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  1. @wraitii I was told you are the expert on this. How would you rank the various auras and technologies in terms of performance cost? Are there any other general "best practices" for modders to maintain good performance? Auras: range, player, global, formation, garrison, garrisonedUnits. Technologies Thank you
  2. Just use Han for everything right? The Han culture. Han music. Han art. The Han people. Han soldiers. The Han are advancing.
  3. That would be cool @alre. That it would definitely deter you from having your skirmishers attack enemy melee from behind your own melee is the main aspect that is interesting to me.
  4. I've been dabbling with modifying 0ad for a little bit now. Other than messing with 0ad I have no programming experience. How did you do the directional armor? Share notes?
  5. It's already a pain. Whether or not turreting is implemented a button to auto-sort selected units into selected ships would be a huge quality of life improvement for naval maps.
  6. What if ships had no firepower other than their turreted ranged units and an anti-ship ram for some ram ships and a catapult for quineremes? What if there was a "board enemy ship" feature for ships when adjacent? What if ships had capture points and could be boarded and captured? Feature request: When you select a number of boats and soldiers, click a button to have all soldiers evenly divide themselves and garrison (or turret) onto the boats. Also a button to have the soldiers evenly repair all the boats.
  7. Kind of related: Should war dogs have a Sentry stance, where they bark when enemies are within a given distance from them?
  8. From what I've read the term provincia originally meant a responsibility or assignment given to someone involving leadership in a remote area. From that of course we have the familiar term Province. So we could call the bonus "Provincia." I've been thinking about ways to implement the Roman bonus. What I have now is giving the Roman a "provincia" building. I don't know if it should be called "Provincia" or "Promagistracy" or something else. Only 2 buildings can exist at a time, they must be built in allied territory, and cannot be built within 400 meters of each other. To simulate Roman domination I could give it a large aura with a minor ally gathering nerf (5%) and give the building itself a metal resource trickle as if it were a tax being received from the locals. I think this would add character, but for players to actually use it the benefits must outweigh the costs... Further, a range aura is problematic because if the range is not big enough it can be built in an area that will not affect any gatherers, but if it's too big it can affect another unintended ally. So I'm not confident about adding that system.
  9. I want to create a new resource that begins at 0, while all other resources have their amounts determined by the usual settings, very low, low, etc.
  10. I liked the ideas borg came up with for the Britons, giving them more options than other civs in p2, but having a lower potential than other civs once in p3. As for the phase up time bonus, I've come up with something similar to that for the Athenians, whom I have added to my original post.
  11. In the absence of an interesting historical basis for a team bonus, a team bonus utilizing this unique unit of the Britons sounds very fun to me! It should lead to the unit being used more, further differentiating the civ.
  12. I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do for the Britons. Have any good ideas? After browsing some history I've not gotten many ideas about their interactions with other peoples. I basically only learned that they had trade relations with Gaul tribes across the channel. A generic teamwork bonus idea I thought of was to allow a civ to use allied dropsites without having to research diaspora... but I didn't really find any historical justification for it.
  13. @LetswaveaBook I think the CC trade-destination option is sensible. I'm good with it. Changing the trade formula sounds good. Once train becomes used more we can think about if we need to adjust the formula. I'm very confused as to why when I look at the simulation/helpers/ folder I don't see tradergain.js.
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