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  1. ScribeOfAges has asked me to make an announcement about the tournament. The tournament has been concluded. Here are the results. First Place: Team_1 (weirdJokes, Leopard, guerringuerrin, Matt_of_Qc) Second Place: Team_2 (i_am_groot, effervescent, Duck_, ScribeOfAges, Quasil) Third Place: Team_4 (breakfastburrito_007, freyyja, 0zon, jimo, chesnutter) Fourth Place: Team_3 (rejoicing, sanafur, riicho, AlexanDerGrosse) I was informed that Team_1 secured first place because they had more players present at their scheduled rounds against Team_2 on September 23rd. They did not play any rounds. The battle for second place was fought between Team_2 and Team_4 on Mainland Fixed Positions. Team_2 came out victorious and secured second place. Here are the replays from the two rounds of that battle. The replays require the Mainland Twilight mod version 0.2.0 and community-mod version 0.26.4. 2023-09-17_0001.zip 2023-09-17_0002.zip The battle for third place was fought between Team_3 and Team_4 on Mainland FIxed Positions. breakfastburrito_007 said, "It wound up being a 3v3, but people ran out of time so we did a best of 1." Team_4 came out victorious and secured third place. Here is the replay for that round. The replay requires the same mods as the above replays. 2023-09-23_0001.zip Thanks for participating, folks. Talk to ScribeOfAges for follow-up questions. I'm just a messenger, posting this information because ScribeOfAges was away from his computer on Sunday.
  2. Now there is an 'Alpha 26' subforum,. created by feneur in July.
  3. @geovazero please follow the instructions for reporting errors. Post mainlog.html (found in the logs portion of the Game Data Paths), tell us your system configuration (OS, relevant hardware like video card and CPU, version of the game), and steps to reproduce the symptoms. En español: Esta es una traducción automática con Google Translate. Siga las instrucciones para informar errores. Post MainLog.html (que se encuentra en la parte de registros de las carpetas de archivos de datos del juego), dígenos la configuración de su sistema (sistema operativo, hardware relevante como adaptador gráfico y CPU, versión del juego) y pasos para reproducir los síntomas.
  4. Is it this error? See the workaround in comment 3. Next time, please tell us the error message, otherwise we have nothing to go on besides what errors are the most common.
  5. It's caused by this bug. A workaround is described in comment #3, at the end of the webpage.
  6. @dragonfire209Please report such players according to the instructions in the first post here. Also, you need to read through the list of ratings abuses to identify the problematic players and avoid them. We don't currently have an automated method of avoiding such players or punishing them. It's up to the 0ad community to enact consequences for such misconduct.
  7. Thanks for the report, Feldspar. Can you please create a bug tracker ticket for the bug on Trac and fill out this form there. Summary: Expected results: Actual results: Steps to reproduce the symptoms: Computing Environnment (OS brand and version, hardware, relevant driver version and other software versions): Relevant logs, files that reproduce the symptoms, screenshots, etc.: Thanks. I have already checked for an existing bug report that matches the symptoms. The closest that I could find with a quick search was #511. Apparently Unicode is related to the implementation of Ctrl+Backspace, which deletes entire words, so it could be a clue about what's going on here. Also, please test with delete instead of backspace.
  8. That's not the right replay. It's a 2 minute 23 second duration replay of a team game involving levai, SaidRdz, Dopamin, and leopard versus ALLY, guerringuerrin, LuchoMat, and StrongLag.
  9. On Linux, 0ad uses the operating environment's version of the OpenAL library. If you're running 0ad in a flatpak then the operating environment is a sandbox that likely has a different version of OpenAL from that of the host system. You can start a terminal or bash prompt within the flatpak sandbox and query the version of OpenAL there. Also query the version of OpenAL in the host system. How to query the installed version of a package depends on your distro. It looks like Pop!_OS is based on Ubuntu. Try this command to query the version of OpenAL. echo 'in host OS:' dpkg --status libopenal1 | grep '^Version: ' echo 'in flatpak sandbox:' # start 0ad in the flatpak sandbox. Correct this command if it isn't right. flatpak run com.play0ad.0ad flatpak ps # find 0ad's pid in the above output. Call it PIDOF0AD flatpak enter PIDOF0AD bash # now you have a command prompt within the flatpak sandbox prompt dpkg --status libopenal1 | grep '^Version: ' exit I haven't tested these commands because I don't have 0 A.D. installed in a flatpak currently. Troubleshooters might also find the output of openal-info useful in both the host system and the flatpak sandbox. The OpenAL configuration file has some settings related to pipewire. You might check that. The FAQ explains how to find and edit the OpenAL configuration file. I think that the problem with no audio output is likely not caused by OpenAL, but instead related to exclusive access to audio hardware. Maybe pipewire is trying to use the audio hardware exclusively, and so is PulseAudio. You might uninstall whichever audio system you're not using. Also, sandboxes sometimes need extra permissions in order to access hardware exclusively, or even at all. Trying to run 0 A.D. in a flatpak sandbox and also use pipewire is probably a recipe for all kinds of frustration unless you are quite skilled. Are you able to run 0 A.D. as a non-flatpak version, ie. host system package? Consider using the PPA for 0 A.D.
  10. Thanks seeh, and Dunedan, for the idea of changing the openal configuration related to Pulseaudio to enable allow-moves. The default setting is indicated in the commented out setting of the configuration file, but the default setting changed between version 1.19.0 and 1.20.0 of openal-soft. I've updated the FAQ to with this information.
  11. I wrote an FAQ answer about the sound system used by 0 A.D. Scroll down and read the answer to "No sound, no audio, or 0 A.D. is the only app with sound". You'll see details on controlling the audio backend used by OpenAL. It could help with troubleshooting or working around chipmunk sound issues.
  12. This is the image that was posted above. The messages from 20:35 to 20:41 appear to be in-game. The messages from 20:44 onwards are in the lobby. Thanks for the report. Game hosters are expected to moderate in-game chat by first warning then kicking or banning players that are abusive. Ideally the hosters publish rules for games that they host, and enforce those rules. Here is an example. WFG moderators are focused on conduct in the lobby, as well as other WFG servers like the forum, unless the in-game conduct is very bad, as in this example. I observed Pauline09's conduct in the lobby and muted Pauline09 for 24 hours for the profanity and pejoratives that Pauline09 used. I will keep an eye on the user and they'll get consequences for further infractions. _Diogene, in the future, please don't insult people, even those who are being abusive. You called Pauline a coward and loser. These are mild, but two wrongs don't make a right. Let's just report people and try to seek peace. Thanks for the report, keep posting them. The mainlog.html files are more useful because they include all chat from the game, which gives more context. They can be parsed with this program. You don't need to run the program, just post the mainlog.html file in the future.
  13. I moved your post to the correct forum topic. You need to post a replay of the game. See the first post in this topic for instructions.
  14. Translated to English with Google Translate, you said, "some servers I get this msg udp 20595 someone help me please." There is an answer to this in the FAQ. Visit the link, scroll down, and read the answer to the question, "Failed to connect to the server. UDP port 20595 not being forwarded."
  15. It's probably the case that the user can't join due to not having autocivp installed. The setting "ignoreIncompatibilityChecks" set to false combined with dependencies of autocivP >= 1.0.18 causes autocivP to be REQUIRED in order for anyone to join your game. Unfortunately, there is no option with mod.json to enforce a minimum version of autocivP but also make autocivP optional.
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