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  1. I would say yvonne is more familiar here in the netherlands. However, yvon and yvonne are not dutch names, they are french names originally.
  2. hi @PyrrhicVictoryGuy, Ingame at the main menu you can click learn to play -> structure tree. You can learn civilization specific bonuses and see unit stats aswell. Pikemen have low attack, but more range and better defense than hoplite / spearmen. You will see that units of the same type across civilizations have the same base stats. Example: a spearmen from the mauryan civ, has the same stats as a spearman from the briton civ. But also keep in mind that some civilizations have unique upgrades for certain units. Ressistance (AKA defense) is split in 3 catagories. Crush damage is
  3. @SSplat This thread may be of interest to you.
  4. I think it makes sense that if you cannot defend a building, it can be captured. Especially if said building is empty. I much like this mechanic personally. As an replacement to destroying buildings, you could make it that players need to debuilt buildings with men if you want that building gone, equal to the build time of that structure. Now the attacker has to weigh the choice of putting soldiers focus on debuilding and being a sitting target, or attacking. Also a timer after capturing the building until the building is actually yours would work well too imo. +1
  5. Massive no vote for me, if your unit doesnt have the vision range you dont get to see it. Both in SOD/FOW is a no for me. Seems like an oversimplification in gameplay to me and makes it even harder to be sneaky (because an entity in SOD/FOW being revealed really pops out from the rest). EDIT: Could make it a toggleable game option though, to satisfy both groups.
  6. Could pin this on the homepage of the forum and also in a message of the day window ingame on game startup, for more visibility. Just a suggestion.
  7. A sneak peak of the next update. What it shows: Units will switch to melee attacks on walls (because ammo is valuable). Aesthetically weapons will be sheathed/unsheated when switched (no animation). Units have ammo bars (pink) Military structures & forge have a re-arm aura, some buildings have a large aura, most buildings have a small aura. This aura will only work if you have at least one forge Showing the re-arm aura in action (+ icon) What it doesnt show but does work already If the current target is to close they will automatically switch to melee
  8. I encountered him/her too, when i put him/her through a few tests it was very obvious this person has 0 sense/knowledge of religion he claims to be in even though the messages were only about religion. This person is either really mentally unstable or exceptionally delusional. Probably both.
  9. Just did. Conclusion: it's not the statusbars, it's probably what Wow said.
  10. Could be. In regards to this same selection/status bar issue i also just noticed that a more top-down view makes the lagg worse vs a more side-view, even though normally you would expect a fps increase from this.
  11. I've also found something else interesting. Unit Status bars seem to add quite some lagg. Again without mods and with fps counter enabled: EDIT: even without moving the camera the fps spikes up and down hard (can show a vid but the numbers are the same). 2021-03-25 20-57-34.mp4
  12. Incredibly easy, place a few horses inside a map in atlas, save that map and start it up Maybe i should also mention its not for every horse, just some. EDIT: also im not sure if its horse or civ/unit dependent, doesnt seem like it. 2021-03-25 20-35-03.mp4
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