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  1. Roman camp are ok. But 500 WOOD 200 METAL SOUND GOOD.
  2. good, you can try the same with 5 spear infantery in the archers group? Ok i'm connected
  3. Ok try it archers should be very weak at melee fight, but if they are really HARDDDD weak we can remove the buff dammage against archers or buff the pique/spear dammage against cav? Can we try together the mod when you end it ?
  4. Taking into account the future change on arrows and stone projectiles and the nerf armor. We must not nerf the stats of ranged units too much to keep their support / harassment role. Are we agree ?
  5. Delete the tech please You can guess where the traders are, or just go exploring. save you resources for really useful things.
  6. Is a idea for give a real identity to skirmish. Not a archer like unit. we have already slingers with crush dammage and less range. So what idea for skirmish? They kill good elephant but .. it all ? In A23 skimish have already difficult to fight big army slingers So with my idea, almost balance in fight against archers and can kill infantery with slow move speed. Like historic. And they very weak at melee fight. I don't know if the idea of big dammage and low attack speed is good but it for do an unit of hit and run. We can found orther idea if not liked by people lol
  7. Hi For Skirmish : More armor against arrow and agility (they run more fast than archers and heavy infantery). Make it harass unit with big dammage but lower speed attack rate. Attack and run. Easy killed by cavalery and useful against infantery melee. Balanced against archers because they have low range and armor good against arrow. Now : attack 16 speed 1.25 = 12 DPS range 30 Change : attack 32 speed 2 = 16 DPS range 20 if we change skirmish like that, all civ need to have possibility to have big range unit so archers or slingers except sparta because courageous civ with s
  8. i understand the idea but /mute with nani mod is ok
  9. Hello, i test the mod tonigh . Maybe we have to nerf a little unit big range like arrow and slingers for balance.
  10. Right faction tech or native : siege attacks in zone the palisade, useful to counter the spam palisade and does not nerf the palisades when they are not spam in the same place. Also flaming arrows looks good. Melee units should be able to use torches as well but this is too long a change to implement.
  11. Yes ! for 100 or 200 wood (1 or 2 tower rank 1 you can denied easy ennemy ressource and protect your front a lot of time). Like i said melee unit should do more dammage to tower rank 1. Palisade is big cost in P1 so ok. they are not tanky. the problem is that the units attack them on their own when they have nothing to type. a lot of newbie players get tricked. If player is smart he can just kill a little small piece to cross. --- Tower rank 2 is powerfull without tech, they send a lot of arrows and very good at defense.
  12. Good question For example https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liste_de_noms_de_couleur french https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_colors_(compact) english A lot of color tones We need eliminate tons of color which can be confused with elements on the map For greater clarity, players can activate allied colors if they need. Example on game at 0 second : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KKbQay68CE
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