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  1. When I'm harassed by cav rushes who want to stop me from harvesting food. Sometimes I don't have the choice to place a few spears in my fields otherwise the development is completely slower. Borg's idea could be good, why not a technology in the farm with a small cost of research and a rather long time like 40 seconds. In order to keep the spam woman out of the fields and the risk involved. What makes cavs strong is also their extra life. We can reduce a little the life gap between cav and infantery. For example 160 to 140 hp and 100 to 90 hp.
  2. sometime i don't field on my cc and it ok x)
  3. idea by dizaka can be good, should be an an option to check as ranked game but here invisible game. But image if ennemy team press pause, what solution ?
  4. 16 players possibility better pathinder, more realistic, atm is good for move unit but not beautiful, move a lot of units should take more space. more random maps and adapt some no random maps to 8 players also. more units, light infantry units, heavy infantry units better naval fight better lobby, 1 general chat and chat by language with several windows. more interaction with the ground (trap, bridge, fire at tree, stone wall and roman wood wall= way like strangold (rts game) more sound effect and more missile effect
  5. A25 look good, i would like the melee unit to bther each other more. Metal is good, can have a lot of possibility of gameplay now but i fear of spamming champ easy control all ennemy building. Why not put attack capture of champ same as units no champion ? I would like if unit have more hp like 20% or reduce attack speed of all units or something for fights for long For A26 please a new type of shieldless melee infantery unit that would break down shield melee unit easily Agree with chrstgtr too the old biomes still exist or the name to just change ? Now it's less easy to defend and that's a good thing, but I liked it when the games got stuck, it forced players to find weak points and find strategies, but often lacked metal. I still don't like that the stable is separate from the barracks, useless and boring.
  6. Hello Differentiate the two names seem necessary. Removing these units from the mauryas I am against. They are ok. Giving choice is important, it's not just a competitive game. I like having common units a small number of civilizations. (archer champ = kushite, athens for example) Just to give identity to civilizations we can imagine this but it might take a little nerve to compensate for this buff: a small utility function :Modify the poison to make it a slowing poison (50% speed) instead of a damage poison (currently this makes the unit stronger than the equivalents of other civilizations in terms of damage). For the moment nothing prevents the creation of champion archers because they are widely used at Athens. Sword champ is not use for the moment but maybe they can be used later in orther alpha.
  7. You means several point of garnison ? can be good yes to see in practice not to do too much micro management
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