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  1. Lopess

    Civ: Incas

    I'm publishing on mod.db the first launch of the mod with the Incas, this mod will be with no gameplay changes, in the future the pre colonial will be launched in which the Incas will be included with the gameplay changes proposed by @Trinketos https://www.moddb.com/mods/incas-0ad
  2. Hi @axi I don't know if that can help you but I managed to upgrade to Alfa 24 through snap on ubuntu
  3. It has a little-known game but maybe that's what you're looking for: Age of Empires
  4. Heros1. "Touman"; ---------------------------- ----- (Tūmān)2. "Modu”; ------------------------------------ (Mòdún)3. "Laoshang"; -------------------------------- (Jiyu) This information about the Xiongnu (Duileoga) could be applied to this next release. I am willing to help. Alem has ideas about that.
  5. I managed to install on linux, for some reason I can't get the new official alpha, maybe it hasn't been updated.
  6. I have been following the development of this game closely for a while, I like this city-building style of the early 2000s with a Mesoamerican theme. Alias the developer keeps the game in development on github for Windows and MacOs. The Windows version runs on Ubuntu smoothly using Wine. https://github.com/Perspective-Games/Tlatoani_Releases/releases
  7. Is there a forecast for when a new PPA 0ad XXIV update for ubuntu will be available???
  8. Your medieval village is getting amazing! Congratulations, keep up the great work !!
  9. Nice map, I imagine incredible friction battles on it. I don't know what your intention is regarding the gameplay, but I imagine that some triggers will offer allied Gallic / German troops on the one hand and resources from the Roman side sent from Rome with a new legion according to the passage of time. (Google translate)
  10. The pre-classic Maya would fit perfectly in the 0ad era, being that they were contemporaries of the zapotecas of Monte Alban, however I have no expectations in relation to them in the official 0ad seen for example that there are complete and well adjusted civs in the context of the 0ad (Hans Chinese ) but have never been added, I believe due to the difficulty of maintaining yet another official civ. A mod is much simpler to maintain and with mod.io it has become even easier to distribute to the community.
  11. ¡Las felicitaciones fueron increíbles! (No había intentado editarlos todavía) ¿ya pueden exportar a Atlas?
  12. Sus construcciones han mejorado mucho, creo que hay que modificar la textura del techo (ya veré qué puedo hacer).
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