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  1. I believe that the only thing that should be corrected is the facial textures that are a little out of date (with textures with a lower definition I imagine, maybe someone has the original fonts).
  2. The Han dynasty dominated the south of China in the period of the 0a.d.
  3. I did it in the pre-colonial biome to show turkeys in place of chickens and it worked. highland.jsonhighland.js
  4. I am working on new precisely historic helmets for the Zapotecs, besides I intend to create yet another variation in the body texture of the padded armor and a new variation for the shield. In addition I will add the warrior with siege torch and the scout running unit of Delenda est.
  5. Yes, ire seems more realistic, or perhaps we can favor the gameplay and the freedom of the player to allow the dock to be done in the middle of the map without water, for me it is not much different from making many fields around the administrative center without respecting whether the area is fertile, if you have a farmstead close by or something. A simple copy and paste of conventions that came from old rts games. And not the 0a.d. he is not a city builder but he values a verisimilitude that in my opinion should be taken into account.
  6. I didn't know it, but it sure will be on my playlist very good!
  7. Yes, the biggest of national metal, in my teens I heard a lot, today I like calmer and more epic things. I'm not a big fan, but the idea of singing in Tupi is very interesting and I like the vocalist's voice.
  8. I hope these terrible situations will end soon.
  9. I'll upload(github) it right after I get home. (I'm still at work).
  10. We have available in the mod.io. However, I can add it if I want.
  11. As discussed yesterday, @Lion.Kanzen came up with the idea of using a torch unit for the Zapotecs, something I also used with the Maya (the use of fire was a technique in Mesoamerica, the Zapotecs used it against enemy cities in the time of the 0a.d. ). We could use archers or javalineer too.
  12. I like your interest and willingness to help this is very good. However, if we take into account the desire for equal historical precision that was used in other civilizations, it does not make any sense for a blowing unit for the preclassical Zapotecs. There are no references to them (different from the Maya). We have the updated zapotecs on the github, currently they have two fighting champions, one being a noble spearman, and the other a Macahuitl warrior who has the ability to shoot with a bow and arrow.
  13. This weekend I will try to make new helmets and body textures for the Zapotecs, the current ones mostly from the postclassic. As you can see in the previous conversations I believe that a siege warrior with torches and a scout unit could be added, I believe that a balance will be necessary. I am not an english speaker, any error automatically consider a google translate error.
  14. If you want me to update them to alpha 25, I'm just going to wait for the freeze to be done.
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