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  1. how i can access to interestinglog.hmtl ?
  2. hi i mention some of a26 bugs here. if i miss something you add it below plz. 1- bots cause syntax errors. if u play tg and add bots they cause this error. 2- when u select a unit in formation all units be selected. 3- han farm field upgrades dont work. 4- for me this version sometimes hang. then i have to restart 0ad. 5- im not sure this is bonus or a bug? why han pikes damage 7? isnt 7 alot? it damages like champs.
  3. i didnt talk about dance idk why did u mention it there should b a way to cover these weak spots anyway.
  4. hi there is something wrong in 0ad. idk whether its a bug or just a big weak spot? when units are fighting they will follow passive units (like passive hero) and the opponent units will kill them easily. or a player move a small part of his army then opponent units will follow them while the rest units will destroy them. players like vinme and jc abuse these weak spots and call it micro. while its not micro its just 0ad stupidity. to remove this weak spots i have 2 suggestions 1- remove passive mod from heroes (or even soldiors ). why heroes and soldiors should be passive? are they coward? 2- limit number units who follow the opponent units. or force units to attack nearby units.
  5. hi again yes i attached new logs. logs.rar
  6. hi again stan you was right i checked my windows it was only using 3.2 of ram then i had to install win 64 now i have no any longer problem with 0ad thx alot.
  7. many people get this errors maybe its a bug?
  8. how i could run 0ad in win64 without problem ? win32 is less than win64 i close all programs when i play 0ad
  9. i did what u asked. but still have the same problem. i dont want to install any other os.
  10. i attached log folder as a rar file here logs.rar
  11. hi when i had win 64 there was no problem with 0ad but after removing win 64 and installing win 32 i get many map buffer errors 0ad gives me non stop map buffer error and finally it crashes also sometimes without getting that errors it crashes. i dont want to install win 64 and all of the programs again ... is there any other solution to fix this issue?
  12. hi. idk how to talk to devs although vali described a noob way... so i decided to post something here about game balancing. hope devs read it and take it on account. 1- still mercs are not balanced in a26 then we have to ban them from our games again... when we talk about merc balancing we mean the resources that they need. to limit mercs only with metal is not good even if u change 80 to 90, because its still easy to abuse them in early game. mercs should be wood food included/ like 50 wood 50 food 50 metal for merc cavs. 2- civs like iber, brit need a fort to make a hero while some civs like ptol and sele easily can make hero from civ and its too imba. all civs must have a special building for making heros. 3- put merc cavs of sele and ptol in estables. 4- sword cham of maced is very unuseful and almost nobody buy it as a antiram. because it needs unlucking that takes time. instead of that sword cham give a merc sword man to maced.
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