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  1. Because this fuss is extremely boring for me. As for cheats, I need the opponent to start from a completely advanced era too. I don't want to start the game in an undeveloped world like Tarquinius. I want to start as Publius Sempronius Sophus - in a fully developed state. I don't need the next alpha as it won't have this feature. But if you decide to add it to alpha 28, well, then wake me up in a year. [Presses the end of the turn.]
  2. Will it be possible in Alpha 27 to start the game with a fully developed city center and all research ready? Or will this gloom last another year?
  3. Well, for buildings, you can make two slow units that carry a vessel of oil and spill it into a large burning pool at the time of death.
  4. By the way, in Gray Goo, each turret ate a place from the population.
  5. In the Empires: Dawn of the Modern World, you could send a plague-infected soldier to the enemy, who died and infected with the plague everyone he caught along the way.
  6. I believe that unarmed towers and fortresses without a garrison add more strategic planning to the game and you will have to find compromises for each important point on the map - send a garrison to the castle and weaken the invading army, or gather as many units as possible on a campaign, thereby exposing the rear. As for me, this will deepen the strategic component very much, and will also serve as a source of tantrums for the losers.
  7. You can simply add an era selection option to the game menu, according to which the available nations change, as was done in the Empires: Dawn of the Modern World strategy. https://www.gog.com/en/game/empires_dawn_of_the_modern_world It will also be fun to optionally "shuffle" epochs. If the engine does not change, then there is no point in dividing the game. It will be much easier to introduce the option of "epochs" or "eras", that can be extended "down" and "up" on the chronological scale.
  8. In this case, let the ships have an initial attack equal to the number of places the ship occupies in the population counter. But, since the buildings do not take away a single residential place, it would be fair to at least deprive them of the opportunity to attack without a garrison inside. Among other things, developers should nerf elite units...
  9. I think I have a fair enough suggestion to turn off the arrow attack on all non-garrisoned buildings, siege weapons and ships. How do you like this idea?
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