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  1. I don't think the balancing needs to be that deep. In addition, the balance should not encroach more than necessary on design and creation.
  2. Hello game Dakara vs Dakeyras Dakara vs Dakeyras.rar
  3. Happy New Year to all and thank you again for this great game that you bring to life and evolve
  4. Hello, Sword, ram, elephant or women if ram not protected but little dammage.
  5. You can click on the nickname of the attacking player.
  6. Fist i dont understand ( my english id Bad) , second right click several second and paint with Moving mouse thé position ( and maybe direction )
  7. some word like "@#$%" maybe
  8. Hello, If it is important to you, you can put the authorized rating in the title of the game.
  9. Hello, I have been playing for a few years and yet I am not so frustrated. Of course there are some games that are not fun but it's the RTS playstyle that wants that. I always have fun. The ddos I don't know if 0AD can do anything about it but many orthers videos games are affected. 1) I don't know if you take the measure of what you are offering. Making every game count for rank would be counterproductive, people would play games less for fun. There would therefore be fewer games in progress, this could gradually lead to an empty lobby and therefore a dead game in 2 years. I carricature but you get the idea. The scoring system is open to criticism but it is not intended to be infallible, it is just an indicator (up to the players to use it as they want, to trust it or not. It has the merit of creating a small little competitiveness and a ranking sympathetic to the ego of the people). Most of the known hosts themselves estimate the level of the players to balance the games. sometimes it's done well sometimes not, it's impossible to do it all the time. I assume that if the gap is not too large all games can be won. 2) Then most of the smurfs accounts do not pose any problem, but if they are done with an aim to piss off or create bad for others it is a shame. For example, I have 4 accounts, 2 of which are shared with my brother and a friend, we have the same level overall and I always announce my average rating when I do a 1 vs 1 so as not to trap the person by stealing his points. Why am I doing this? No idea, I find it funny, it's less boring to always have the same nickname, people expect less of your strategies or a bunch of other childish reasons lol. It could be interesting to see the date of creation of the account to avoid old players without rating to be considered as smurfs. When I'm on a different account I feel like I'm in a different vibe too. don't ban please
  10. Hello, Some idea for fun 1)I would welcome an idea that from 20 minutes of play, the cost of research is reduced by 1% per minute of play. little chance for later player to be strong in lategame. If you want to make the game less repetitive, you will need other ways of playing. Mainly game mods, maps, options to be selected by host. For example more map like danubius / survival / control mid map ffa / one can get ideas on other rts like warcraft 3, age of empire which have a relatively easy to use map editor. 2)The possibility of two players playing on the same player. It can be fun and give more possibilities of microphones management. 3) A mod with battles like in "total war game" where we would send large armies to fight. 4)Sometimes to get bored you can host games with slightly less classic rules. Such as FFA diplomacy with a slightly strange map, a rather large map. Besides there are very nice cards with gaia, would it be possible to have these identical cards without gaia to play them without being annoyed please? I find that increasing the cost of units over time does not make sense, it is a loss of reference in relation to the available resources.
  11. I'm not sure but I believe it works that way. If the unit is not close, the elephant does not join / attack it. I think it's to increase the need for micromanagement. But with archers it obviously doesn't work lol
  12. Find a job where you do your hours in 4 days, or a part-time job over 3 days. Otherwise official (state or something public)
  13. This was already the case in the past, no metal in map and big cost, seeing champions were quite rare. not sure this is the right way bad idea. limit unit
  14. So it good atm ! I think it balanced and interesting.
  15. Bigger units would be nice (prettier gameplay and graphics) even if it is not realistic in terms of scale. and especially that the units are not packed when they move and fight (like before what). This is not the subject i know
  16. Hello, First i think this unit need to be balanced with the chariot britons. Because it the same unit but iberians champion have more dammage cuz they have fire attack. So nerf attack of ibere champ a little for they have the same attack of chariot britons. Then we need see if orther champ of other civ have a chance against this unit. The range / mobility advantage combined with the highest damage range in the game with buffs is the kill combo. I am sure of the uselessness of the so-called anti cav units against this unit. What to do then? Yes 20% dammage of litlte dammage or big dammage is not the same. 71 attack it insane x)
  17. Tournaments with cashprize why not but in an alpha version I don't think it's useful. I would think more of a rewarding reward, which shows. by that I mean a little trophy or something. A crown or a trophy stuck to the speudo in the lobby. Why not even a second ranking " trophy hall" with the name of the people who have won tournaments and the name of the tournament (if the tournament is "accepted" by the staff it can be displayed in this ranking party. "The players will leave their mark on the the story.
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