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  1. A simple and easy AO bake as it existed until 2.79 would be good too.
  2. El mod necesita mejores imágenes de fondo como Popocatepetl. Quizás buenas imágenes de dominó en público?
  3. It looks great, very close to what was requested with the references, if any historian is available for an analysis now it would be good, even if it is just a "This is really very good".
  4. (Just an Idea) There could be a special category for balanced maps for 1vs1 competition and normal maps for players who don't care about feature symmetry etc. who just want to play a beautiful map with lots of things to explore.
  5. These icons are amazing! High expectation for the new launched.
  6. It was just an idea, I know that there are previous versions, since downloading an entire version is very different from a single mod with some art resources, nothing more than a few megabytes.
  7. A great start, if any historian has anything to emphasize, this would be a good time.
  8. Honestly, I see the m7600 texture much closer to reality than mine, mainly because it depicts successive layers of compacted earth.
  9. Perhaps an official mod on github (also on mod.io?) With the old works that were part of 0ad one day, in addition to a tribute would be available to future mods or the general public.
  10. When you think about what could be done by mixing the animations and weapon from (@Alexandermb) SCAR mod with Stella_artis mod (0adMods @Stan`).
  11. Congratulations on the great work Azayrahmad!
  12. Can the community help? Is there a table of texture x / substitutes for / texture y? I believe that on random maps it would be a very easy thing to do (a modified biome changes several maps at once). I think it would be nice to have some easy requests, but tedious to make so that the rest of the community can help, many want to help this I am sure (I don't want to appear in the credits or anything, just help in whatever way possible for me).
  13. Great work continue with the blender that I foresee great projects ahead! I think it would be nice to have a set of 1 or two player survival maps with gaia units appearing from time to time, this will be even better in the alpha 25 that will have the campaign mode. I played a similar mode at Empires Apart, it's called survival mode.
  14. Yes, they should have this levels, but my 2D art skills are very noobs. I believe that replacing the dragon flag with something similar to what was proposed by Yekaterina would be a good one too.
  15. Male gurines. Warriors wearing cotton armor from Lambityeco (a), El Palmillo (b), the Mitla Fortress (c), and Ejutla (d). Warriors wearing feathered capes from Lambityeco (e), the Mitla Fortress (f), and El Palmillo (g). Warriors wearing only a loincloth from Ejutla (h). Warrior wearing plain jacket from the Mitla Fortress (i) and Lambityeco (j). Male gurines. Possible priests from the Mitla Fortress (a), El Palmillo (b), Lambityeco (c), and Ejutla (d). Warriors with trophy heads from Lambityeco (e) and El Palmillo (f). Warriors wearing helmets from the Mitla Fortress (g) and
  16. In addition to the scout / hunter we could think of a fire unit (similar to the Iberian champion?) Or a technology to represent the main characteristic of conquering structures with fire (of course, this act, besides the practical factor, had the symbolic factor of burning an enemy temple or palace). Champion units noble warriors or savvy warriors (the two should be practically synonymous because the nobility was closely linked to war and sarcedocio) They must have beautiful helmets with coyotes, birds of prey and cougars. We must not forget the nagualism that was also present
  17. #The second image is a woman of royalty, probably a queen. #Last image of a fortress probably started in the year 40 A.D.
  18. A good read that I am reviewing today. I believe that we can have a more restricted view in relation to the units, very much based on what we know of the zapotecs of the initial pre-classico / classico. This can be done based on the Zapotec ceramics, stellas and murals of the time. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC208841/ MILITARY CONSOLIDATION OF THE VALLEY OF OAXACA: 2450–2000 B.P. Some time before 2450 B.P., presumably seeking a more defensible location, the occupants of San José Mogote and its satellite communities moved to the summit of a 400-m mountain. This mou
  19. I sent the buildings with the lanterns removed to the github. In my mod business I did an editing on the han texture just as an example of what can be done, I will not ask for a merger because I believe that an artist with more experience will achieve a texture much better than my attempt.
  20. I think that maybe a platform altar for a pyramid temple would fit better.
  21. A change in texture will be easy (I tested it here just to see the concept). Eliminate the lanterns too, however it will have to be in the blender. I don't see many problems in the current towers. In my view, the greatest difficulty will be in the new walls. If nobody has done it yet, I can eliminate the lanterns from the structures and upload the changes to the github, one less job so that I can work more seriously on the structures.
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