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  1. I can help with these two. On the Kiev Rus take a look at the work done by @Radiotraining
  2. They are all new animals, soon he will send the prints here. (I don't see problems in the current wolves).
  3. A very good idea lol, I already lost some time trying to play on the map of Greece. with some modifications.
  4. I'm creating this typical one to help @Duileoga show his new animal models.
  5. Each 3d model must have only one 3d mesh. Merge them into a single structure or create a main and the other 3d meshes separately as props. In your case as they all use the same texture I would merge them into one (Ctrl + J), remember to keep only material before exporting as collata, or none.
  6. Very interesting mod, I played here with alpha 26 and apparently everything works, is there a possibility to add it to the main game? This would be a good game mode for anyone who wants something different.
  7. My reading may be wrong but he seems to complain about the lack of "Health" in "structures/west/guild_house"
  8. I believe this disables the foundation actor, however I'm without the pc to test. <VisualActor> <Actor>structures/western/stone_low_curtain_wall_long.xml</Actor> <FoundationActor disable=""/> </VisualActor>
  9. Don't forget to add props to the models later, I believe the Gallic props would match well, just edit the positions a bit.
  10. Great start congratulations! This reminds me of the @Mr.lie templates, does it make them available?
  11. It would be nice to have some limiting mechanics, preventing the training of large ships where the depth does not allow their navigation. Another cool thing would be that on the deck of the ship the infantry could be positioned.
  12. A suggestion: put water as a resource, and food and water consumables by the units. This can emulate this important part in ancient sieges. Put the project on Github (Modo 0ad) I will help with specific things.
  13. Export them again from Blender, only leaving the place where you want the height of the earth to be at the same height as the axes. Tip: after that click on Ctrl + a and select the option "All Transforms".
  14. Use https://www.academia.edu/search?q=mochicas este sitio para buscar fuentes históricas, la mayoría de los mochicas están en español.
  15. Quizá fuera del preclásico/protoclásico. En ese período había muchas máscaras de estuco. Creo que encajaría bien y había muchos muy complejos.
  16. @wraitii I see that there are many python files to help in the development of the mod, but I don't know how to take advantage of them in automation, where can I find out what each one does? I plan to make new campaign maps in the future.
  17. @Stan`, do you have any idea how to scale down an already animated 3d model without destroying all the animations (this is still inside the .blender file)? Whenever I do this the animations get "crazy" LOL.
  18. Camarada, dos comentarios importantes sobre los animales. 1 => Ya tenemos una textura base en el mod y un jaguar usando el tigre como pase podemos usarlo como base para mejorar la textura. 2 => Aunque crees un nuevo modelo 3d para jaguar y puma lo más probable es que no podamos animarlo, mira es un trabajo tremendamente difícil, aunque sea correcto, y difícilmente podremos encontrar a alguien con el tiempo y el conocimiento para ayudarnos en esta tarea, puedo intentar modificar pequeñas cosas en la licuadora del tigre que harían las cosas más fáciles.
  19. Interesting art, but this representation distorts a little of everything I've seen about the Jomons, their appearance and clothing are much more similar to the people of Oceania in my view.
  20. I will add these beautiful animals to the protoclassic maya mod. The cobra and the parrot were on the forum but still in .blender files I exported them and the animations created are working fine (create a simple snake version from the cobra). I will make available the animals already implemented so that other moders who want to use it will be easier to do. Does anyone know if it is possible to decrease the size of units directly in the game? Example: the snakes were the size of a large snake, but many snakes were no more than 1.50m.
  21. One of the coolest things about games is that you can play a reality that you want, I believe that playing with civs in a given location and historical period is more suited to scenario maps / or some campaign.
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