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  1. so need change the word, so they are not mercenary but sparta siege, but recruit by group for 10pop.
  2. 5) Change totaly the siege. Remplace by mercenary siege. Sparta can't build siege, only recruit mercenary siege in the arsenal. Instead of recruit unit siege one by one. We can only recruit by group of mercenary siege. i explain instead of recruit unit siege. We can recrut only group of mercenary siege; 2 chooses in the building. A) 2 ram 1 bolt 4 light sword men (they repear faster X2), 500 metal and 10 population. 45 seconds. B)3 Catapulte 6 light sword men (they repear faster X2), 800 metal and 10pop. 60 seconds. Also we delete all tech in this building.
  3. Think about the possibility that this civilization could have 2 heroes alive at the same time? Somes idea : 1)Change the tech bonus phase. Phase 2: 30% to 25% expand territory and add a gain of 1 metal every 5 seconds for each ally earned. Phase 3: +50% to 45% expand territory and gain of 2 metal every 5 seconds for each possessed ally. Sparta acts for the protection of its allies against a tax. Of course for the gameplay we are not going to steal metal from the allies. -> If it seems too complicated a slow flow of metal in phase 2 and a medium flow in phase 3. This should not be op. light economic support to produce a ram, 2 champion or a small technology every 10 minutes of play. My idea is that by adding buffs to civilization we find some nerf to add as well without falling into a wikipedia of bonuses and maluses. 2)Every barack built give 2 free spermen. 3)If the changes by BORG are not accepted it will be necessary to think of buffing Sparta by the appearance of a long range unit (mercenary archer), if change of borg accepted it is necessary to keep the weakness of not having a long range unit distance. 4)The heroe AGIS 3 don't have bonus. IT SAD. Give him a bonus but what the bonus? Some idea of bonus for AGIS 3. Select one. When AGIS 3 is in garnison, all champions are train instant in this building. AGIS 3 is cavalery now and he give bonus speed aura in medium range at cavalery ally by 3 points. Agis 3 stop the production of ennemy building in a medium area around him. Agis 3 can put a flag on map ( max 1 flag in map.) he build it instant, this flag give 5 hp to all unit of the player in medium area. Agis 3 stop all the healing in the area around him. Agis 3 is melee so it not op op, ennemy should put off combat Agis 3 if he want use healer. interesting combat mechanic, you have to adjust the range of the penalty aura.
  4. please lets go for women with bow, it not op and little different , it good.
  5. Can't wait to try the first version !
  6. Personally I would like units to take a bit longer to kill each other. This would allow you to reposition yourself more and have the feeling of combat. I don't know if it should go through the increase in life points but it is possible. may need to review armor values to avoid OP stuff. I think ranged units should also deal less damage. Pike units should not be tanks but anti-infantry units. Swordsmen should cut through archers and slingers very quickly. A unit with a shield should have moderately higher armor values than a unit without a shield. If ranged units are nerfed a bit, pike-ranged unit combos will also be nerfed. A ptol may need to think a bit more to present a strong and versatile army. I see the archers as a support unit that prevents the enemy from encamping positions in the medium term. Their only advantage should be their normal range and movement speed. I think that it is especially necessary to reduce the number of possible leveling and a little their cost also.
  7. 1- For me, we need to absoluty change the concept of mercenaries. They can't recolt, i'm totaly agree for this point. About the cost i want have big cost like 100 for infantery and 150 for cavalery. All mercenary is rank 2 recruitment is instant, the units are not formed, we pay for their service. Limit the number of mercenary by 50 for each player (sound good or not?) One tech for recruit mercenary rank 3 in phase 3 in castle or CC. Like 500 FOOD and 500 METAL cost tech. I would also appreciate that the initial mines be less loaded in resources (5000-> 2000) so that the eco is more relocated and risky, but that's another subject but it can nerve the mercenaries a little. 2- It it true that it is frustating and make good advatnage. But i think we see that like a bonus of civ (only 2 civ have this advantage so it ok), maybe we need more balance all champions. Some seem too weak or situational. Take care to don't starndardizes all civilisations. 3- I think nop, if you look point 2. Ptol and Sélucid have good bonus with production heroe in CC. So it make a malus effect to balance the advantage of the point 2. 4 - Noboby forces the infantry to serve only as anti ram. i find the current situation satisfied. No easily accessible sword infantery that'is ok. It is charming to know that the Macedonians have this weakness.
  8. i do it everygame without mod :p intestring in option
  9. Yeah u right test it the best idea. I don't think a people spam this unit in P1 can win because no military tech in P1 for example Can be good but not op , lets start
  10. Nerf mercenary cav, up to 120 metal by unit and train instant after nerf the first mine metal and stone to 1000 ressource instead 5000
  11. Nice idea ! Nice idea, Provided archers are not buffed in a later update. It mean spearman will be better against shield unit ? I'm agree. I'm favorable When buildind is built, it a passive income of food? Great idea but i ferar persians will be op combine with the current population bonus? Maybe delete the bonus population for persians? I also agree to remove superfluous tech for the Persians knowing that they can play cavalry earlier with the previous changes. For the idea of gold for much faster unit i don't have opinion. Why not create a category of slave fighter in market? like dogs of britons is limited amount of unit like 40? cost only metal and train very fast, a little weak unit (less strong than citizen unit); We can imagine 4 units of slaves ; 1 unit with mass, 1 unit with little bow (attack fast and middle range like slingers), 1 spearman (with normal stat compare to sperman persians, better for kill ram) 1 scout skirmish cavalery no armor and medium attack . Just for say, Perses have already better ram, immortel unit, large choices of cavalery. Also persians have tech for builidng is more HP. Maybe we have to change bonus team. Maybe we can add the tech disparo is instant when click
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