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  1. What's left to launch them in mod.io?
  2. One of my doubts is which file shows the time and amount of relics options on the map? I can rename and create "new" game modes but time and quantity options don't appear.
  3. It's not that difficult to implement if it's for maps made with points/sanctuaries. An ugly solution would be to use the structures with relic tags and set them as a capture the relic.
  4. I plan to make some adjustments on Saturday, and on Sunday send it to mod.io and request the release of itms. I believe that little has to be done, that the biggest problems are some technologies that I broke.
  5. I intend to make this mod available with the Zapotecs in mod.io this weekend, if anyone has any good ideas or observations about it I'm available.
  6. Those city textures that appear under the buildings are really nice, it could have something like that in 0ad.
  7. I believe that the most prudent would be to adapt the existing textures (fitting in the appropriate places) with these new ones and then render again with the changes. (spec_ ,norm_ etc textures). Creo que lo más prudente sería adaptar las texturas existentes (encajando en los lugares apropiados) con estas nuevas y luego renderizar nuevamente con los cambios. (texturas spec_, norm_ etc).
  8. Thanks @wowgetoffyourcellphone and @soloooy0 for the feedback some things have already been modified (some like the unit textures is still a work in progress) and others I will wait for a response from Duileoga mainly regarding the design of the buildings.
  9. Echa un vistazo a este github con el arte y el concepto de Duelionga que ayudo a organizar los archivos. https://github.com/0ADMods/Lusitanians_civ
  10. The first version released for the Garamantians in moddb here, for download. https://www.moddb.com/mods/garamantians/downloads/garamantians
  11. I'm posting my version of the pre-classic Mayas updated to alpha 25 here. https://www.moddb.com/mods/mayas-0-ad/downloads/mayas-preclassic-0ad-1
  12. @Trinketos and I launched the American Ancient Empires https://www.moddb.com/mods/pre-colonial-mod mod a few days ago in the MODB. It's already playable for Alpha 25, lacking a bit of polish, but nothing to avoid the fun, something that in my honest opinion is the goal of a mod. I created a group for mods there too, whoever wants to contribute just ask me to accept it there. https://www.moddb.com/mods/pre-colonial-mod.
  13. Its structures are well developed and designed, I'm tempted to try to see them on 0ad, the cool thing about making the files available and that we can always count on the help of someone in the community.
  14. Hello @Dasaavawar About the Heroes it was very difficult to find them are real names of Zapotec rulers of Monte Alban in the pre-Classic and Early Classic period(Take a look at the reference links I quoted above.). Their names are attested (names date as was common at that time) but as we do not yet have a complete translation of the Zapotec writing system, we therefore do not have access to their recorded heroic deeds. Miltla was not a big city even in 500 BC. -1.a.c (period of 0ad) Nor in period 1 d.c. to 500 d.c. (period that I believe Delenda Est accesses in a way too). Mitla only became the city we see after the fall of Monte Alban. About the siege ram and the canoe are themes that have been and can still be debated.We have two facts 1# The Mesoamericans already knew about the wheel, but we don't have access to any information about a use in a siege ram. But that doesn't change the fact that a ram for gameplay effects becomes necessary in 0ad. 2# Canoes were known throughout America but we have to remember the Zapotecs even in the Mesoamerican context was not a civilization marked by the domination of the sea, in fact they were much more a mountain people and high altitude valleys than anything else. Sorry, my google translater english.
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