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  1. AAAAAHH!! Got it!! Makes so much more sense now!! Thanks everyone!! Very useful tutorial as well!
  2. I'm good with that!! But.. how to edit the github wiki? Sorry, I'm dumb
  3. A question to the experts in the forum: I was having fun making a fortress for the arabs, adding some details like arcades and such. When I got satisfied by the model, I uploaded it into the game, but it creates this weird artifacts, cutting the arcs in a strange way and leaving a big void. Now, it may be something about the way I created the arcs in the first place (still learning the best method..), but I've seen this happening more than once, so I'm wondering if it's also a game engine limit with some shapes, or what the cause could be..? Anyway no problem, I can create the same structure again. But just curious to understand the reasons.
  4. okay, now the difficult part : @Lion.Kanzenis there a Nahuatl name we could borrow for an ancient civilization? That would be cool for our "protoss"! For the zergs I have no idea honestly.. I'm looking around some terms for insects, bacteria and organic stuff Anyway guys! Let's keep it easy eh! If we find a good one let's stick with it, otherwise we can spend days for just names
  5. WOW I do like something like HUN as acronym for terrans! It's the UN but launched in the future. And also it has reminescence of "huns", and how they depredated Europe. So it could be quite a cool parallel thrown into space
  6. Good one! Terrans : I like EGO (Earth Global Organization) as an acronym for a terran organization. And also it's kinda existentialist at the same time. An interesting combination! Protoss: I came up with SHU, as lame shorthand for Superhuman. But we can just switch it to SHA (like, "shaman"), which has some atavic, since it must be an ancient civ with probably some mystical characteristics. I mean it came out randomly but we can just stick with it without going too far! Zergs: no idea, honestly. In a movie, District 9, the aliens were called "prawns" ahaha I find it funny and interesting. Maybe their name could be unknown so they can have another spregiative surname given by humans? idk.. something that sounds like insects
  7. AWESOME!!! This is the perfect kind of collaboration!! Thanks so much for providing other inputs! Very, very appreciated! I was kinda satisfied by the idea of our "protoss" being the fusion of human and aliens, it worked well as justification. But hey! I find the idea of an ancient civilization quite interesting as well. It opens the door for an interesting work of concept art around it. The rest sounds all very good! I also like the idea of an ecological collapse as backdrop of the story. Let's wait and see if others have some other ideas and, in case, I'll write up a "clean" version so we can go with it!
  8. sure!! Let's go with 2500 if everyone prefers! We can also change things in the story, eh! The idea was to run with something that everyone can agree upon, so we can "freeze" some features that can be translated into the game. Things like the name or characteristics of the races, the year, locations etc.. I've seen a lot of different ideas also in this thread, but nothing that was decisive, so I just wanted to cover this aspect so nobody will have doubts in the future on what we want to do. I think it's an important step to get the project going
  9. yeah right I just picked a random year honestly ahahahaha we can push it later a bit Anyway one of the reasons why I thought to have it not so far it's because I remembered of this game, Gears of War, which had quite a cool setting. In that case the aliens are those invading the earth and I kinda liked the possibility to develop also that kind of scenario, since we are at it (just my idea). But at the same time we would have room also to imagine space travel and stuff like that
  10. Okay guys! I was talking a bit with @Lopess these days to understand if there's interest to continue elaborating ideas for this mod. Surely it would be a great pretext to experiment the full potential of pyrogenesis engine. I don't know if @Stan` you're also still interested about it, at least to supervise it with your experience, or if you're definitely too busy at this moment. Maybe with Lopess we can kickstart some little progress anyway. So, I thought that the initial step to move things further would have been to come up with a loose storyline that could cover a bit the setting of this new mod, the new civs, how they developed and it can give a backbone structure for future work. So thinking about this, I wrote a (very dumb) short story to explain how all the races have come in contact with each others: Some ideas for a background storyline: YEAR : 2121 (far, but not too far) After a third world war that has consumed the planet, the human race has finally found a compromise for global peace, creating a new overarching power to keep stability: the EGO, Earth Global Organization. It all goes well for years until one day an alien civilization finally makes contact with the earth. Some communication is established between human and aliens and, after an initial conflict, the two parts finally come together. Thanks to the contact with the aliens, the humans enter in possession of new knowledge and resources that make space travel quick and affordable. This is especially possible due to a new energy source, the "dark matter". The collaboration with aliens makes possible a new age of space travel and colonization for the human race and they quickly manage to establish a colony on Mars to source the new resources. On Mars and on the following planets, the humans discover a new league of materials, the ADIUM, a metal elastic but resistant that can be mined from space or meteorites and can be modeled to create almost anything. Once on Mars, the EGO take control of the entire operations of colonization and estraction, and secretly start to experiment with the alien collaborators. Finally they manage to merge the DNA of humans and aliens and create a new superhuman breed in their crazy experiments, the SHU (Short for Superhumans, lame I know). Quickly the SHU becomes dominant on the new planets, cutting ties with their human progenitors on the earth and try to dominate everyone else. Meanwhile, the aliens discover the crazy experiments that had been secretly conducted by humans and they break the collaboration with them and declare hostility to humans. --------------- So with this backstory, at the end, we have: CIVS: - EGO (Terrans) try to reconquest their lost colonies. - Reptilians (Zergs) an alien-organic species (haven't found a good naming yet) - SHU (Protoss) a superhuman, highly advanced race that is combination a humans and aliens + mecha features RESOURCES: - dark matter (energy) - Adium (metal) SCENARIOS: - Earth: destroyed and a bit apocalyptic because of the terran wars and alien presence - Mars: space colony - Alien planet: where the aliens came from. The planet is all organic - Some other planet, highly technological, where the SHU had been experimented Inspirations: Starcraft (ofc), Warhammer, Gears of War, Final Fantasy Spirit Within, C&C
  11. sure I can try and see what's possible! That was a beautiful shot by the way.. But what plans do you have in mind with this @Lion.Kanzen?
  12. OMG !! That polearms bug is utterly RIDICOLOUS! Okay sometimes I make fun of AOE4 lightheartily, but in all seriousness I'm kinda shocked by the amount of missteps since the release! Like, it really come off as something amateurish by the quality of these bugs and really not a premium title. Or maybe I'm just too used to good ol' classic games that felt more "finished" when released? I know it's custom now to sell out buggy games and patch them along the way.. but darn!!
  13. not sure it's exactly the right place, but i wanted to share it. About Rome, in general.. but in this case there are references to Batavians and their relationship. Great channel I've found!!
  14. I think it can be quite an interesting idea .. but I also think it's something that can dramatically change the gameplay, so not something that the devs would take lightly. Maybe could be interesting to try such a mechanic on a mod? Anyway, I'm all up for some small innovations that can keep the game interesting! I find the game tends to become a bit repetitive after a while, so this could be one of the small things that would help to keep the strategies more varied.
  15. Yeah, I was reading a bit through the thread. I'm very down with that! I could also write down some rough ideas for world building. Not that I have some at the moment, but I can think of something. Unless you have already some people in mind for the mission! that would be fine as well. From what I've seen nobody is claiming paternity over the project, so it really just needs a push to get the ball rolling and break from the initial uncertainty
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