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  1. true that! I'm taking this advice and currently cleaning up names and files (thanks also to Lopess who's helping!). I made quite a mess in those folders because there are still many of my attempts, and each iteration I put more and more fantasy names like "file_definitive_new_new_02" ahahaha But now I'm cleaning that up and it should be much more clean and streamlined! And no uppercase!
  2. AHA awesome! To keep everyone in the loop: - currently I'm working together with @Lopess (thanks so much man!!) to clean-up files, redundancies and fix minor bugs, so things are still a bit in progress. @asterix I'll let you know when we reach a stable phase! - guys let me know if you have also ideas and proposals! Not everything can be done and the mod must keep coherence with Vanilla. But, at the same time, fun and playability will benefit from different perspectives, historical elements and concepts. So, if someone is interested in this game, don't hesitate to express your opinions!
  3. by the way - sorry guys, I hope I'm not spamming too much here..! I'm just trying to share some of the progress and concepts that I worked on, so everyone can have a taste and also give their own opinions. Let me know, in case!
  4. - More historically centered had been the introduction of an additional building to the Umayyad faction that allows to unlock advanced techs that reflect the high sophistication of their civilization. They were called "diwans" and were various councils that administered the bureaucracy, organization and decision within the caliphates. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Divan The main concept behind this administrative building (similarly with Carolingian's library) was to offer more options and decisions to take also in the late game, hopefully improving the longevity of the game experience that, in my personal experience, tend to slump towards the end. All of this is still obviously a beta test to try out some possible options that can be explored as gameplay Anyway open to feedback / suggestions! EDIT: forgot, credit to @Lopess for the 3D model of this and also many other buildings of the Umayyad civilization
  5. good question! To be really honest no, not exactly. I introduced this unit more from a gameplay standpoint than a specific historical one. It's believed that maces as blunt weapon were part of the generic equipment of armies during middle ages, and references of such have been found also in the Bayeux tapestry, so they existed and they were used at least since the early middle age. But there isn't a specific reference related to a specific use by Carolingians, among others. My intention was more simply to experiment with a variation among the traditional roast of units by adding an extra element in the play. So is not historically distant, but neither historically centered on a specific reference. But thanks for the question, now you're forcing me to do some deeper research ahaha is part of the fun
  6. CAROLINGIANS Special features The Carolingian faction was already one of the most complete in the original game. I only made available in the game the model of Lorsch Abbey that @Alexandermb has made and gave it purpose as a library. Here a tech dedicated to the Carolingians allows to unlock fire arrows as weapon to attack buildings and add more damage power to the archers. Another unit available in the city phase is the Maceman, available in the barracks. Is an expensive, but weak unit that can deliver a crush damage to units and buildings, making it a valuable support element during sieges or intense melee fights.
  7. En passant, I would suggest to try out Delenda Est. Other than being an amazing mod, it offers some alternative cursors, a bit bigger, that would probably help! But maybe an option for the size could be useful in the main game, too
  8. Got the same issues too a while ago. Didn't changed anything but seems to work now
  9. For the naming: I chose to opt for a romanization of the russian names to make them intellegible to everyone. Let me know your thoughts. Also, I'm not a Russian speaker, so I used translating software for the job. If you have suggestions for the names, please let me know!
  10. EARLY KIEVAN RUS' Special features These are some of the features conceptualized for the Rus' faction. They're meant to open different possibilities within the gameplay, while keeping the balance. Since at the beginning of Rus' history, most of the armies were composed by informal aggregation of peasants, nomadic tribes and hunters, the units available in the game are 10% cheaper but 10% weaker than their counterpart. At the same time, the Rus' faction benefit from a more flexible building structure and techs that makes them adapt to multiple strategies. HUNTING LODGE: Unique building available to the Rus' civilization. Dropsite for food resources. Can be built in neutral territory Technologies: Hunting Tradition: +20% meat gathering rate Rogatina (bear spear): unlock "hunters" (jav infantry) in the barracks TRADING POST: act as a market and dropsite. Can be built in neutral territory to establish early trade routes in the map Trains: traders Can be upgraded to: Fortress (but lose gradually loyalty if not garrisoned) PRIEST A symbol of Russian conversion to Christianity. Thanks to technologies in the temple, priests can inspire soldiers with their aura, making it faster to advance ranks during combat. HUNTER (Jav. Infantry). Unique unit of the Rus'. Light support infantry. Can't advance ranks but can upgrade to melee with 10 metal (or switch back to javelins), offering a flexible range of functions.
