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  1. I really like that players have more control over balancing now, but right now I worry about the pace of the changes. If change gets too fast, players will not be able to adapt to the new "rules" of the game and can't say if a previous change was good or bad. Is there any rule how much time we give to the players to see if the last changes can be kept or need to be refused?
  2. Please don't remove the 3rd option. I would even say add more options! Yes and no is pretty obvious but you can't know what the 3rd option means. People might choose the 3rd option for different reasons. For example the change might not effect their playing style, they might not understand what the change is about, or they think its the right direction, but to strong or to weak, they want the change in a different way or as mentioned above, there is too many changes in one questions, which might be oppositional and therefore people can't give a clear answer. I know this makes the poll a bit more complicated, but in this community driven process communication is the most important thing, and that is why it is very important to know why people make certain choices.
  3. Thanks for work and afford for the changes and also for the poll. For next poll please separate the questions for specific units in two different questions. I like Iphycrates beeing less strong, but I am not sure about Ptolemy. I don't see people playing him much, so I think he is not to strong. So, I cant give a clear answer to the question... Also I like healers being cheaper, but I am uncertain if I like healers costing metal... This could also be different questions.
  4. Hm, I see. It would be nice to have it on both places. As a player u look often to minimap anyway so, it was good around there. For spectators its good in the top panel to have an overview and when players have sight they can tell friends if they have idle units.
  5. Hey, the idle workers button is not working for community mod 26.2. I cant see it at all.
  6. Yes, sorry for not making this clear. Speed seems the same for all CS javalineer CAV.
  7. I realized that the Carthaginians javalineer CAV is the only CS CAV wich moves like champion CAV in trantivy. Was that on purpose?
  8. Thank you Langbart for making the mod work for a26. Can you change the row of the allies and your own stats to like it was before on a25? Now, the own resource stats are in between the allies stats again making it harder to look at the own resources. First row would be nice.
  9. No that's correct. Only DE covers that. I disagree. https://play0ad.com/game-info/project-overview/ Still says 500 BC to 500 AD and the mid point is 0. However, I would not be very strict with the time frame. Its a game and a lot of the CIVs didn't fight each other anyway. For me it is more the technologies of the iron age which puts the CIVs in the more or less same development state and there are CIVs where this happened before 500 BC and some where this happened after 500 AD. This just limits the CIVs people can work on for no good reason. Thanks, I played with 27102 and there were no errors.
  10. Nice, thank all devs for all the effort to launch the new alpha! There is a little mistake on the main page where the new alpha is described (sorry didnt know where to report it) "What’s next? This release cycle was one year long, and it was a bumpy ride. As usual, for the next alpha, we welcome fan suggestions for words relating to the ancient world beginning with the letter A. Keep it original and related to the time frame portrayed in 0 A.D. (c. 500 BC – 1 BC)." I think it should be 500 BC to 500 AD. And maybe you can add the revision number of a26 for the people who need to use svn to play the new alpha, till snap works here or there: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Alpha26 or https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Changelogs I think its 27102.
  11. Yesterday in an online game I just found out I could make Han ministers when capturing the building making them when I was Macedonians. It was r27067. I am not sure if this was reported before.
  12. Please change Macedonian team bonus to civilization bonus and find another team bonus for them. I really like the bonus for the Macedonians, but in team games it will make CIVs like the Ptolemies even faster producing rams. I will not like being attacked after 10 mins with rams.
  13. Spear CAV so far can't be trained in P1 neither from CC nor from stable, would be interesting to have it! I like all suggestions except the switch from speer to archer! It might be OP because u can play hit and run with the archers even better and when the enemy gets too close u can switch to speer... might be a horrible balance, especially great players can do a lot with micro in this way...
  14. Using the equivalent resource costs is to simplistic. There is a different value of the resources, due to the different total amount of food, wood and metal on the map. Most maps have less metal than wood and food can be gathered infinite from farms and therefore metal has a higher value in my opinion. However there are even more things to consider as I wrote in this post: The time you need for gathering the resources also needs to be considered, if you want to make a useful balance. I think for Seleucids the heroes can stay in CC but Ptol need a nerf, so it would be good when they could not train their heroes in CC. They most often the first in P3 so it could help, balancing them better. Mercs need higher costs and a26 will rise the cost to 90 metal, but its hard to say if this is enough, because it is not that simple to predict (available metal amount on map, time to mine it and make mercs vs the time your enemy can prepare for your attack and so on...). I recommended higher costs for mercs CAV because with 90 metal they still cheaper/resource efficient than mercs INF and so far no one complained about OP INF mercs. There should be a way for Macedonians to counter early ram attacks, one way could be making the swords champs available in P2 as it will be the case for Athens in a26.
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