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  1. It's so cool how something of old times that is now a ruin can come alive in 3d art.
  2. You are comparing a gallop vs sprint though. A horse can sprint around 80-88 km/h. Which is about ~25% faster than a camel sprint. And obviously the horse has alot more stamina but thats irrelevant for the game. Well how a game plays is rather subjective. The other prefers realism, the other balance. Either way, making camels slower is more accurate, and balances them well. I dont think you should bend reality just because its a game but rather only if its the last resort to making a solution. Breaking immersion with unneccessary fantasy elements can be a deal breaker to people.
  3. Well you are still able to trade though. Also might be an idea to start the prices relatively low for mercs, then increase the price a little each time that unit gets "bought" all the way up to a certain (expensive) limit. I dont know how slow they were, but they are still painfully slow though. Which is fine to me considering how tanky they are
  4. Hi, hold ctrl then press right click. to learn other shortcuts, click menu -> manual.
  5. I like this. If you calculate camel top speed vs horse top speed irl a camel would be about 25% slower. I like this too. But because you hire mercs they shouldnt cost food/wood in my opinion, just raise the stone/metal price. Even though most people think slingers are OP, i think the balance between archers/slingers/skirmishers is nearly perfect in itself. It's the army with the better mix (or straight up fantasy heal spam) or micro that often comes out on top.
  6. Before installing i get During installing i get log Dont know if you need this info but i got the latest .net framework installed.
  7. hi @nifa, welcome and thanks for sharing! Does this mean you're already committed into making this map, or is it available for other map creators?
  8. I get the following errors when i try to build solution: The build solution attempt i made after that yielded something different: I use Visual Studio 2019 and the 'Visual Studio 2017 (v141)' toolset. The active configuration is set to 'Release'. I took the code from: 'git clone https://github.com/0ad/0ad.git'
  9. Yeah i figured. Does this mean what i'm trying to do is impossible though? Repositioning the camera in whatever way? Kinda would make this entire project useless tbh..
  10. Have you got some sources/presentation to go with it? Otherwise i'll check when i'll have the time to do it. Thanks for sharing though
  11. It does so correctly, but because i'm randomizing the positions of players it just takes the old spot where the player was.
  12. @badosu Engine.CameraMoveTo(1000, 800); <-- should be correct, but doesnt work. Gives back 'CameraMoveTo is not a function' even though it's literally used this way in other scripts, like your monitor mod but also in vanilla. Must be a root level issue. QueryPlayerIDInterface(1).SetStartingCamera(1000, 0); <-- Throws no errors but doesnt do anything either. Do you maybe have ideas on how i could manipulate where i want the camera to be? It's my only issue left right now with this mod.
  13. hi all, I had this idea, lets make a thread for map creators where they can get inspiration from. Many of you probably know alot about history especially around 0ad timeframe, and know about interesting battles that have happened or places to recreate. The idea is to share that information here, so that a map creator can pick it up and start working on it. To keep things clear with a nice overview it's probably best to use a format e.g.: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name
  14. To add to stan's answer, an unassigned player is also useful for making scenario maps where you can spawn an uncontrolled player and then control them via scripts. Example: A historic battle scenario where 2 players are allied, 1 is controlled by the player, 1 is unassigned but controlled with scripts (Also, Petra AI wont do anything without a CC).
  15. Rams were quite easy to destroy or to word it differently, sabotage (simply cut the rope holding the ramming log). But like Badosu said, you'd still have to reach it first and obviously there would be men inside the rams fighting back. Rams were also used on walls or gates, not on buildings generally speaking. No one in their right mind would open a gate just to attack the ram, thats why they threw/fired/poured all kinds of @#&#036;% all over them from walls. There is also a difference between 1 man swinging a blunt weapon vs 20, thats alot of force, especially if they timed the atta
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