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  1. Thanks MarcusAurelius for your efforts. If the best players of a team are unavailable at the time of the game (because of unplanned events for example), then the games will remain unbalanced. Some players might be able to participate for one or two games then have other things to do. Not sure that having fixed teams over several weeks can work well. Other alternatives to improve balance could be to adopt a format close to the Sunday pro games and change team every week depending on which players are available to play. Adopt a system of handicap. Using something like the ratin
  2. Thanks for not spamming the forum with replays that you had already posted. This game didn't get much interest at that time because there is not much to see (15 minutes game with early resign where you can see that Persia is slow compare to Gauls + Iber bonus ... ). It would be great if you could use interesting game to make your point ...
  3. I am only qualified to solved simple problems I could suggest you to uncheck the "filter compatible replays" section and search for "Mord" (because Mord is lord). You should see the replay. In my case it appears twice because I saw the beginning of that game live and I downloaded the full version from the forum. If you have a mod issue, you should see it in darker grey (as it is the case for the replay at the bottom of my list) Also make sure you are seeing multiplayers games with any victory conditions (filters are on the right)
  4. Steps: 1 - Find the folder where you other replays are stored. Something like : C:\Users\xx\Documents\My Games\0ad\replays\0.0.23 where "xx" is specific to your account . 2 - Make a folder there with a particular name (like "why you should believe goat in the future") so it is easier to identify in the future if needed) and put your files there 3 - Open the file "commands.txt" to make sure it uses the same mod as the one you are using. In this case, I guess you are not using autociv you should remove the autociv reference in the file. At the end of the second lines repea
  5. I do have it with mines too but it is less frequent. I remember posting something about mines texture issue a long time ago, long before the field issue started. It seems related with the angle/level of zoom used for both but strangely it doesn't happen everytime I play the same replay. I do think the relic/bolt issue started when i started using ffm visibility mod. I wanted to know if other users of that mod have the same issue. .. Can I find some eye doctor on the forum ? Mod currently loaded: ffm visibility mod 0.1.1 / fgod 1.6.23 / balanced map 0.18.0 / autociv
  6. I have noticed some weird graphic changes lately. Since the only things that I have changed is the version of the mod/new mod that I have added to my game. I was wondering if the two could be related @nani @ffm2 fpre . Among the changes I have noticed: - Fields get weird grey stuff on them from time to time (I still don't know why); - Bolts dress as relics; - Some upgrades icons are different; - Buildings get sometimes a weird grey design. There are a couple of others that I will try to capture in future games.
  7. Here are my ratings ValihrAnt(10.25) borg-(eae) PhyZic(goat) Boudica(rush) Rauls(always connected) fpre (fgod) Stockfish(1vs1) chrstgtr(op) Edwarf(nub) Badosu(?) Havran(The pride of tier3) UnknownPlayer(rams) Dakara (Croissant) SaidRdz(8) randomid (spam) Ricsand(Brit&Nub host) Metafondations(Crêpe) Dakeyras (Baguette) Issh(Preacher of nubness) esu(Fr) aow (colgate) ITRELLES (Lasagna) darkcity(nub) go2die(kushites) Palaiologos(fail) those are approximate ratings,
  8. I had in mind that adjectives might not mean the same thing for everyone, so there could be large bias in the information collected. I would guess that most people would make sure that relative ratings are coherent but not necessarily that the absolute definition is meet due to its imprecision. If u take two pair of players summing to 15 for example, does the couple formed would balance each other: Esu+Boudica vs Ricsand+METAFONDATIONS ?
  9. A more balanced tournament would be more fun. go2die made a great job but I don't think the results are very precise to assess team strengh. The scale is not well define since giving 2 extra points to a player doesn't have a precise meaning. I think the results are valid to rank players relative to one another but not really their absolute level. There could be two ways to redefined the tournament to improve things, either adjust team compositions after collecting players ((as already suggested), either work with a system of handicap to have more balanced games with unbalanced teams
  10. Issh - Master of wisdom and of the wise clips ?
  11. I think palisades should be designed to stop men/cav only not sieges. The current issue is that it is too easy to accumulate huge amount of palisades for very cheap in a very small amount of time/space. As LeGenDz said maybe slower construction speed or other modifications could be nice to reduce palisades spam. It would reward more anticipation over micro but for this particular problem, I don't really see what you could have forbidden Stockfish to do.
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