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  1. This is a great feature. Having corpses is interesting from a gameplay perspective, it can give useful indirect information especially in early game. If I can only choose between "On/Off", I would probably choose "On" all the time, therefore being possibly biased toward higher values than if I can choose an intermediate values myself. It would make more sense for me to have "Low/Normal" or "Off/Low/Normal" if I can't choose intermediate values myself. On a related note, performance issues are not just a question of hardware, but also of game settings (1vs1 vs 4vs4, early game
  2. Nice! I have tried to generate some actions that I thought could also be interpreted as "clicking outside the map" before queueing other actions afterward but I am indeed going nowhere with that. Thanks for your answer
  3. If you shift-click a path leading a unit to go outside the map (in the black area) as you might do when you explore around your territory, the unit will stop at the border for a while, wait a bit, before moving to the following rally point. Is it possible that the same mechanics apply in different cases which could explain why units might seem to not listen whereas they are simply "waiting"?
  4. I tested it, it seems to work very well. Great job!
  5. I have seen some spears set to passive before being sent to the battlefield in a24... Passive can help save melee heroes that can be trained only once. I would guess that for an average player who have all his units in the same control group, having some form of security for his hero would be great. About healers, I am not sure what is the best solution since it is has negative effects for both the owner of the healers that need to regroup them all the time with the rest of his army and the attackers who need to regroup his soldiers chasing them. Just thinking out loud, maybe r
  6. I didn't think I could customize it so easily. It works, thanks. If I wanted to customize further my hotkeys, is there a file where I could find all possible class ? For example, I don't see mercenary or champions in the current list. AutOPciv !!!
  7. Currently they are grouped with other units. Possibly a hotkey for Cavalry+Dog might be even better, that would be the closest thing to a "select all army, but don't touch my soldiers on eco" hotkey
  8. Hello, I am starting this post because I have been wondering whether some of the art changes could integrate a "practical" perspective when possible. For example, berries, fishes or chicken might be difficult to see, especially if the resolution has been lowered and I have been wondering how this could be improved. ffm is doing a great job with his mod to try to address this issue but it is a very "practical" approach aimed at improving gameplay. I was wondering if we could find a middle ground between pink or chameleon chicken. My suggestion here would be to try to make future
  9. I forgot mine around 2 minutes after choosing it. But if you have the old user.cfg file, you can try this... I simply copy/paste the following lines from the old user.cfg file to the new one after each new installation: lobby.login = "faction02" lobby.password = "..." For Windows, you will find the file in .../AppData/Roaming/0ad/config. Each line is in alphabetic order.
  10. Some wise words. I 100% agree there. I wonder if part of the issue that Reza is trying to formulate might not be in resources gathering rates rather than in dogs stats themself. Eco balance is a bit different, food seems to increase faster and women spam seems more rewarding now. So of course a unit that cost only food would be more interesting This seems like a much more relevant question at this stage of a24 !
  11. Reinstalling the game fixed the issue. I have tried to reproduce most of what I have done before getting the issue but I am unable to reproduce it. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for your answer. I have just uninstalled/downloaded/reinstalled 0ad, using the direct download link for windows on: https://play0ad.com/download/win/. I have run the file downloaded today, the version that I get is the following one:
  13. I am having issues with the new hotkey menu. My guess is that a24 doesn't like my "<>\" key between "Shift" and "W" on AZERTY. The issue is that once I try to save it as hotkey, the function break down and I am unable to use it anymore. I might be missing part of the explanation but I was wondering if this could make sense ?
  14. I think I remember some cases in which it happened with hunts too in a24. In a23, there was often the issue of the starting chicken. Sometimes the cavalry unit wouldn't go from one to the other group of chicken. It happened frequently when the initial group of chicken was too close from the farmstead used for berries. The a23 issue could be easily tricked by merging the two groups of chicken or spreading them all around the cc maybe. Initially spreading properly units around the dropsite to collect wood become also important since the issue tend to "cumulate" over time. Alth
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