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  1. I think this may due to the version of OpenGL in macOS is old, but is there any workaround to make the glsl shader to work by only changing the required version of opengl?
  2. After turning on FXAA in game it shows a shader compiling error, and the FXAA make the game a white screen. See attachments. I am running an Intel iMac 2017 and macOS Monterery. Can anyone help?
  3. Hey, does it make sense to have outpost make a warning sound once enemies are in the range of it? In this way, outpost has a valuable use.
  4. Yeah, It's a cool feature, we can just only have a simple banner at the moment, and later we can improve it to be a better one.
  5. Hi, i was just playing this game, and I was a Age of Empires II player, one thing is cool and good to have is a banner (large enough in the middle of the game screen), that shows "Defeated" or "Won" while the game ended, instead of little text indicates who won or lose. I love this game so much, the graphic performance is crazy good, and the good game play. And It even take 2s to open the game on Mac.
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