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  1. Petra needs some work indeed, but maybe you'll have more fun if you up the difficulty. In regards to formations, they are mostly used to gather units that are far away sprint to a certain location, reducing the chance to get hit in the process. So it's more of a dancing mechanic. It's also useful if you have slow units in your army, so that they won't be left behind because they are likely your meatshield. 0 A.D. | A free, open-source game of ancient warfare (play0ad.com)
  2. This is the final stand i meant. The other source mentions he defended himself and threw back the javs that were thrown towards him but not that he made any kills. I guess the sources fullfill each other then.
  3. So he actually didn't kill anyone in that final stand like Wiki says? He just held his ground very well considering all circumstances.
  4. Maybe the historians know something heroic about these 2 and we can give them abilities instead of an aura. @Genava55 @Ultimate Aurelian@Thorfinn the Shallow Minded Thought for Aegis 3: he becomes stronger the more isolated he is from allies. (since he managed to still kill some while being alone) OR Increased attack while being below 50%(?) hp.
  5. No thanks, heroes have to much health as is. Be more creative.
  6. He has bonus health IIRC nvm he doesn't, the other one i'm not sure.
  7. XML.Actor – Wildfire Games and Actors – Wildfire Games may be of help. You need to add animations to the capes aswell IIRC. Yup. Those are the animations when a unit promotes and when a unit dies respectively, i think.
  8. I'd take that caveat gladly opposed to no blocking at all. It would be interesting to see and test what the performance hit would actually be instead of theorising about it. But i don't know C++ so i need someone to join me on that journey. Yup, and theres a decent amount of shooters who do HitReg instead of ballistic hits.
  9. What if there would be another function added called ExecuteLinearQueryPos(startPos, endPos) to Rangemanager? Returning true immediately and stop searching if it found anything. Much alike the ExecuteQueryAroundPos we already have but that one is checking in radius. To get the positions you can simply use the positions that are already calculated in the PerformAttack function. And while at it, you can probably redirect the damage to the unit/building in the way instead there too.
  10. I have bent my head over this before too. IIRC projectiles do have an entity ID, just not sure what you can do with it other than visually delete them. But if i understand @Stan` correctly, even if you got them to visually delete before it hits the intended unit, the engine will still register it as a hit. Best way i think would be to check for any entity between the unit and the target along the fly path and if true, stop checking and deal the damage to that unit/building instead. But Stan is probably right and will be costly in performance.
  11. Thanks for reporting : ) Feeling a little under the weather? I'll show myself out
  12. Shouldn't be that hard to implement this feature, code wise. I would do it like alre suggests, a button you can click when you select your men. With the code you would get all entities of the e.g. Barracks class and store it to a variable. Calculate in a loop which one is closest and order them to garrison to it or just stand near it (which they automatically do if the building is full). You can also send them to the next barrack if full but that might work out against you if you don't pay attention and have multiple bases. wHy NoT Do iT YoUrSeLf?! Because i don't necessarily want this feature I'd say go to phab and make a patch for it and if you don't know how to this wiki is a start. In regards to unreachable terrain, i'm not sure if there is a function in place already to check that. IIRC theres not and units will go back and forth trying to reach that terrain. Haven't played in a bit though.
  13. There are corrupt human beings, but not all human beings are corrupt, is my point. But we're getting off topic i guess ( my fault ) and i honestly have nothing to add.
  14. I disagree, but you should be wary, sure. If you always assume the worst thats prejudice, and with prejudice you will bring out the worst surely. I wholeheartedly hate generalisation.
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