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  1. Sure! Personally, I'm positive about it! I would only say that it may become relevant if some features are added (like some reactions with critical damage ..), otherwise right now it can just be only a nice "extra". I like langbart proposal tho!! Seems like an even more effective hint than aoe
  2. Yeah, correct! That was a consideration that emerged exactly from working on new textures for this reason. It was more clear that it could open a different gameplay mechanics. It was an idea though, not sure if it will improve things or not. Would be interesting to try tho. (One of the reason I proposed it was also because of the unrealistic fragility of buildings with rams and siege weapons.. with this trick it would be possible in my mind to squeeze some 25% more health without changing the balance. But I guess this is more of an aesthetic change than gameplay)
  3. Uhmmm trip-hop, nu jazz, ambient electro, lo-fi stuff, vaporwave, synthpop, minimal techno, indie, fado, bossa nova, electro swing, rap aaand Viet and Korean indie
  4. uhmmm.. I'm not sure there had been such contacts between Japan and Korea.. or I'm not sure they would had Korean mercenaries in Japan, since they had been historically adversaries/enemies But I'm not really an historian, so you better check it out.
  5. I agree! Maybe there's a bit of a misconception, because capturing is not bad per se. I like it! I just think - but that's an opinion - that it could probably work better as second choice. Or, as Freagarach suggested, with some limitations that can prevent abuses like this.
  6. I agree with all the other points but I just wanted to remark this, which I find an interesting point never really discussed. Maybe, if the concern is on making clear the function of capturing to the user, if can stay as default for CC (and maybe a core of vital structures), while the others, and the defensive ones, can be attacked by default instead. Like what's happening with farms, which are definitely more satisfying to destroy Could be a compromise to make everyone happy? EDIT: okay, I'm saying something stupid cos is what DE already does and I forgot lol But hey! It just makes a lot of sense
  7. btw, the other day I proposed a variation on the mechanic in this thread here: when you damage a building to a critical level (like 25% of health), then it lose loyalty/functionalities or turn to gaia, so you can conquer it. I don't know if it's too unnecessary or complicated in the game, but it can be a way to make attack and capture work together more coherently.
  8. Hey! I'm on the same side, noticing the big improvement of newer maps and the need for those, so I agree with the statement. BUT. If we're talking about maps, assuring some quantity is also key to allow longevity for the game! Just sayin'. I don't mind the current numbers, but I agree that some can be discarded or re-made. But let's not commit the mistake in the other sense of not leaving enough Well.. that sounds like a sensible approach anyway
  9. Haven't played all of them tbh.. or maybe not so recently to remember exactly. I got a little tear, however, with the idea of removing "water holes" .. I had quite some fun with that map! I think is probably meant to be more for multiplayer than prettyness. Volcano also is not bad.. is a very interesting variant compared to the rest to have. I think is good to have it as a option. But these two are just my opinion. Do what is best. ----- Yeah, I may be interested in a remake of older maps I could maybe help a bit
  10. what an astounding work!! wow! For people like me that are trying to learn also the technique, is very interesting to see all the textures together! Thanks for sharing and again awesome job!
  11. Sometimes is still amazing the kind of things you can find in the internet!! A channel dedicated to biomes wow!
  12. Ah! Okay! Yeah, I've experimented a bit while modding my stuff eheheh but nothing really serious.. But, in case, I can post here if there's something good advice to maybe get in touch with them. I took a look at the threads on map overhaul, and maybe an help could be to fix/update the not-so-great maps already there. I don't know also if you guys have some particular scenarios in mind that could be explored.. don't be shy and share your ideas!
  13. Love this!! I think I missed it. Nice work! I wanted to comment the ratings, but then I realized that "1" wasn't a bad rating as opposed to be first on the podium So, with that in mind, I think I generally agree with the list! Great one! Is there any idea/plan for new maps? Are you looking for help? Who made the most recent ones? (some are fabulous!), is there any tutorial/advice/material that could be helpful to learn some tricks to make pretty-looking maps? Anyway, need help?
  14. yeah I agree maybe it won't change much on that side.. but I'm one of those part of the "aesthetic team" (LOL) and I find the conquer mechanic quite irritating to witness. Also because it's exploited with the combo the conquer + delete, which I don't think is a very clever mechanic and, at that point, simply attacking would be a more straightforward action to get to the same result. However I'm not gonna debate as with the arrow precison (just kidding, eh!) ahahaha I like the possibility to capture things. I just think it could be maybe secondary/optional, that's it.
  15. THIS. I hope some of the main devs can read this I also like "capturing" as an option. But I would rather prefer it as just an option, not a default as it is now.
  16. eh, thanks for asking! I was talking about this with Lopess ahahaha I mean.. yes it could be possible, but at the same time these are very much "experiments" for side-mods, I don't think myself as being really ready to deliver something for the official game (I'm not a professional artist, these are more like exercises ehehe). That's why I keep a low-profile. But hey! If you have some particular ideas and you don't have expectations too high and accept some attempts, we can talk about it!
  17. Booom!! Excellent! Thanks so much for sharing, I was missing this! And great job!!
  18. Aaah.. possible! I hoped not ehehe i hoped it was maybe a general function somewhere to not twist every file lol but is a good hint! I'll try that way
  19. Speaking of destruction, I got a curiosity on something I've seen on DE @wowgetoffyourcellphone : i noticed since the first time I played that the primary choice of units is for attack and not conquering as in Vanilla. How you did that? I actually tried to look a bit into the files, but couldn't understand much from the JavaScript jargon ahaha i didn't know where to put my hands Well, anyway, I think that this discussion around fire, hell and destruction could make better sense if the attack mode is privileged over the conquest
  20. Awesome stuff man!! I really, really like this style and how they're looking!
  21. I would say yes! That is a good limit. Also, I think is positive if there are, say, 5 heroes available but you can train only 3 X match. I think that having those limits increase the longevity of the game, because you're forced to make decisions and try different combinations each time
  22. To do a really -really- good job, the best thing would be to have animations with physics. So you see actual pieces falling down etc.. But this is a bit beyond my skills/knowledge at the moment and again, it requires some serious dedicated work. So I would opt for simple solutions that can implemented more easily. The texture degradation is one of those!
  23. I'm sure! but, another issue is how to implement it: it's already a bit of an hassle, and it would require double the work for each building to assign a a different response each time to different attacks, so i would go with a solution that can be standard (with fire? no fire? only smoke? only demolishion..?) and leave this a little bit as a secondary priority, at least for now! But hey! Obviously if some of the programmers have suggestions or want to collaborate closely, I welcome that! it would make everything much easier anyway!
  24. good advice!! Definitely!! It needs some tweaks
  25. Eh, you're asking too much from me! I'm only exploiting the functionalities available, but I wouldn't know at such deeper level. As I'm aware no, there isn't a functionality to distinguish types of attack > different damage and it would require some re-coding of some mechanics, I guess. We can leave the fire aside, if too unrealistic. I get it is a bit random, but to me it doesn't looks too bad. It looks like a structural failure of the building when it comes from inside. > Maybe someone inside has left the gas open in the hurry of defending the building
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