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  1. I also like A25 a lot. Many thanks to the developpers! I agree with Acanthis that there should not be too many changes for next alpha. Some of the small changes I found since the release to improve the game and its playability are: The images for the armor upgrades in the blacksmith would be better, if they also had Latin numbers on them, even if they look different I still cannot distinguish them in the pace of the game after all the time I played. :/ It would be cool to see the progress of units ranking up when garrisoned in barracks or stables. It would be also nice to have a counter how long the upgrading of an sentry tower to an stone tower still takes like you have for the most techs. Lions follow there first unit they see endlessly, which I find not very clever of the lions. Why should they do it? They should stop after some time! It would be cool to have the option to choose the starting position of the players in an online game. When attack moving and enemy domestic animals are close your units also kill the animals, priority should be to attack military units and maybe not attack the animals at all. I observed a strange thing with formations: When fighting in formation in some circumstances, after units die, soldiers move around to adjust formation to new group size, which might make them not attack and die. If an enemy has a wall but you already broke it on one spot your soldiers do not find the way around walls and try to go trough the closed door of the enemy. Maybe this can be fixed. If you are Britons and have stables and reached the POP max but still can build dogs, it would be really cool when the queue would build the dogs even when other units are in the queue before the dogs. A good temple feature would be to have a button/shortcut to just ungarrison the healed units. After joining an online game and host changes some settings you get a comment that game settings have been changed. It would be great to read what the host changed! e.g. map size changed to large, game changed to nomad game When playing with A.I. it would be great to get a notification of your A.I. allies where they are located as players do it in multiplayer games via telling the position on map like it is a clock or by flaring or better both. Lately I observed that cartography gives you the landscape your allies scouted but not all the buildings of the enemy he saw. But this needs further validation. I just saw it on a replay, or better I didn't see the colony my ally already saw. Shouldn't I see all my allies see with cartography? Considering tech upgrades pleas stop making more of them. Maybe some faction specific or for balancing. I really like 0 A.D. and the difference to AOE2 where you have so many upgrades. To be honest I don't like 3rd level upgrade in the blacksmith because they make the game to much focused on getting them to have an advantage over your enemy or to don't have a disadvantage against your enemy...
  2. Ty for the mod. I really like the bigger minimap and the stats in the upper left hand corner. Is there any way to switch of the new information about the Units and techs on the right hand side solely (So I still want to see the stats)? As I wrote I like the minimap, but have a little problem with it. It takes more space as it actually visually takes. So approximately a cm around the minimap I can' click on units even if I can see them. Maybe u can have a look at it and find the reason for it. ty
  3. Ok, I take it back. It works when I use the folder name "autociv". When I use "1.0.3" then I can activate the mod and it will also be activated after restart but in lobby it says I didn't activate the mod.
  4. Now it works. I had to exactly put all the files in a folder named "1.0.3". Before I used the folder "autociv 1.0.3".
  5. Another thing which I want to be changed is the behavior of units leaving a building you loose on an enemy through capturing. Your units will be released at the point you have when no destination is set instead of walking to the destination point you set last.
  6. Two more things. In structure tree values for mercenaries are still rank 1 although they will have rank 2 and a minor thing what I saw is that roman army camp still says it can build rams in description.
  7. Thank you. Steppe Agean-Anatolien is working now but the two other biomes are not working at all with Rev25778: Generating Wild Lake of size 320 and 8 players. Setting biome generic/nubia. ... ERROR: JavaScript error: maps/random/wild_lake.js line 286 farmEntities[currentBiome()] is undefined @maps/random/wild_lake.js:286:95 ERROR: CMapGeneratorWorker::Run: Failed to load RMS 'maps/random/wild_lake.js' and Generating Wild Lake of size 320 and 8 players. Setting biome generic/steppe. ... ERROR: JavaScript error: maps/random/wild_lake.js line 286 farmEntities[currentBiome()] is undefined @maps/random/wild_lake.js:286:95 ERROR: CMapGeneratorWorker::Run: Failed to load RMS 'maps/random/wild_lake.js'
  8. On Wildlake biome Nubia and Eurasia Steppe is not working and for Agaen-Anatolien some errors appear about the iberean champ missing. Nubia (I think the same for Eurasian Steppe): ERROR: JavaScript error: maps/random/wild_lake.js line 286 farmEntities[currentBiome()] is undefined @maps/random/wild_lake.js:286:95 ERROR: CMapGeneratorWorker::Run: Failed to load RMS 'maps/random/wild_lake.js' Agaen-Anatolien: ERROR: CCacheLoader failed to find archived or source file for: "simulation/templates/units/iber/champion_infantry.xml" ERROR: Failed to load entity template 'units/iber/champion_infantry'
  9. Very nice mod TY. I realized that in the stats you can see in game worker elephants count as siege. I have a little issue with the new version 1.0.3 which I didnt had with previous versions. Despite enabling the mod and saving mod choice the mod wont be active after after next restart of the game. So I have to activate the mod every time starting 0AD. Anyone else with this issue?
