too much economy to build them early game.
  3. Look at the bottom of the first post of the thread. You can also find the a25 version here btw.
  4. If you want 0.2.0, look at the "a26 archive" spoiler in the first post of the thread. I think there's also a way to get it off mod.io
  5. Not quite close for me, hotkeys are a very important part of any RTS game, the ProGUI features may not be something 0 A.D. goes for in the future. The only thing i have observed is a player that was on par with me without ProGUI beat me quite convincingly with the mod. I didn't play a lot this alpha so I didn't notice anything else, and it's not like i played a lot of games with that player either, but still what I observed was kinda overwhelming.
  6. I agree with Mentula that ProGUI gives a serious advantage over a player of the same level, if used well. However he didn't say what is in my opinion the biggest reason why this is the case (at my level that is). The biggest advantage is in the case of continuous fights or harrassments, preferably in p1 or p2, where there are 3 or 4 production buildings per player. In that case, the attacking player can focus near all his actions in microing the fights, making threats, forcing his opponent to react accordingly, and he will still have near perfect production at home. Meanwhile, the other player forced to micro his fights as well will not be able to queue units at the right time and will fall behind because of it. The population deficit will grow until the game is definitely over. I think that it is quite a big advantage. For comparison if used correctly by a good player it would be kind of as if a player is with a game speed of 0.7 while his opponent is at 1.0, normal speed. While both players have the same skills and would make a good decision at a good time, having your game slow down allows you to make more actions that are valuable at a critical time of the game. However, if both players are booming, it makes almost no difference as both players will have the time to do all meaningful actions, and the boom will be the same. It may still boost some players' booming ability, so it may also be unfair for that reason, but i don't really know about that personally. I am saying this based on (maybe a bit limited) experience. There's a certain player that has a similar skill level as me. If I recall correctly I have a slightly higher win ratio against him when he is not using ProGUI. However when he used ProGUI I had 0-3, and it was not even close. He simply made what I think is a perfect use of the mod, forcing fights mid-game and getting a pop advantage I could not recover from. I will give a little more intuition on how this can affect competitive games by giving the example on how macros are viewed in Age of Empires 2. Basically, any kind of macro is banned, and you can see in this video how even the simplest macros are problematic: 0 A.D. is not AoE2 of course but still that shows macros can escalate into a huge advantage. So if powerful macros are found with @Mentula's mod then that gives what i think could be an unfair competitive advantage as well. The same can be said with autociv where building hotkeys give a huge advantage (when used properly, of course). The difference for me is that it is a feature that should so obviously be in the game, that it makes it fine. But anything further than that, I am not so sure. AoE2 also had some grey areas with the building range indicator, and some mods like small trees or age of cubes. I hope you see my point. I personally wouldn't mind too much in team games which are less serious and where we try to balance it before game start, however if I expect the game to be competitive when I really want my level to clash with the opponent, that's gonna be a problem for me. Of course I know that neither @Atrik and @Mentula intend to do any wrong and I respect the openness of your programs, but still that can cause a problem when a powerful feature is released. Personally I would like very much for the AI to have an enhanced training algorithm. Personally a long time ago I modified their queuing algorithm to grow population faster, however it is not worth much as I didn't touch the other parts of the AI to go with it. We can see that in the following screenshot where my AI (red) grew population much faster in the early game than Petra (green), where they both had the same gather rate at a medium difficulty each:
  7. Looks good to me. I would also be interested in some form of a guard against sending resources to an enemy, a good number of games is with fixed diplomacy where we only want to send resources to allies
  8. It's not new for me at least. Perhaps a few alphas old. The bug happens kinda rarely and randomly for me, only for buildings that are being built (so it's not really a problem). If I deactivate then reactivate in-world health bar (tab hotkey for me), then the actual health is displayed as it should be.
  9. Imo what 0 A.D. is lacking most is a campaign, and second would be better performance.
  10. Maybe wait a little in the lobby before trying to rejoin the game, in case the bot is slow to assign ratings. Or use custom ratings mod to eliminate that possibility?
  11. Good idea, could be nice if we could name replays and perhaps provide a description. Also civilisations are missing
  12. For the match between @Edwarf and @MarcusAureliu#s, I have no news from either player, so they get 0 point. For the match between @chocapoca and @seeh, chocapoca did not answer seeh, who wins by forfeit. With no more updates, the tournament will end on these results.
  13. Thanks for the update This was the last round of the tournament The 5th and last round is still ongoing with some delay, but since we have an odd number of participants, one doesn't get a pairing and has a "Bye". This happened to be you this round :D
  14. I noticed that too, since the beginning of the alpha (it didn't happen before). It is related to the initial explored area when the game begins, there can be explored berries near the end of the explored area, but when you have a unit scout near the berries, but without the berries being in its line of sight, then the berries will disappear (and that includes the minimap). They will reappear forever when they get in the line of sight of one unit.
