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  1. Would be really cool to be able to hollow out terrain to create something like this: Probably easier said than done though, to implement such a thing.
  2. It is, but i think @nani is subtly telling me to make less crappy looking cliffs while keeping it's purpose.
  3. @nani dont know which edges youre talking about though.
  4. I'd like to help out here. Is the to-do list up to date?
  5. These days we can barely finish any game without these 'disconnects'. In some of these cases my inet stops completely for a few min. Then it works again. After rejoining same thing happens. Also because of this i stopped hosting altogether, even though i liked hosting games and went fine before this was occurring. commands.txt metadata.json
  6. Nice job on the mod, works really well. Is it possible for you to add extra camera height? Comes handy for better overall view when testing maps or if you simply just want more view. I Also like the quickjump to player when clicking civ emblem.
  7. I understand this concern and share it somewhat too. However, you dont neccesarily have to have the fights at the passes, and you should at least have 2 passes (In a decent tg) you can cross without being bottlenecked too much. However this would require some testing with actual players because that displays things much more accurately. I would even like to host a game as an observer for 8 people just so i can see best what needs improvement. I already have a plan B if bottlenecking does occur to much, which is simply making passes wider. I appreciate the feedback for sure though.
  8. Hi all, Description: Made a new map. The place is fictional. It's overall design is meant to be balanced for both teams and thus i aimed this map to be played at both a casual, but mainly competitive scale. General info: Map size: Normal Players: 8 Layout: Top-side against bottom (However, you could get creative with a different setup) Biome: Desert Resources available: Enough (Depending on game length ofcourse) Key features: Aimed for balance for each lane. The enemy on the opposite side has the same reso
  9. Map looks great, you obviously put alot of time and energy in your maps. I will have to try this one out when i have the time
  10. - Converted to skirmish map, which gave errors before. Also should note, if you change your ally (trader) to petra, he will send you resources from time to time to help out. Standard it's still off because i like the challenge. Up to you to change that in the menu. This is now also explained in the map discription. - Optimized building terrain for starting position 1 slightly. - Fort now has 10 garrisoned units. This is to counter Gaia taking over the fort, aswell to make it more difficult to capture. Updated original post's download.
  11. As you can see i did this map in 3 days, without ANY knowledge of the game or atlas. The only real help i got was feneur's tip on how to delete decals. So i do figure out almost everything myself. You also gave some input, but at that time i was already changing it. I also did some Photoshop and Autodesk Maya work (mainly Fx) but thats more than 5 years back. I can mix & master audio. I create music and i have sold some of my beats. though i saw in a post somewhere that you guys want to use 'real instruments', which i do not have. So i could only mix and master where needed. I
  12. Hi all, I've made new changes/upgrades to V2. Changelog: - Changed the trading islands. They look visually better now and have a proper defense tower instead of a wall tower. Both defense towers have 5 ranged units garrisoned inside at the start of the game. I should note that when you Ungarrison the tower it will go back to neutral (Gaia) because it's not within your borders. keeping it garrisoned fixes this and serves for a stronger defense point. - Changed the ridges at starting position one. When i played against petra there appeared to be a small pa
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