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  1. it is possible to link the turret pont with the prop of the structure?? I want that when the fortress is mounted and garrisoned , the unit goes to prop "x".
  2. These faces are probably on the opposite side. Just change them to the correct side (they should have the blue face in the face orientation).
  3. Even without definitive names could we start a sub forum with three discourses (game style, art, structures) separate one for each faction?
  4. If we use an existing name, it makes us believe that in the future it is related to this movement, which I don't think would be the best point, if it were better, it would be the acronym UN. In that future we could create something like the Human United Nations (encompassing the colonies and new nations created on the moon, mars, ceres and on the satellites of jupiter, saturn.
  5. Maybe something more elaborate, something that the public can understand in the general lines of the faction but sounds like real names, we have good names in "pop culture" we could create modifications of those names. Perhaps names related to the planet or "constellation of origin" (from a human perspective).
  6. For me, we can accept this as a good start. A good thing would be the initial names of the three factions, as well as their core gameplay.
  7. I feel that on this one I agree with Lion.Kanzen, maybe 2500? That would give us a few centuries of living with the aliens. Aliens could own mercenary units of other species (like Imperium Tau), we could make a dichotomy between humans and new humans > one based their technologies and improvements on robotics and little and non-evasive geetic improvements while the other is more based on improvement extreme genetics without caring too much about ethical values (imagine here biological weapons and bloody humanoid giants (like minotauros made in mythological mod)
  8. is there a way to create "hard" battalions, like hyrule conquest or D.O.W by default?
  9. ¿Todavía tienes trípode alienígena?
  10. I made myself a commitment not to make any big commitments to new mods (I have a lot to do in real life) but I'll be here very excited to help. (I have some nonsense on the computer).
  11. Yes I am aware, I will do it as soon as possible.
  12. I still can't do good animations for gates, and unfortunately I'll have to discard for now the gate created by Duileoga. Fixed parts of the walls (https://github.com/0ADMods/Lusitanians_civ), I think a roof on top of the towers would be a good thing @Duileonga.
  13. What do you mean you didn't follow the pattern? Which pattern? LOL. You are sometimes funny in your comments.
  14. I have to fix the size of the walls. XD
  15. Human structures by Dawn of War.
  16. In the mod Delenda Est we can capture servants, something close to your idea: https://0ad.mod.io/delenda-est
  17. Partly this bothers me, I prefer to acquire new servants to my empire than massacre them all mercilessly, I don't even consider this very realistic, perhaps the most important thing would be to think of ways to create coverage or influence in units, but without creating unnecessary micro management. But the balancing people never experience anything very different from the current gameplay, so hopeless in the vanilla game I guess.
  18. Definitely not hahaha, in this case and in Portuguese "expansiva" = expansive, I don't understand why this translation was done like that.
  19. I see Humans in StarCraft more as adaptable to different scenarios, their technology was below Protons, for example. I like the medieval and decadent view of humans in WarHammer 40k they are not heroes or villains, they are halfway through technology. Something that we can consider is that our species is very expansiva and adapts to different environments using technology, something I would like to call the discourse and that currently we can see a trend of the fusion of technology in our bodies as well as the possibility of genetic changes controlled in our bodies. If we are going to strangle this in the distant future, I can imagine super soldiers (men and women) on battlefields on distant planets and satellites. Perhaps the growing distance between human colonies prevents direct communication between them, making them independent governments across the universe, but they all nurture an ideal of union between humans when we are attacked by alien beings (of course, when this does not prevent conflicts between humans continue to exist). (I hope google translate isn't getting in the way.) Something I have on my computer lacks texture and refinement.
  20. https://github.com/0ADMods/stella_artis/tree/master/simulation/templates/structures/terran bunker, civic-center, engineering_bay, planetary_fortress, refinery, supply_depot.
  21. I don't think this would fit well with this mod, at most some sort of giant automatic greenhouse that generates food, of course if it's a resource. We can limit the number of structures equal to those already present in the mod by creating by stan, regarding the gameplay it seems that the current goal would be something close to starCraft, to be honest this is the part I like least, but okay maybe I'll create a mod in parallel using the mod but with some differences (something like a Dawn of War with base build and battles that can be upgraded).
  22. An early prostrate of human infantry units: Light infantry with automatic rifle weapons. Heavy infantry with automatic rifle weapons. Super heavy elite infantry with automatic rifle weapons / can switch to melee infantry. I believe vehicle units are essential for them: Troop transport ground vehicle. Combat ground vehicle. Air transport vehicle. Air combat vehicle.
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