  10. The trees look really nice and might have realistic size but I had the same impression like Yekaterina about the size. I think it could cause some trouble because you really don't see whats going on under the canopy (Except changing camera angel, which I believe most players wont do.). Ever fought under a treetop like this? I have the feeling players won't like this trees. Is it intended that it can be the same? Would it make (more) sense to have at least 3 different buildings? I thought about the same. A real city needs a blacksmith, a temple and a marked! Not 3 of one type of this buildings and also not any mixture of 2 of one type plus one another. However, most of the Civs need stone for the temple and stone is what u already need to go to P3. So this change might have a stronger impact then assumed. So far as I know most players avoid building a temple and prefer building a second black smith to go from P2 to P3. People should think about this and test it. It should be a future change and not as a last minute change for a25.
  11. Hi, thank you for reading through my post. The decay is on purpose, though whether it should be changed is an open question. Not sure what you mean about train time. Sorry, I mean seconds not minutes. Training of soldiers for Romans in barracks, with team bonus, is now 9 sec and in the army camp it is 11 sec. But it might also be on purpose because soldiers from the camp have already rank 2? Thank you I appreciate that very much. I also thought this is not a simple task. You are indeed incorrect, there are no other bonuses in A24/25 (so far) Well, good to know. I remember the wiki ( https://0ad.fandom.com/wiki/Infantry_Swordsman ) where you still can see some bonuses mentioned. But this then is outdated very much. Nonetheless, there are still some secrets which I could imagine are interesting for more people to know. For Ptol its sometimes possible to build more than 1 CC. I don't know under which circumstances this is possible? I also wonder about the promotion of elephant archers. The pierce attack doesn't approve, but you find more archers on top of the elephants. Is there any effect on the pierce attack or just an increase of health and armor? I also don't know how many kills an unit needs to get promotion. I guess this has not much to do with the a25, but access to information about things like that is interesting for players like me. I don't necessarily disagree, but I think removing towers was a good move and we don't really have more than 3 town-phase buildings as things stand, so it's simply not possible. Its even 5 structures of P1 needed to go to P2. Anyway I understand there are no more P2 structures. But why where towers removed? Was there a discussion somewhere? I would like to read it.
  12. The game is quicker because: shorter production time of units less turning time less bumping in each other just 3 buildings needed for P3 Around 13 mins for P3 with civs like Romans or Macedonians without much hunt or extra berries is easy and I just have rating around 1400-1600. I guess better players can do it even in shorter time.
  13. I stumbled over some things they might to be changed and sorry if I repeat anything because I didn't read all comments in the thread. Maybe some of the things can be still added/changed in a25. General things: Cav can be garrisoned in barracks, but Inf can't be garrisoned in Stables, also units rank up when garrisoned in barracks but not when in stables, this is kind of inconsistent. I think there are several solutions. I find it alright when all kind of soldiers can be garrisoned in military buildings and also when the rank upgrade can be achieved in barracks and stables. It would make sense when Inf just could be promoted in barracks and Cav just in stables. Roman army camp should not lose ownership in neutral territory or in enemy territory from alone. Training time of units in the camp is 11 min. Is this on purpose? Other buildings have less training time now. When AI captured my Kush mercenary camp they were able to produce Kush mercenaries. The enemy had Gauls. As far as I know this wasn't possible so far. Is this new? In fights it easily happens that one gather resources instead of attacking the enemy. It would be good if attacking other units had priority before gathering resources. What I mean is, I wish that the mouse cursor would primary choose the enemy unit instead of the resource in front of the enemy unit. Civilisation overview needs to be updated, bonuses changed e.g. pop bonus of Pers and Maury, trade bonus of Mace I miss open knowledge of counter units and fighting bonuses. For spear men there its written 3 vs Cav, but its missing for other units, as far as I remember there are more bonuses, or am I wrong? If Team bonus of a Civ is valid for the Civ itself now, bonuses could appear in structure tree, e.g. Iber cost reduction of javelineer, Kush elephants, Brits healer, Maury temple, ... The stone mine can be mined from 48 men now, making the stone techs needles, you just use more soldiers instead of wasting metal. Why was it changed? Balancing things Archers are to strong, just getting the same accuracy with upgrades wont solve the problem in mid or late game. From P1 to P2 you need 4 buildings of P1, but to change from P2 to P3 you now need just 3 buildings of P2? Feels wrong to me. Should be the other way around. For a later phase you should need more buildings than for an earlier phase. Kush are already strong, so getting the own team bonus will make them even stronger, elephants are very cheap then and they already have stronger rams. This is not good for balance. Maybe normal rams and the elephant bonus would also do it? For Ptol the mercenary with the hero Ptolemy I will be really cheap. 39 M for Inf and 52 M for Cav. I think its good if mercenaries will come back to the game, but I think this might be OP. As someone mentioned before mercenaries which just cost metal you just need trade as economy. Why were Food cost reduced? My general feeling is with the actual changes the game will be much faster than it was before, might even be faster than in a23.
  14. @Hannibal_Barca just got an idea and forgot to mention you.
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