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  1. Hey hello! I was browsing around the many ideas flowing and I've found this. I just wanted to bring it up, because I think it offers some interesting points to spicen up the diplomatic game I think diplomacy is usually neglected but maybe there's potential for some interesting variations in the gameplay if expanded a bit more .. why not? Definitely not the priority at the moment but I think is worth considering .. what do you guys think?
  2. Wow very cool! It definitely lives up the expectations .. knowing the franchise, I couldn't expect anything less than some AAA title. However, strangely as it may sound, looking at the images and previews, I have to say I kinda prefer more 0ad look and feel, more solid and realistic. As many have also observed, that "cartoonish" look makes units and structures appear a bit disjointed together and I think it takes away the immersion and atmosphere of the historical period. Ahahahah probably the day it will come out an updated version of Millenium AD I won't look back for a while
  3. I like this! Sounds like a good mid-way to prevent the misuse of the autodestroy button. I would argue it could also be a "middle-step" in the conquering process, so to incorporate something similar to the RoN concept, but in a more consistent way to 0ad gameplay: 1. First you neutralize the buildings, they lose owner and return to gaia. This is often the primary goal when it comes to conquer the enemy, especially with turrets and defensive stuff that can be annoying and you just want to have them out of the way 2. Then you can actually "conquer" (or annex) the building to your ow
  4. That's exactly what I was trying to say and you said it perfectly better! Ahahaha Edit: maybe, instead of a time-limit I would suggest the upgrade is cheaper than building a CC on its own, but maybe takes more time to develop, so there's an incentive to follow this way if you want to expand quickly and cheaper on the map, but there's also a small time penalty so you have to consider your choices
  5. I may be biased, but I like the little realistic nuances that enrich and diversify the gameplay such as this, so thank Badosu for bringing it up. To expand the concept, I remember some ideas from @wowgetoffyourcellphone about "cities vs countryside" to encourage early expansion against turtling and full use of the map. One of the ideas was to introduce some cheaper and weaker version of CC, sort of military colony, that you can eventually upgrade to full CC once necessary. I really liked the concept and I don't know, maybe it could be an interesting blueprint for the camp you propose. So
  6. Personally, I downloaded and installed the GitHub zip something like a couple of weeks ago and is all working (great stuff btw!!) .. so not really sure what could have changed in the last few days
  7. Hi! Nice improvements overall! Loved the change on hp of structure, it looks more consistent now. If I may add, as a random player I don't mind too much a hard limit on fortresses (it always bugged me to see them sprawling everywhere in some maps, it takes away a bit of realism sometimes) but I agree that is may be not the prettiest solution. If I can share an idea for a soft limit on turtling: I thought that a way to simulate a resource penalty during a siege could be a food trickle for garrisoned units. It could make sense realistically, as if your troops are sustaini
  8. Hi everyone! I know this is a "hot topic" and is been already thoroughly discussed.. sorry if I'm jumping in as totally casual player of the game, mad respect and admiration to all the devs that made the new update possible! the game keeps being amazing! If I'm allowed only a little observation on rams, yeah, is the only unit that feels a bit "weird" in the game, but I couldn't pinpoint exactly why. But I came to the conclusion that is probably because they make any defence feel completely irrelevant, as it takes only a couple of hits to bring down a tower, no matter how upgraded an
  9. Hey wow! Thanks! yeah.. I don't have particular proposals rn.. I just posted here regarding the portraits thing since is something probably akin to what I do, and in case I could possibly help, if the amount of work is high Idk ahaha just let me know, in case which way I could be useful! whatever the case, have a good day everyone
  10. Hey hello! I was looking around the forum, because is really so intriguing to see some making-of of the game. I was also thinking if it was possible for me to help in something..? my background is graphic design, although I'm recently shifting towards illustration and I'm experimenting more in that direction. This is my recent insta: https://www.instagram.com/loonatiqe/ Is quite far away probably than the style needed, I never had any hand into game production and I don't want to jump and disrupt the teamwork already established .. but, just in case you need some
  11. Just a quick overthought : Ideally, to answer the problem, the attrition thing shouldn't be so strong and should be easy to counter-effect, but maybe just at some "x" expenses of food. This way, is not totally punitive, but only pushes you to consider this aspect (and build a solid economy lol) But yeah, can still maybe alter the gameplay tho, and in that case I agree with all your observations
  12. Thank you for your comments! Yeah, I was still tweaking the idea but both your points seem fair enough. Pretty dope to know that there are already enough features in development, that makes me excited! Ahahaha I understand that another feature might be redundant at this point and maybe is just not the right time to talk about it And thanks to Badosu points regarding gameplay that I haven't considered deep enough. The idea to reverse the feature and make a bonus of it, instead of a penalty is an interesting workaround and maybe would fit better with the existing dynamic. Maybe in thi
  13. Hey! Thanks everyone for taking in consideration my suggestion and all the feedbacks! Even if not eventually implemented, is pretty interesting to jot down ideas and share different solutions! In general, I would say that the best solution must be easy to implement and develop into the game. It should work as an added nice detail, but not overhaul the established gameplay dynamic. Or, at least, that's not what I intended by proposing the concept. So, for example, I feel like changing the whole resource-gathering dynamic by making it unlimited kinda push everything a bi
  14. Hey! You're very welcome! Considering the effort you guys put into it, being a side-project along other things, makes the game and your work even more amazing and the minimum is to give proper recognition to that! For the slave/citizen thing : exactly!! That's the purpose I had in mind when I wrote that. Like, some sort of extrema ratio when you lose everyone else and you need someone to build something, for example About your feedback : I must agree with you, a food trickle alone without any other visual clue doesn't "fit" well with the gameplay. A quick solution t
  15. Thanks for the reply, I had the opportunity to know your mod! and hey! this is actually a smart trick! it would make even more sense if is affected by the territory, so it really emphasise on the cost of conquest Anyway I downloaded and now I'm gonna try it out!
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