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  1. since TemplateLoader returns undefined, i'm guessing you either are missing a template you are referencing to, or have a typo to a template you are referencing to (within the mixin's/parent's template ref). I think the errors that come after the 2nd error line are just the result of templateloader not returning anything. Which could explain why you can just play a civ just fine, but only untill that buggy template comes into play, if you haven't encountered it yet while playing it's probably a not much used unit. Those are my quick 2 cents but maybe someone else might help you better. EDIT: I also just noticed you have `.keep` files in your templates folder for mycea in both units and structures which troj doesn't have, you can try deleting those. It might be that templateloader is trying to initialize those.
  2. What map size are you using? It doesn't seem big. With a bigger map you can have more details (chili for example is uninhabitable), and players will have more build space, because some spots don't have alot of space to build (with in mind that tree's etc still need to be placed). You can also look into generating a map from height terrain map data, it'll basically sculpture the terrain based off of real data. Obviously a bigger map also means more work but you can have some cool results. Up to you ofcourse. EDIT: I just noticed in your OP that you were using heightmaps already, lol.
  3. @JoaGalo2 I forgot to mention, the semi release has a folder inside the zip (it's the way github does it). Extract that folder into the mods folder. It might be the culprit for not showing up.
  4. @JoaGalo2 the 'no mod has been selected' simply is because you didnt select a mod from that list. Try starting 0 ad normally then go to settings>mod selection. If you installed the semi release version grapejuice will be in the list. Double click it and press save and restart.
  5. I'm not sure what's going wrong, can you post a screenie of your ingame settings>mod selection menu? The version i just linked definitely works though.
  6. The mod is out of date unless you use this semi release version.
  7. Dont think so. I could look into making it sometime but i would do it differently than how its currently done in Grapejuice. As a matter of fact, i would probably rewrite Grapejuice entirely because of the things i learned along the way.
  8. I remember this bug, i believe it had something to do with units that are there when the game starts (units placed by the map creator). Those will be out of sync. But units created by players don't have this issue. I think theres a ticket for it but trac seems to be down atm.
  9. You need to focus on the ones that aren't there, theres a decent chance the other errors will dissapear aswell. Also templates have a inherit/mixin system, is the entire root present? You could try working from a version that last worked with vanilla (if there was one), instead of a full reset this would obviously better. I doubt Wow has a magical solution for you but who knows.
  10. Well it's trying to load a bunch of DE templates (and/or art/models w/e) that don't exist in vanilla, so trying to start it without DE won't work. Likewise a map made in vanilla might not work in DE because they might have restructured/renamed templates (idk haven't looked into their code). You'd probably need to make 2 completely seperate maps if you want a vanilla version and a DE version, since i'm pretty sure DE touches ALOT of files (even stuff like trees i think). If you enabled the mod you will see a mix of vanilla and DE stuff in the scenario editor, you want to disable the mod if you wanna make a vanilla version.
  11. Honestly looks really good for your first map. My first looked quite @#$% in comparison. Good job.
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