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  1. Hi To control sniping (that is annoying) u dont need to change damage of units The best way is to limit the number of units that can snipe ( like max 30 units) The same limitation should be put on number of champs ( like max 20) because some players ( often op players) turtle and spam many champs in that case nothing can stop them. This limitations can help to balance the game. The new community mod ( 0.26.6) doesnt solve the mentioned problems and also can causes problems ( like op early camel rush)
  2. Some players like me dont like to be mixed with noobs. We like op games. Also the reason that there is lack of players is not behaviour of players There r some reasons 1-No new version 2-We have to switch mods many times that is annoying 3-We have to use vpn to connect to games
  3. In battle for wesnoth which is free open source game we could see age of acc but still there were smurfs!
  4. We dont play with unknown players Because they are smurf or noobs In both cases the game will be spoiled It happens in all games not just 0ad If u r noob just play games in ur lvl and try to lvl up If u r smurf just come with ur real acc GL
  5. Hi These days we have to wait long time to play a game Because of lack of good players Many good players kinda left the game In the past in a23 and even a24 which was the worst version we had more players These days Almost there is no good 1v1 game Some good players are banned Some good players keft the game because some players (mods) leaked their ip and accounts. We have few good players. Should not make them run. Many players left because of no upgrades or no new version. 0ad is a good game. Should not something like that happens. If that is opensource then opensource is failed.
  6. hi acctually "shuma" means you in persian "to be" stick to verb, in your example "shoma hastid", "id" is "to be" that sticked to the verb "hast"
  7. They said they didnt impose any limitation Also opening ports is not part of their supporting as they said
  8. Yes it gave me the below error And the provider didnt accept to open 0ad port It know the port is closed. But i think i can open 0ad port if i have a port forwarding modem.
  9. Hi again I could not open it in browser Also i asked the provider but they didnt accept Is it possible to play 0ad via browser? It would be nice if its possible
  10. yes i tested it. i could not join the 0ad game but it didnt give any error. it seems it keep connecting to the lobby but never get in it. also i could not join other game already ( battle for wesnoth) but with my phone net i could join it! so it means something is wrong with my modem? its a old modem, the model is irancell mobil boardband e3372 LTE usb stick. should i but new modem ? or i just need to do something with this one?
  11. hi stealth vpn is only for android isnt it yes
  12. hi stan. im on my pc net. network category is private
  13. Hi I like 0ad but i cant play it online anymore Because i had to use vpn to open the lobby. Idk why. Maybe 0ad team has blocked iranian ips. Now i cant use any vpn. Because iran goverment has blocked all vpns Now im between two filters One from 0ad team and one from the goverment. Im bored and dont like to play other games. I tried many ways but nothing worked.
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