  11. https://byzantium-blogger.blog/2015/08/16/the-early-russian-army-russias-undiscovered-military-forces/
  12. you're welcome! Hope we will find finally a solution that can make everyone happy! That was tough!! btw: sorry for mispronouncing your nickname.. I keep mixing it with the great Giorgio Moroder LOL consider it kind of a compliment ahahahaha
  13. It's a good feedback, but I'm afraid we're going to make moroder crazy with the constant ping-pong between different ideas! Anyway I was the one that proposed a change from that initial shape. I'm considering your observation, but even looking back, I would still think the latter is a better iteration from the initial one - just a personal opinion - . Those initial angles looked a bit out of place with the rest, and recalled a "modern" look or an iPhone notch, but in general a different kind of "language" from the rest. I think the feeling of "busy" is given by the size and proportions of the whole thing. I tried a quick mockup in Photoshop reducing the size and prominence of the box and the logo inside it. I think it may be sufficient for the purpose. It's already central with the rest and in a prominent position, so there's no need to distinguish it excessively with an XL size. Anyway, I don't want to chime in further. Moroder has done already an amazing job in itself and also in conciliating all different feedbacks and opinion. I'm fine with either direction. I suggest that maybe the best thing would be for each one to pick the design code and try different solutions, in case. Otherwise I feel like this is going to clash with all different tastes/opinions etc..
  14. Let me introduce: the Kazhars Khaganate! The idea was kick-started by a little conversation with @ivicok and I think they may be an interesting choice worth exploring with a dedicated thread
  15. Yeah.. I suspected I was messing the things a bit. I know they should be different, but at the same time there must certainly be a degree of relation as you said. I have more of a generic idea and I may be wrong.. but I thought the culture and nomadic traditions wouldn't be too dissimilar from those shown in that movie. It would be already a great reference from a design perspective. I don't know how much of a turcologist you are but I am definitely not so I really appreciate some historical suggestions! Thanks a lot for the resources! Those may be a good start! > I don't know if you're interested in participating in the production, but in case let me know! A kazhar faction can be introduced but I would definitely appreciate some help and support to make it possible! (even if just historical informations)
  16. AAAAAh Fantastic!! I didn't know!! (I'm definitely not a coder ahahahaha you got me ) Thanks so much!! Looks very rich! But also very, very useful for this kind of work!
  17. Thanks for the insights! Hey, I would love it if you want to join the development adding your historical knowledge. I'm certainly no expert in this field and i'm more than happy to receive hints from who is more knowledgeable. Feel free, obviously! But is also a way to give a contribution to make the mod go in the right direction! I appreciate the hints also from a design perspective. This is definitely a things to keep in consideration, and for that purpose I would rather prefer a distinctive nomadic civ, rather than some that can be confused with the current Rus. So Khazars may be an even more optimal choice! on this regard, there's the movie "the diamond sword" that offers quite an interesting insight over those nomadic tribes (even if the timeline is definitely shifted on a later period) https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DyxYovFils-g&ved=2ahUKEwjNk_if8rT1AhVLQ_EDHcSkAt0QtwJ6BAhgEAI&usg=AOvVaw1mR454nBWNejrvhZW_WRlt
  18. Good observations and welcome to the discussion! ^^ I picked Avars because were some of the civs already proposed here in the forum in the original mod but I confess I would have to check more of their history. They did have connections with Russians and Byzantines so I guess they were contemporaries to them, even if maybe antecedent to specifically the X century. Another representative of Turkic tribes may be the Khazars? They had quite a distinctive history, adopting Judaism as their religion and maybe could fit more with the timeframe True that. In the game I opted for calling them generically "Rus", but the references come from that early Kievan period, even if I committed the error of referring to Muscovy at the beginning of this thread.. anyway feel free to share your knowledge and informations if you have some specific ideas on that historical time!
