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  1. Fantastic! I can't wait. Hopefully there are no packaging errors in this one, so the walls and gates will be more usable. Rise of the East is definitely my favorite mod! Thank you guys for doing such a good job with it all
  2. The Rise of the East mod doesn't seem compatible with the new Alpha 19. Is this so? If that's the case, how could the mod be adapted to the new release?
  3. On the Alpha 18 version of 0 A.D, adjusting the master gain for me has no effect. It is set to be 0.9 as a default, and does not change regardless of the number I input. This also applies to the other sound settings for the game.
  4. It's true that Japan during this period would be very different from the "golden ages" of Japanese society, but I don't think it would be completely unrecognizable. For one, the style of Japanese architecture used during the time period was very distinct. Raised houses like this one were very unique and iconic to Japan's history. In addition, the turmoil and village societies of Japan during the period would fit right into the game, as it centers around many such civilizations. I agree that Japan was very different from most people's view of "Japan" as a country, but there are elements to Jap
  5. After digging into Japanese history around the time of 0 A.D, I've found out a few things that could make implementing Japan in "Rise of the East" an interesting challenge. I would be very enthusiastic about doing some more research if adding Japan is something that seems doable in the future, but here is what I know so far: The period of about 300 B.C. to about 300 A.D. in Japan is known as the Yayoi period. Little is known about the time period since the earliest mention of Japan during the period comes as an afterthought in Chinese texts. The Chinese described it as a mainly agricultural so
  6. Ah, yep. I should've been more clear there. But I meant I'd like to see the civ introduced to the mod
  7. When I try to convert any stone wall to a gate as the Han China civilization, the entire wall section disappears, and an error message relating to "Object mesh failed to load" pops up. The mod is Sun Tzu 18, and the version of 0 A.D. I am using is 0 A.D. Alpha 18 Rhododactylos. Okay, just saw the reply. How can I fix the issue? What info in particular would you need for the Han China wonder? And I can certainly dig into Japanese history. I'd just need to know what I'm looking for.
  8. Has any progress been made on this particular faction? I would be very interested in a Japanese faction in 0 A.D.
  9. Okay, good to hear! In the last version of the mod I downloaded, converting walls into gates seems to cause a glitch, and there seems to be no Chinese Wonder. Also, when building walls, the workers occasionally work for an infinite amount of time with no results. Are these problems known and/or fixed, or not quite yet? On another note, is this mod just about as big as it's going to get, or is there any room to expand it in the future? The title "Rise of the East" leaves so many possibilities wide open, and in particular, it would be phenominal if Japan could be included at some point. As far a
  10. I noticed there haven't been any posts here in a few months. Is development and bug fixing still coming along, or not so much anymore?
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