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  1. Not sure why, you generally consume your berries before you (need to) start mining.
  2. @maroder is it possible with current code to use all 3 and just switch background after 10s or so? With a bit of a fadeIn fadeOut nicety. Or everytime when you enter the main menu a different one from array will load in would be nice too.
  3. It's not unfortunately, i only have position randomnization for skirmish maps.
  4. not sure how they will handle copyright issues though, but it sure looks fancy af.
  5. we need at least a 0ad per civ. @Stan` start compiling
  6. That's a big audience reach. Nice.
  7. ⚙ D4847 Chat Profanity Filter - WIP (wildfiregames.com)
  8. I think we should just have a personal "profanity filter" setting in the settings menu thats on by default with maybe some way for the user to expand the list of word filtering (into !@%^ - or something), and stop doing any sort of auto modding for profanity. These cases need context and need to be done by a person so that it can be differentiated from verbal abuse and banter for example. Though, i'm not sure whats a smart way to support this in multiple languages. Maybe theres a "list of curse words" to be found online. The first comment here could be a good start since its open source and can provide the list in JSON. It would be really easy to setup the chat to filter these words with such a list.
  9. It's not release ready imo. Haven't tested the next version much yet. When do you expect to release A27 ideally?
  10. The next-version branch should be pretty playable with A26, as long as you avoid having the han civ in your games. Actually, i'll just temporarily disable them until my next release so you can still choose random civs without han in the mix. They still need a grapejuice overhaul and they throw errors as is because of that- which is also the major reason why i haven't released it yet. I'm planning to make a release for A27 though. The next version also has new features (and probably more by the time it will be released) like: Enemy player info is hidden in the diplomacy panel. Players will get a clickable notification (location) if they meet an undiscovered player (building), this will fill in some info at the diplomacy panel. Notification can be disabled at settings > game settings.
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