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  1. Hello @Dasaavawar About the Heroes it was very difficult to find them are real names of Zapotec rulers of Monte Alban in the pre-Classic and Early Classic period(Take a look at the reference links I quoted above.). Their names are attested (names date as was common at that time) but as we do not yet have a complete translation of the Zapotec writing system, we therefore do not have access to their recorded heroic deeds. Miltla was not a big city even in 500 BC. -1.a.c (period of 0ad) Nor in period 1 d.c. to 500 d.c. (period that I believe Delenda Est accesses in a way too). Mitla only became the city we see after the fall of Monte Alban. About the siege ram and the canoe are themes that have been and can still be debated.We have two facts 1# The Mesoamericans already knew about the wheel, but we don't have access to any information about a use in a siege ram. But that doesn't change the fact that a ram for gameplay effects becomes necessary in 0ad. 2# Canoes were known throughout America but we have to remember the Zapotecs even in the Mesoamerican context was not a civilization marked by the domination of the sea, in fact they were much more a mountain people and high altitude valleys than anything else. Sorry, my google translater english.
  2. This is very interesting, there should be a mod with several cool mechanics that appear to be used .I believe that here the only thing missing is an on/off button for this type of conversion.
  3. Were different textures and models not enough? Archers and spearmen are men, but they are not confused with each other.
  4. Space Rifleman. In the future I intend to make a mod (base defense) with some things I'm creating along with @Alexandermb rifle animations and @Stan` stella_artis texture.
  5. Hello. Do you have the files in the logs folder with errors? It's probably simple. If you have a repository on github with the project can also be useful.
  6. A small mistake, I have corrected it.
  7. I really don't understand until today why the two gendered citizen mod was not added, I believe some civs, merchants and priests could also be of both genders.
  8. Hi! sudo snap install 0ad https://snapcraft.io/0ad
  9. Best place for the Syracuse is in DE, without a doubt.
  10. What construction would this be? A new civilization on the way?
  11. It would really be something like this, the name mercenary was what I found the closest in current reality (0ad). The fact is that after a conquest most of the time the conquered tries to bring to himself most of the good conquered warriors the rule was that, the extermination that was the exception. We currently exterminate even the innocent and defenseless enemy wheat fields even after destroying their cc.
  12. I don't really care how common it is currently to capture a cc (nothing in this life is written in stone), but add a more interesting dynamic to it (which ends up not running away from the reality that when you captured a people you tried to make the most of it of vantage and labor), a current fact is that capturing a CC is an investment of troops and time, making it easier to simply destroy everything. My biggest fear is how this might affect the multiplayer community which ends up being the last word in changes of this type in 0ad.
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