  15. Rename the file adding ".zip" in the end which was removed for some reasons
  16. Feldfeld vs Dakara Feldfeld vs Dakara.zip
  17. I'll explain a few of my votes. I voted no for #7 because elephants are already borderline OP in my opinion and this will buff them a lot. I imagine this will make them 1-hit kill a lot of units. On top of that, personally i'd like perhaps a return of catapult splash damage and i'm not sure the change prepares well for it. I voted no for the cavalry nerfs for reasons I already explained in this thread. Voted no for #9 pikemen because while the current situation may be not great i feel this change lacks a bit of vision and turns them slowly into spearmen. Voted no for #11 crossbows because in my opinion they are rather weak. Voted yes for all well supported proposals except #2 Alexander which I skipped. Voted yes for #3 unit specific upgrades. IMO it is good that it is a complete change (and not divided into many changes) because otherwise it would be way too slow, and the changes go well together. Whether the upgrades themselves are good, that I don't know without playtesting but it looks like a nice change to try for me. It also acts as a cav nerf as it removes the cavalry speed and health upgrades. It would be nice if a changelog for the mod can be shown in the game for people who don't follow the forum. I remember autociv had some form of changelog when it was updated.
  18. Replays of round 4 (Community Mod 0.26.3): FTS2-Round4.zip
  19. @Dakara told me of his win, but he'll post the replay tomorrow. I will now launch the 5th and last round of the tournament! __________________________________________________ Round 5 matches: @Feldfeld vs @Dakara @ValihrAnt vs @Player of 0AD @Edwarf vs @MarcusAureliu#s @Philip the Swaggerless vs @BeTe @rm -rf vs @LetswaveaBook @chocapoca vs @seeh Bye (no game for this round, +1 point): @alre The deadline for this round is Friday 16, 23:59 UTC. Please try to organize your match as soon as possible using forum private messaging! Beware of timezone differences. Please message me personally if your opponent doesn't answer you after 2-3 days.
  20. Feldfeld vs Edwarf Feldfeld vs Edwarf.zip
  21. And the last game got played. The deadline extension proved to be useful! Remember you can ask one if you couldn't play your game in time due to unfortunate things. Thanks @alre for staying available while he could take the free win. __________________________________________________ Round 4 matches: @Feldfeld vs @Edwarf @ValihrAnt vs @MarcusAureliu#s @Philip the Swaggerless vs @Dakara @Player of 0AD vs @LetswaveaBook @BeTe vs @seeh @rm -rf vs @alre Bye (no game for this round, +1 point): @chocapoca The deadline for this round is Friday 9, 23:59 UTC. Please try to organize your match as soon as possible using forum private messaging! Beware of timezone differences. Please message me personally if your opponent doesn't answer you after 2-3 days. __________________________________________________ Replays of past round: Round 3 (Community Mod 0.26.3): FTS2-Round3.zip
  22. Yes, sorry, that's a consequence of having borg- forfeit the tournament. If nothing changes next 2 rounds will have a different player getting a Bye as well
  23. Basically look at my game against LetswaveaBook in the tournament. If I didn't get attacked, I would have gone once I had 8 cavs total (so after a batch of 3 cav are trained) That's because - Your opponent had a few units inside CC so this shoots more arrows - You stayed too long under despite that - You had a low number of cav so CC arrows don't get split and that makes you have to go back sooner as cav gets in low health sooner. Of course unit management is tricky there especially if you are against this opponent. After you went back I stopped watching because from there you lost the timing to pretend making damage. Since you didn't disrupt enough on your first go then the economy advantage of your opponent is too strong and he can defend the rest Well tell this to vinme's opponents he got himself a good elo by only using persian archer cav strategy pretty much. Not saying it's easy of course it takes skills to do that strategy properly.
  24. You could have done: - Better build order - Coming with more cav (a requirement at that timing unless you spotted a weakness by scouting) - Focus on disrupting food income (idling women near CC while not staying under its fire, raid the additional berry patch until the slingers come then retreat, force slingers to stay on the berries unless you come back, alternate checking food sources) Of course against this defensive position and that player it takes good skills to make it. Not many players can do it. I'm curious of what would have happened if I were in your spot.
  25. Towers and fortresses are used in 1v1s and TGs on mainland. Walls are not but that's because Mainland is as open as it gets, on top of players sometimes not realizing they are in "must defend" situation. Also, that champions are weak gives less incentive to stall out. Mainland is not the only map. There are maps that are less open but not as closed as the ones you created, and they give some easy to defend positions, one example are water maps (eg Rivers, Corinthian Isthmus). I know by experience they play like this At the end of the day, players mostly play TGs on Mainland. It may be due to lack of taste, but the fact that many options are hardly viable for civs doesn't help. I kind of agree. In AoE2 all civs have trebuchets. In Delenda Est I think infantry can build catapults on the field which is an interesting idea.
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