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  1. I think you pretty much discribed what my mod does? Only difference is i use energy so a unit cannot endlessly charge after an escaping enemy and functions as a reset after a succesful charge attack. This pretty much means they can charge once per combat. Only thing i would need to do for ramming ships is simply add a melee attack and set energy in the template. Ram speed and damage will be automatically increased with more garrisoned soldiers.
  2. It will be included in my next mod update. Right now it's in it's prototype phase, but it's already working as discribed below. Melee units have energy and automatically initiate a charge attack when they are close enough to their target. They consume energy at a rate while they are charging their target and deal bonus damage on the first attack if they had energy left when they reached the target (after a succesful charge attack the left-over energy will be consumed). Units that do nothing AKA idling will recharge their energy automatically. Rams will be able to charge aswell and have bonus damage/speed based on how many men are garrisoned inside it on the first attack. Rams only have energy equal to how many are inside though, that means 0 when they are ungarrisoned. Pierce damage receives the highest damage bonus, so that means pike and spear charges are stronger than sword charges.
  3. Why would an economical role be the equivalent of being worthless? Why is the warfare role more important than the economical one? You need both, without economics you can't deploy warfare. I'd say thats far from being useless or honourless. I think men would be picked to fight over women 99.9% of the time with the current civs we have ingame. Don't quote me on it though. But the mod wow made for having both male and female "gatherers" is a nice addition because that seems more realistic to me since not all men went to warfare.
  4. Hi @Genava55, thanks for the interest. I got it working. The new features of the next update that are finished right now can be find here: Grapjas93/grapejuice at prototype (github.com). If you're interested you can also check the project overview of what i still need to do.
  5. Yeah i scribbled something together aswell, but i think @m7600 is on it, so i withdraw
  6. @Old Roman, just to double check, you pasted "svn co https://svn.wildfiregames.com/public/ps/trunk/" without the quotes in command prompt and not "https://svn.wildfiregames.com/public/ps/trunk/", right? To update SVN, right mouse click the folder where you downloaded it and click "SVN update".
  7. Could maybe do something like a base score for posting then have a multiplier for it. Base_score x (reputation / posts) = Add_value_to_rank Example (low rep, high post count): 10 x (10 / 20) = 5 Example (high rep, low post count): 10 x (50 / 10) = 50 Not sure if this is possible but i'm just thinking out loud.
  8. @maroder I honestly like them (alot). It's especially nice because they are from the game. @feneur are you open for new icons if we provide them to you? If so, what size do they need to be?
  9. Yes, but you need 14 icons for all 14 ranks on the forum which icons did you have in mind from the game?
  10. I kind of like the cleaner look overall, but takes some getting used to. As a replacement for the placeholder rocket image i think this would be great (in color though); Now we just need someone who can/want to make them
  11. My take on how you can easily install SVN (latest development build) on windows: Download and install (make sure you check the command line tools option) https://tortoisesvn.net/downloads.html Make a folder where you like, name it whatever you like. Open this folder. Click the adress bar, type cmd and press enter. into the screen that popped up copy & paste: svn co https://svn.wildfiregames.com/public/ps/trunk/ If it says 'At revision xxxxx' it's done downloading. run \binaries\system\pyrogenesis.exe to start svn. To update svn, right mouse click the folder, choose 'svn update'. (made this post for revival of the thread to attract new people for testing / showing easability to install)
  12. I agree that consistency in a formation will look and play better. I think the unit re-arranging inside formations comes from pathfinding in it's core, calculating if the formation can fit through the path (which gets recalculated quite often if im not mistaken) but i'm not 100% sure. But yeah, the re-arranging is really spammy sometimes. If you don't know how to mod, you need to find someone who will look into it for you. Or you can try to learn some javascript basics and apply what you learn into your mod. Code Academy is a pretty decent free one, which focusses on quick short sessions a day for routine. Relatively speaking in comparison to other languages, java is easy to learn.
  13. @Belisarius17 He was simply giving you constructive criticism, you're taking what Freagerach said way to heavy. Part of learning as a new contributor is to accept constructive criticism and work on it. Not run away from it.
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