  19. Yesterday I got the suggestion to add a few more civs. The ones already present are almost done but still not 100% completed, so I'm a bit cautious to not take a step too far than the possibilities. At the same time, I think the overall playability, fun and longevity may benefit from some additions: - @Lopess proposed to add a Tang Dynasty (probably adapting the assets of the Han Chinese) - I originally was thinking about Japan, as an interesting variation (or maybe Korean Silla?) ------------------- To stay faithful to the current meta, though, I was also thinking that would be better to focus on civs that may be more relevant and had contact with the current factions, so: - A nomadic/Turkic civ (originally I was proposing the Avars) - @Andronikos Medinaproposed Lombards (who had close contacts with Byzantines, but also Carolingians and Umayyads) ------------------- What are you thoughts? Given that I'm managing this alone and time and resources are limited, I would pick a single choice (or not more than 2) to make it possible. Or, alternatively, I welcome support if anyone is available to chime in to expand some of the concepts! But anyway, I would be curious to hear some ideas/opinions on what would you like to see in the mod!
  20. AAAAahh thanks so much man!!! it's really a great motivation to hear this!! since I was pretty much my own boss in this little project I had no much idea how it could be from "outside". Very happy to hear that is heading towards the right direction! About the AO maps yeah! Totally right! I tried to solve all the rest before but now I'm getting to that stage where I can tackle all these final details (and also clean-up the .xml files.. some are probably a bit messy with my many attempts ahahaha )
  21. Great idea!! I really like this initiative! I noticed there're quite a lot of details in some new maps. My favorite is probably "farmlands" (but there are a few others pretty good!) and I always wondered what was the process of the creators behind it. If they researched the actual territories/regions and how they made such research. Anyway is great to have a database of resources to get inspiration from
  22. Exactly!! Lopess also made me notice that! I was already reviewing some files for this reason. I'm also baking all the AO textures that were missing .. I was waiting to reach some sort of "final" stage with the models but now is the right time to finish that part. Thanks so much for taking a look into it!! I definitely looked a lot also at Delenda Est as inspiration. So it's really great to get suggestions from that side! I don't know if you liked the mod so far. I would love to reach a polished stage that could possibly be published alongside some future a26 release. It's quite challenging but lots of fun too!
  23. Oh wow!!! This is awesome!! I wouldn't have expected such a thorough review! Thanks so much!! This is something I also noticed but didn't know the cause.. Lopess gave me a hint about some spec/ao map conflict in the actors file and i was currently checking and updating everything! I noticed that the background is not the more updated version. I have to check the GitHub folder because maybe it didn't update that files among others. Same with cache errors. I solved them already, but probably there are some dead files still present. (usually I uploaded each change manually, but recently I just cloned the repo and update each change from that local folder automatically. But maybe it misses some changes, gotta check.. ) Ehehe in reality they're propelled with magnetic fields underneath Jk ahahaha I know! My focus now was to have buildings ready, but the second passage is to fix those details. Haven't experienced such visible issues playing casually around so I easily forgot, but maybe I will raise the priority of it Thanks! Good to notice Noob question @Langbart : which program are you using? Looks very nice with the files tree on the side. I was casually using sublime editor but either I didn't know this feature or there is better software out there!
  24. Hello! Someone (very kindly) has tried the current mod but reported me some problems with his version. The game was launching as usual, but at the moment of launching a new match the loading time was apparently taking too long than normal and the game was running very slow and sluggish. This happened on a m1 mac. It's quite strange because I never experienced such problems even using a mac myself (even if Intel). Anyway does anyone would like to download and try it and see if they have any issue on their machines? https://github.com/stereotipo/millenniumad That would be quite helpful! Thanks anyone! (also: if it works correctly I hope you can have some fun playing it too! ehehe)
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