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  1. When I'm harassed by cav rushes who want to stop me from harvesting food. Sometimes I don't have the choice to place a few spears in my fields otherwise the development is completely slower. Borg's idea could be good, why not a technology in the farm with a small cost of research and a rather long time like 40 seconds. In order to keep the spam woman out of the fields and the risk involved. What makes cavs strong is also their extra life. We can reduce a little the life gap between cav and infantery. For example 160 to 140 hp and 100 to 90 hp.
  2. sometime i don't field on my cc and it ok x)
  3. idea by dizaka can be good, should be an an option to check as ranked game but here invisible game. But image if ennemy team press pause, what solution ?
  4. 16 players possibility better pathinder, more realistic, atm is good for move unit but not beautiful, move a lot of units should take more space. more random maps and adapt some no random maps to 8 players also. more units, light infantry units, heavy infantry units better naval fight better lobby, 1 general chat and chat by language with several windows. more interaction with the ground (trap, bridge, fire at tree, stone wall and roman wood wall= way like strangold (rts game) more sound effect and more missile effect
  5. A25 look good, i would like the melee unit to bther each other more. Metal is good, can have a lot of possibility of gameplay now but i fear of spamming champ easy control all ennemy building. Why not put attack capture of champ same as units no champion ? I would like if unit have more hp like 20% or reduce attack speed of all units or something for fights for long For A26 please a new type of shieldless melee infantery unit that would break down shield melee unit easily Agree with chrstgtr too the old biomes still exist or the name to just change ? Now it's less easy to defend and that's a good thing, but I liked it when the games got stuck, it forced players to find weak points and find strategies, but often lacked metal. I still don't like that the stable is separate from the barracks, useless and boring.
  6. Hello Differentiate the two names seem necessary. Removing these units from the mauryas I am against. They are ok. Giving choice is important, it's not just a competitive game. I like having common units a small number of civilizations. (archer champ = kushite, athens for example) Just to give identity to civilizations we can imagine this but it might take a little nerve to compensate for this buff: a small utility function :Modify the poison to make it a slowing poison (50% speed) instead of a damage poison (currently this makes the unit stronger than the equivalents of other civilizations in terms of damage). For the moment nothing prevents the creation of champion archers because they are widely used at Athens. Sword champ is not use for the moment but maybe they can be used later in orther alpha.
  7. You means several point of garnison ? can be good yes to see in practice not to do too much micro management
  8. Hello, We need to make the naval games more interesting and fair. Easy balance and more fun naval. Several adjustments together : 1-Ships no longer fire arrows without garnison. Force people to garnison some guys with adjustement 2. Less spam boat. 2-Max 5 arrows but boost garnison(now it 10 units). It a nerf of boat dammage but more dommage to orther ships to compensate(maybe damage multiplier only vs boat? X2 or X3 let's see? ). This is to help the noobs who do not know sea battles, it is so unfair for newbies they have no chance of winning a sea battle and reduce the dammage against units on land.The boat should not be a castle that moves on the water. 3-We cheat on the hitbox of boats, reduce it. For an artificially better maneuver and less annoying. Easier to garrison troops as well. @Yekaterinawhat do you think about this easy proposition? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For later with more development. Not easy to implement cuz it creates 'usable land" or by defaut a garnison system like stone wall. Change the naval battle system. this is an unusual idea. A trained military ship does not belong to you, it is an object. You can only control it if you assign a crew to it (1 units is enough for playability). All player can assign crew. So if your crew die, orther player can come control the ship if he want (or just control ship then sabotage the boat (delete)). The boat once emptied of its crew belongs to no one. Anyone can take control of it, it is a terrain object in the service of the crew. Would give an interesting axis if the "boarding" and "spurs" were to appear one day. The ships serve only as a carrier if not more than 1 crew member (the unit that allows you to have control of the boat). The units are garrisoned like garnison on a wall, they can attack if they are ranged units. Siege weapons included. If you want to go further it would be good to be able to move your units on the deck of the boat. If two boats are stuck we right click on the boat so that the units pass. In this way it would be necessary that the boats could not be destroyed only by flaming arrows, rocks, deliberate suppression of the crew (sabotage) or iberian boats. Single shots would do absolutely no damage to ships. If you want to destroy the boat you will have to stick to the other boat and ungarnison (or right click to move according to the system used) on the boat in question. The ideal would be to be able to move your units on the deck of the boat. To be able to make boats in shipyards on land and then push them to the sea. Image you can make a bridge cuz 2 or 3 ships stucked..can be fun. :)
  9. Hello, I think reset the elo it useless because we don't have a really a competive system but we can make something for stimulate people to play more game 1 vs 1 rated. All know ranking system entice people play more often. Clean the ladder all alpha can be good. About 50% of people are inactive for the moment, It is not a question of punishing them, to identify their level on their return it could be good to enter on their profile their old rating, as a achievement. 2 ideas : Soft reset. All player > 1600 reset to 1600 (About 200 players ? ) Inactive leader will be at 1600 so the 100 best active player will be take their place and inactive good people will be 1600 so it ok. All player > 1400 reset to 1400 All player > 1201 reset to 1201 All player <1200 or unrank to unrank Why not in the profil pin up the elo before the reset (just for know approximative level and if this people are old or new player) Reduce the gain of point againt < 1200 or beginner (how do it??). With 3 wins we can rush 1400 rating. New system Add to ranking system, a grade system with a limited number people by grade. This will create competition for a better rank. All season all reset to 1200 rating. With a new profil system we can identity good player even with reset rating. Just for example, just random idea of name. Emperor : 1 spot King : 5 spot Lord : 15 spot TTTTT : 50 spot XXXXX :125 spot YYYYY :200 spot IIIIIIIIII : 500 spot Soldat : 800 spot All ending alpha, we pip up in profil the rank : A26 : Lord A27: King A28 : Lord In the future we could imagine a logo accompanying the rank in current alpha. A soft reset Pourquoi carrement pas supprimer ce système de cote en le remplaca
  10. Roman camp are ok. But 500 WOOD 200 METAL SOUND GOOD.
  11. good, you can try the same with 5 spear infantery in the archers group? Ok i'm connected
  12. Ok try it archers should be very weak at melee fight, but if they are really HARDDDD weak we can remove the buff dammage against archers or buff the pique/spear dammage against cav? Can we try together the mod when you end it ?
  13. Taking into account the future change on arrows and stone projectiles and the nerf armor. We must not nerf the stats of ranged units too much to keep their support / harassment role. Are we agree ?
  14. Delete the tech please You can guess where the traders are, or just go exploring. save you resources for really useful things.
  15. Is a idea for give a real identity to skirmish. Not a archer like unit. we have already slingers with crush dammage and less range. So what idea for skirmish? They kill good elephant but .. it all ? In A23 skimish have already difficult to fight big army slingers So with my idea, almost balance in fight against archers and can kill infantery with slow move speed. Like historic. And they very weak at melee fight. I don't know if the idea of big dammage and low attack speed is good but it for do an unit of hit and run. We can found orther idea if not liked by people lol
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