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  1. @man_s_our all mods that are related to the creation of new civilizations depend on a good level of work and time to be carried out, the good side is that much of what these civs need can (and should) be reused from other mods or even from the main game, see in particular Umayyad civ from Millenium AD - REVAMP, they need better models for the buildings, they weren't one of my most inspired creations, Middle Eastern architecture is very different from what I did with Mayans or Japanese. If you need tips, don't hesitate to send messages.
  2. Don't worry that the learning curve in creating mods in 0ad is very fast, with a little time you will be able to create units, civ and structures with ease.
  3. Hello, could you send the mod.json that was created here, I believe it could be the cause of these warnings. Another thing that could help is a screenshot of the warnings message.
  4. Will update here for sure, hope this can encourage new backyard farmers soon.
  5. Beautiful garden, congratulations! I was born and raised in a large metropolis, but my family has always preserved a beautiful productive backyard with various medicinal herbs, beans, sweet potatoes, peppers and occasionally legumes in general. I'm currently living in a rented house with a large yard, just waiting for a quiet weekend to start a productive project for him.
  6. Thanks for the help @Stan`, I was able to locate the option in an in-game example. working now.
  7. Interesting, I can check this here, where would this configuration be?
  8. It seems to me that using the turrets component it would be possible currently in 0ad (I'm using the alpha 27 version) to create a unit with a turret sub unit, but I'm having difficulties implementing it, I intend to create a turret on top of an armored vehicle in the future , in which the turret has its movement independent of the vehicle, rotating on its own axis fixed above the vehicle. Code: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Entity parent="template_unit_cavalry_ranged_javelineer"> <Identity> <Civ>coalition</Civ> <SpecificName>VBL</SpecificName> <Icon>units/hele/siege_tower.png</Icon> </Identity> <Promotion disable=""/> <Sound> <SoundGroups> <attack_ranged>attack/weapon/rifle_attack.xml</attack_ranged> <walk>actor/human/movement/walk.xml</walk> <run>actor/human/movement/run.xml</run> </SoundGroups> </Sound> <TurretHolder> <TurretPoints> <One> <X>0.1</X> <Y>0.1</Y> <Z>2.0</Z> <Template>units/coalition/infantry_rifleman_assalt</Template> <Angle>1.54</Angle> <Ejectable>false</Ejectable> </One> </TurretPoints> </TurretHolder> <UnitMotion> <WalkSpeed>19.0</WalkSpeed> <RunMultiplier>1.67</RunMultiplier> </UnitMotion> <VisualActor> <Actor>units/coalition/VBL.xml</Actor> </VisualActor> </Entity> Result (The game does not ask for errors, and it seems to me that it identifies the indicated template because when changing its name the game says it cannot find it)
  9. Hola, pronto habrá una actualización de alpha 27, una vez que se lance.
  10. I'm not very familiar with Aztec mythology, but about the architecture I think it's OK, putting it in perspective to other Mythologic models. 0ad's mythological mod could benefit from an update at this point.
  11. Es necesario descomprimir la carpeta antes de su uso.
  12. Aquí hay una carpeta y un esquema de nombres para los novatos que quieren crear un mod con una civilización completa: mod_ex.zip
  13. The wagons that already exist for are very modular, the covers are used as props.
  14. They are already there and playable in alpha 27, there are only inconvenient warnings left when running, but nothing that prevents you from playing. WARNING: [ParamNode] Could not remove token 'phase_city' from node 'Techs'; not present in list nor inherited (possible typo?) WARNING: [ParamNode] Could not remove token 'phase_city' from node 'Techs'; not present in list nor inherited (possible typo?) WARNING: [ParamNode] Could not remove token 'phase_city' from node 'Techs'; not present in list nor inherited (possible typo?) WARNING: [ParamNode] Could not remove token 'phase_city' from node 'Techs'; not present in list nor inherited (possible typo?) TIMER| LoadDLL: 779.075 us
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