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  1. Very nice, but why not just play on A25b like we all did?
  2. I kind of agree with Vali that extra hunt can be a little rng, maybe without that too?
  3. Still need a replay from that though, if you wanted to be on the leaderboards anyway. In any case it's just a fun challenge that can potentially make your routines better and learn from others.
  4. Not going to tell you how to play the game, but i got 07:42 with 2 eco techs (farming + wood) and 2 barracks, which is a little slower than yours, sure. But definitely wouldn't ruin mid/late game with that routine.
  5. That's pretty good, you might make it on the leaderboards. edit: wooosh
  6. I got 08:52 08:15 07:42 with 100 trained units and without extra hunt. 8m_52s.zip8m_15s.zip7m_42s.zip
  7. Minor patch to bugfixes and feedback mentioned by @Micfild All champion chariots were bugged, fixed Hoplite / archery tradition and attack upgrades were accidentally removed, fixed Unit details were hidden from observers aswell, fixed -> the bug remains for resigning players though (unless they had researched the tech before they resigned?). Will be patched. infantry archers and cavalry archers had the same melee damage and reach, fixed field camps can now also be built inside own territory (experimental) Updated original download links.
  8. Hi @Micfild, first of all, i much appreciate you for testing and checking out the mod and providing feedback. There is a new unit at the fort called 'ammo cart', which is a mobile re-arm unit (that can also somewhat defend itself). I think you meant this positively(?), but i'd still like to point out that rams and also elephants dont cost metal anymore, just alot of food/wood. (and elephants are not really a siege unit anymore, more like a shock unit) I'll sort that out next update, thanks for reporting! Yes i did it more for balancing sake i guess, but i can see how that is offputting. I'll reconsider it. Some are intentional, like defense techs. But the archery/hoplite tradition aren't intentional, thanks for reporting.
  9. Nice catch, thanks for reporting. I'll see what i can do. To go even further it would be great if civ choices of players would be hidden in the gamesetup aswell. But that would only work if people could pick civs themselves instead of asking the host. The espionage tech rework still needs some polishing though, because right now the stats are hidden for observers aswell i noticed.
  10. I lied. Works now though (updated download links). Also, ty all for the kind words.
  11. Mod update. For a more visual presentation check out the orignal post up top. Heres a little more detailed text version of the update: Units with ranged weapons have ammo. Units with low ammo (jav) will have very high damage. Slingers will regain ammo slowly anywhere. Most units have 2 attack types, ranged and melee. Weapon swapping will not be manual. The unit will swap to melee if It has no ammo A targetted unit is getting to close The target is a wall / building The target is a siege unit New aura called "Re-arm". All military structures (Barracks, Stables, Arsenals, Fortresses, Armycamps, Colony's) and also the forge will have this aura. Units that require ammo, simply need to stay inside it for at least 3 seconds for a complete ammo refill. This aura will only work if you have at least 1 forge. Some of these military buildings will have a large aura, and most have a small aura. Armycamp has a limited ammo pool units can Re-Arm from, and the Armycamp consumes ammo from the pool while shooting arrows. Once the pool is empty, the armycamp can't shoot arrows, or Re-arm units. Units are rebalanced according to their visuals. Check this balancing sheet for more info (also check the additional changes tab). 4th rank: Champion. If there is a champion counterpart of the soldier, it will be able to promote as one. For example, the athenian hoplite will promote into a city guard. Promotion rework. Units will not get bonus armor on promotion. They will receive a small heal, and (originally) ranged units will get a 10% bonus attack damage for all weapons. Melee only units have their default attack bonus on promotion (20%). Technology changes. Instead of 4 defensive upgrades for units there are now just 2. They give both a positive and a negative bonus. Example: Soldiers +3 crush, +1 hack and pierce resistance. 50ms attack and 0.25 movement speed penalty. Healers. They now provide healing in any structure they are garrisoned in. They can also build tents in which they can treat the wounded. Spy tech rework. All enemy unit and structure info is now hidden and cannot be inspected when clicked / hovered. When you buy the Espionage tech this information becomes available to you, showing you information like health and ammo when clicking or hovering over enemy / neutral soldiers. Charge attacks. Units have energy and will use it to charge an enemy. Energy is consumed at a rate while charging the target. The first attack deals bonus damage but consumes all energy. Rams max energy / regeneration rate / bonus damage, is based on how many people are garrisoned inside. And some more stuff. I guess you just have to find out by playing the mod! Any feedback and bug reporting is greatly appreciated.
  12. I think you pretty much discribed what my mod does? Only difference is i use energy so a unit cannot endlessly charge after an escaping enemy and functions as a reset after a succesful charge attack. This pretty much means they can charge once per combat. Only thing i would need to do for ramming ships is simply add a melee attack and set energy in the template. Ram speed and damage will be automatically increased with more garrisoned soldiers.
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