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  1. I always do this process on q4wine on ubuntu without problems.
  2. This option I wanted to say, even with the same script it does not appear in the capture the flag version. I'm missing something here lol
  3. I'm trying to use the capture the relic and Wonder scripts, but in both cases, in addition to not working properly, I can't get the time option before starting the game. Does anyone know what activates this option?
  4. Hello everyone, I would like to ask for help, I am creating some maps in which the victory would depend on the capture and maintenance of the capture (10 min for example) of structures initially in Gaia's possession. On the map, for example, there can be 5 locations with each of these structures (for now called flags) whoever conquers at least 4 of these structures the countdown begins, to win you must remain with these conquered structures. The map does not allow the construction of new cc and each player will only have the initial one. Most of the idea is easy for me, but I have no idea how
  5. I want to create a mini mod on github for the Lusitanos, just to play with this idea a little, something as if it was done initially between the Britons and the Gauls (using almost everything the same with occasional changes). So what would be the different units that the Lusitanos would have? Would it have a special structure? And which icon would it be?
  6. A grid of my doubts today is a good name for them, "Tupi" is the name of the liguistica family, not a people in itself, by the way, nor does it have much meaning since the tribes that speak the Caribbean and Arawak languages in the region often they had societies more similar to these "" tupis da amazônia "" than, for example, the tupinambas and tupiniquis of the coast, "Peoples of the Amazon" it is even worse to call the Gauls "peoples of France". We have names of specific tribes, but there will be many generalizations, as in the siege war (archers with burning arrows, bonfires with peppers a
  7. I'm glad you liked the buildings, there are still many props missing, but the idea is to be as faithful as possible. The gameplay ideas are good, but not for "" Tupis Amazonicos "", this distinction was made with the purpose of separating them from what Europeans found on the coast of Brazil. My proposal here is to show the "" tupis "" and other peoples who lived in the Amazon region in a similar way, but speaking of other linguistic changes. As we know, there were large villages there, many of them with sedentary characteristics, each with their own heads, however, with those chefs submitte
  8. Yes, Amazonian Tupis. I am reworking them including structures like artificial cisterns and artificial village island. It is a pattern of graphics of Santarém ceramics, something temporary just to differentiate them from non-Amazonians.
  9. Very violent, I am in favor of Polynesians having their own huts! (if you have any ideas formed for a mod, I can help you with 3D).
  10. Hi, Download 0ad Windows : On Linux (Ubuntu and derivatives) just follow the instructions: https://play0ad.com/download/linux/ --(Development version). To download Delenda Est go to https://github.com/JustusAvramenko/delenda_est and on the green "code" button choose the option to download .zip.
  11. Eso sería genial para cierto mapa!
  12. I took a look at your .js, really amazing at some point I will have to study them to apply on some personal map (it's the way since I don't know how to program).
  13. It is possible to open the maps in Alfa24, some errors may occur, probably because there are some structures and units modified in this new Alfa. Great maps, really challenging, I believe they deserved a selector in the campaign option.
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