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  1. What about a snare status effect? A unit that gets hit by a pikeman gets slowed down for some time. And the same thing could be given to spearman to help vs cavalry but compensated with some stat reduction with respect to infantry swordman.
  2. Doing exactly like you mention (only add food if the current resource generation didn't give any) is pretty much not possible. Doing another solution consisting of always giving the food anyway works but is statistically different than previous solution. Doing it with balanced mainland-type generation is possible but I consider not worth the effort. Doing it like @maroder mentioned: is possible but I think it would look unnatural. Regardless I don't think this would eliminate the need of more strictly balanced maps, in my opinion in very high level 1v1s the additional food matters even if you already had some.
  3. Yes, that is what I did in the patch for balanced resources, but that one is more complex and harder to review so not in the table for near future.
  4. I could look into modifying balanced mainland to only place balanced resources when there are 2 players, and let the old generation otherwise
  5. Yeah indeed, I ignored them by simplicity as they rarely give a significant advantage anyway. If I worked longer on balanced maps I would work on wood balance first, as some generations can get very imbalanced.
  6. Hello, thank you for your interest, if you want to advocate for inclusion of balanced resources in random maps I have already made a patch here: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D4232 This patch adds code for having the possibility of having balanced resources on many existing maps. It does some refactoring and as such that makes it also harder to review. Now there also is the possibility of adding just Mainland Balanced, which is a copy of Mainland that was edited in a quick and dirty way. Depending on dev team preference this could be added instead if they don't mind the code duplication that comes with it.
  7. Hmm sounds like impersonation to me
  8. It sounds interesting, but for me I will be completely unavailable before the 4th of february if that's any relevant.
  9. It could be nice to have it in the game. But I think my changes make sense both in the cases when attack ground is added or when it is not. I imagine for now it is difficult to see how attack ground will work out or what effect it will have on balance. It could nerf pikemen (but that doesn't change to the fact that they have quite a bad role), buff long range units vs short range units (so overall a nerf to ranged units as small range are better), and buff ranged units (by giving them a new option, meanwhile melee units get unchanged)
  10. Pikemen are, and have been for quite some time now an imbalanced unit. On top of that they have a role that is a bit unnatural (tank against all units), and by being so good at it they reduce the effectiveness of melee infantry champions, and maybe elephants. My suggestion to balance them is to make them strong against melee units, and weaker against ranged units. But for this to work players should be incentived to make melee units. This is done by nerfing ranged units. Here would be the list of changes (without specific values): - Significantly reduce pierce armor of citizen soldier pikemen, up to e.g. 3 - Increase pikemen DPS to be at the level of sword and spear CS - (maybe, not sure) Reduce hack armor of citizen soldier pikemen to 8 - Give macedonians a pierce armor civ bonus for their citizen soldier pikemen, something like +2 (it could be a tech) - Champion pikemen have the specificity of having their pierce armor greatly improved (compared to other champions), but their other stats not so much - Reduce ranged units damage - Do not change damage of defensive buildings (actually not obvious, maybe would require more thinking) - Remove HP bonus from promotion - Give ranged units a reload time bonus from promotion - Consider making promotion easier (less experience needed) - Nerf melee champions (they would surely be OP after these previous changes) All of these changes are linked, and either must be committed all together, or none of them should get in. I imagine cavalry would also be affected by these changes, but not sure how yet. Promotion changes are weakly linked (but still linked) and are intended to contribute solving another problem at the same time. This should also have the consequence of making battles slower (perhaps a bit more epic) If the community agree to these changes, as they are quite experimental the following could be good: - Invite dev team to perhaps release a new civ at the same time - Not having a release time too long for the version that comes after that. Preferably not longer than 6 months
  11. Balance is most certainly not the reason Han chinese have not yet been added to the main game. I myself asked/advocated multiple times in the irc-dev channel for their inclusion, and it looks like the reason(s) they have not been added is something else, although I don't know (if I learned) the exact reason(s) And really, the development power is quite low at the moment. There are about 2 developpers coding, and 2 more reviewing, all in their free time, I don't feel like this will ever get much done in the grand scheme of things.
