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  1. Another thing which I want to be changed is the behavior of units leaving a building you loose on an enemy through capturing. Your units will be released at the point you have when no destination is set instead of walking to the destination point you set last.
  2. Two more things. In structure tree values for mercenaries are still rank 1 although they will have rank 2 and a minor thing what I saw is that roman army camp still says it can build rams in description.
  3. Thank you. Steppe Agean-Anatolien is working now but the two other biomes are not working at all with Rev25778: Generating Wild Lake of size 320 and 8 players. Setting biome generic/nubia. ... ERROR: JavaScript error: maps/random/wild_lake.js line 286 farmEntities[currentBiome()] is undefined @maps/random/wild_lake.js:286:95 ERROR: CMapGeneratorWorker::Run: Failed to load RMS 'maps/random/wild_lake.js' and Generating Wild Lake of size 320 and 8 players. Setting biome generic/steppe. ... ERROR: JavaScript error: maps/random/wild_lake.js line 286
  4. On Wildlake biome Nubia and Eurasia Steppe is not working and for Agaen-Anatolien some errors appear about the iberean champ missing. Nubia (I think the same for Eurasian Steppe): ERROR: JavaScript error: maps/random/wild_lake.js line 286 farmEntities[currentBiome()] is undefined @maps/random/wild_lake.js:286:95 ERROR: CMapGeneratorWorker::Run: Failed to load RMS 'maps/random/wild_lake.js' Agaen-Anatolien: ERROR: CCacheLoader failed to find archived or source file for: "simulation/templates/units/iber/champion_infantry.xml" ERROR: Failed to load entity temp
  5. Very nice mod TY. I realized that in the stats you can see in game worker elephants count as siege. I have a little issue with the new version 1.0.3 which I didnt had with previous versions. Despite enabling the mod and saving mod choice the mod wont be active after after next restart of the game. So I have to activate the mod every time starting 0AD. Anyone else with this issue?
  6. The trees look really nice and might have realistic size but I had the same impression like Yekaterina about the size. I think it could cause some trouble because you really don't see whats going on under the canopy (Except changing camera angel, which I believe most players wont do.). Ever fought under a treetop like this? I have the feeling players won't like this trees. Is it intended that it can be the same? Would it make (more) sense to have at least 3 different buildings? I thought about the same. A real city needs a blacksmith, a temple and a marked! Not 3 o
  7. Hi, thank you for reading through my post. The decay is on purpose, though whether it should be changed is an open question. Not sure what you mean about train time. Sorry, I mean seconds not minutes. Training of soldiers for Romans in barracks, with team bonus, is now 9 sec and in the army camp it is 11 sec. But it might also be on purpose because soldiers from the camp have already rank 2? Thank you I appreciate that very much. I also thought this is not a simple task. You are indeed incorrect, there are no other bonuses in A24/25 (so
  8. The game is quicker because: shorter production time of units less turning time less bumping in each other just 3 buildings needed for P3 Around 13 mins for P3 with civs like Romans or Macedonians without much hunt or extra berries is easy and I just have rating around 1400-1600. I guess better players can do it even in shorter time.
  9. I stumbled over some things they might to be changed and sorry if I repeat anything because I didn't read all comments in the thread. Maybe some of the things can be still added/changed in a25. General things: Cav can be garrisoned in barracks, but Inf can't be garrisoned in Stables, also units rank up when garrisoned in barracks but not when in stables, this is kind of inconsistent. I think there are several solutions. I find it alright when all kind of soldiers can be garrisoned in military buildings and also when the rank upgrade can be achieved in barracks and stables. It would
  10. @Hannibal_Barca just got an idea and forgot to mention you.
  11. Is there any way to establish a second "rating" for Players who leave without resigning? It could say for example player left 50% of his games without defeat, resigning or winning (like not ended games)? Than players can choose if they want to play against someone or not.
  12. Hi, last Friday I played against MatGress too. Guess what happend when I was on my way to win? He left the game. I would love to get my points for the game. So replay is in appendix. commands.txt metadata.json
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