  12. I may not remember well but I'm pretty sure I did. Also the first few rated games give a lot of rating deviations so I think it's possible just by beating a few 1300s and 1400s.
  13. Also, subbing 7 minutes is probably possible with a slightly better map, solid animals and better execution. Without animals it's another thing but note that I used my typical start for the first 2 minutes and didn't bother checking if another player's start is better.
  14. I only read the article in diagonal but from my small experience, the current svn workflow with patches which are sometimes not trivial and get merged at the end, is not a solution to the problem this article mentions. I also think the current svn workflow is no different than doing git branch and rebasing at the end before merging (with amending every commit if we want stricter equivalence)
  15. Hi, yes feel free to add it. Also, if you can, a map preview for Alpine Mountains would be quite welcome, I tried to make one a long time ago but failed. I don't have time now but I had the idea to also put feldmap separately on mod.io, as a convenience for online players, and as publicity for Alpine Mountains for anyone. I think people miss out with that one
  16. Hotkeys are a deal breaker for me. I will not buy as long as I can't set them how I want. And even then, I will need to actually have the time to play the game.
  17. It would also make sense to me that death ingame also stands for broken bones and the likes
  18. I know emacs + flycheck (maybe also flymake) does it on the fly, idk about others.
  19. I have to admit I didn't make specific tests yet. Which side won the fight with citizen soldiers? Well there are multiple objectives I want to reach in order to give healers a good place in game, not being too weak or OP. First of all they should be affordable/ the player should be able to regularly train more healers. Right now it's absolutely not the case, training 4 healers burn 1000 food, and having a unit only present for a player to rebalance his eco is bad in my opinion, good players will/should not have big eco imbalances. So healers should cost less food, but as they are intended to be a useful unit they should not cost only food otherwise they would be OP. Stone will just look unnatural I think. I think metal is the best. I don't know how much though. Also, here healers were compared to skirmishers but that's not all there is to it. Personally I think skirmishers are a bit strong this alpha and could take a damage nerf, but it is only the beginning of the alpha anyway and I know not everyone share this opinion for now, so we'll see about that later. The second thing is that one of the advantages of other ranged units (slingers/archers) over skirmishers is that with their higher range they deal damage before the other army engages. Healers however can start healing immediately so they are better in that case. Also healers should be helpful against harrassment (although I don't see a lot of harrassment this alpha)
  20. Not necessarily after armor is factored in They also can keep a units alive while fighting, allowing them to promote in combat. That said I don't know how useful this is compared to having more units of the same type fighting. But if you want melee units to get promoted / stay alive it's probably better to add healers rather than skirmishers. I think they aren't used primarily because of their cost, and the cost of their upgrades. Healers are expensive, and cost 100% food, so if you want to train them you have to rebalance your economy quite a bit. On top of that, their technologies are also expensive. Champions + healers could be a combo worth doing even in this alpha, however only possible if a game stays more or less stalematy/equal for a long time, which rarely happens right now. My suggestion for healers themselves is to reduce their overall cost, and add a metal cost. At some point before A26 they will be changed I think.
  21. Healers are much more useful healing melee / tanky units, or champions, than weak ranged units that get overkilled anyway. They also make better use of promotion mechanic for melee units
  22. What would make sense to me is that spectators could use flare to point other spectators interesting locations of the map, and when a player is eliminated / has won, he is considered a spectator.
  23. This mod adds the map "Mainland balanced" for a25. (https://code.wildfiregames.com/D4232) Thanks @badosu for fulfilling the community's interest in balanced maps by providing a nice bunch of balanced maps for a23 and a24 Currently, only the starting food surrounding players is modified. Also, straggler berries are not modified yet (which can lead to imbalances). And the biome only slightly affects the total amount of food, and it currently doesn't affect the berry/hunt ratio, this is something I will change later. I also removed the jungle biome, until it gets fixed, so you can pick random biome now. Alpine Mountains is also included (https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2830, ) Feel free to comment how you feel about current generation's gameplay, also you can suggest other maps that you would like to see balanced, which I might add if I'm not too lazy. Download here: feldmap.pyromod feldmap.zip Edit: for unknown reasons, I get an error uploading the zip file. Use pyromod instead
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