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  1. Hello! I got a new computer (yay!) but I forgot what my password is to log into Multiplayer and I didn't see an option to reset it in-game. How can I reset it? Thanks!
  2. It means I assumed that in real life siege weapons were constructed in fortresses. But I don't really know.
  3. Siege Workshop: I think a Town Phase siege workshop that creates weak battering rams is good idea. Like the "2 or 4 guys with a log" mentioned earlier. Then in the city phase new siege units become available based on civilization. I don't want to see universal covered rams or other siege units for all civs. Let each have their own devices. I don't think the covered battering ram should be an upgrade to the "2 or 4 guys with a log"; it should be a separate unit. The "2 or 4 guys with a log" should be less expensive than the covered ram and get built quicker. By the way, how about
  4. @azayrahmadI just tried your mod out. Very cool! It took me awhile to get my eco going, but that's probably to be expected since it was my first time.
  5. This idea came to me while spectating a game. We all know placing your farms next to your CC is the best way to go currently because the workers can drop off the food without having to walk far and they are also protected by the CC; arrows shoot enemies in range and workers can go inside it. Though I am no history expert I assume that an ancient civic center wouldn't be surrounded by farms, but rather would be part of an urban center. To represent the efficiencies of urbanization, how about giving the CC an Aura where nearby buildings work more efficiently? Some ideas: Tech researche
  6. Bump. I just got burned by this! I built a nice roman fort in near enemy territory towards the outside of the map. With forest on one side of the camp, I built a siege wall from the forest to the edge of the map. Then as I'm fighting and winning against the opponent in their territory I realize my siege units are just sitting there in front of the siege wall because the walls turned to Gaia and can't get out of the gate. I ended up losing and that may have turned the tide of the battle.
  7. I get it now that a particular time frame has been chosen for the Romans, but it's a little goofy that they have to fight Gauls from Caesar's time frame. So, the option to choose between different versions of Romans would be an excellent solution! This would be awesome. I don't think it should be hidden from other players, though.
  8. Gaius Julius Caesar, anyone? This reminds of being a kid in the 90's, playing the NBA games for Sega Genesis. You pick the Chicago Bulls and guess what, THERE'S NO MICHAEL JORDAN. The most famous basketball player ever. Caesar isn't blocking the use of his likeness for copyright, is he? Come on, we need a hero to keep the OP Gauls and Britons in line
  9. Well it's gonna tell us something about the opponent. That's the whole point, isn't it? It could be less informative. It could end up being more informative. I don't understand the desire to have it in a multiplayer game. To simulate the rumors as described by coworotel? I don't think it's cheating. It's not cheating if everyone can do it. But we can see how everyone did with all the nice graphs at the end of the game. What is desirable about having the enemy score visible during the game?
  10. I don't like the idea of having that, too much intel. In AoE you could tell when your enemy began advancing to the next age just by looking at their score. Make us scout
  11. This is true. If the units were changed such that archers became more effective relative to other units, clearly kushites (and other archer civs) would all of a sudden be much better off. I still stand by my suggestions about build time and neutral territory.
  12. Hi. How about instead of the Nomad Camp and Nuba Village being like barracks with limited unit variety that have low HP/capture points and that take a L O N G time to build, you make them be like barracks with limited unit variety that have low HP/capture points and that take a short time to build. I mean come on, the Nomad camp appears to be a few tents. If I practiced I might be able to set that up in 200 seconds in real life. And while were at it, since its a Nomad camp, why not allow it to be built in neutral territory, requiring garrison to not turn into gaia? Just a suggest
  13. I agree that they are overplayed and I think the main bonus is the non-house building pop bonus. However, a skilled player using the Ptolemies can hold their own against them in 1v1. Also, they lack ranged siege units which can be tough in some late-game situations. Nevertheless, I suggest some or all of these nerfs: Reduce non-house building population bonus to +1 instead of +2 Remove barracks +5 pop bonus, or conversely give all civs +5 pop bonus for each barracks built. I've also wondered if slingers ought to be nerfed by not allowing them to benefit from ranged unit upgr
  14. I agree that ShuttleSpeed is the best place to start with this. The elegance of it is that it addresses the economic issue across all soldier types. Then combat balancing issues can be addressed separately. To clarify, when you say ShuttleSpeed, do you mean that units travel at the same speed while carrying resources? Or would the unit also travel at ShuttleSpeed as soon as you command them to gather a resource? Either option would be an improvement from what he have now. The first option is a no-brainer and should definitely be included. However, it would only partially address the
  15. Assuming the information in the in-game civ structure trees is accurate, the only soldier that does not have 0.6 Food 0.8 Wood 0.5 Stone 0.5 Metal gathering rates are the Skritiai Commandos which I personally am okay with because their combat ability makes up for it. And then also each soldier type has slower rates as they rank up. I did an experiment hoping to show how much the movement speeds affects wood gathering. The results were less drastic than I expected. I created a scenario where you start with a CC, a storehouse next to an oak woodline (28 trees - total 5,600 wood), some ho
  16. Some people complain that this game favors army compositions featuring a majority of ranged units and minority of melee units. Well guess what? Ranged units are also better for your eco, so all the more reason to spam them nearly nonstop! Is the fact that Skirmishers have a significant eco bonus factored into the balancing of this game? They dash from the CC to the woodline like it's an olympic race! Whether its moving from an exhausted woodline to the next one or returning from a battle to gather resources again, their speed is a significant economic bonus. As they gather they
  17. If the interesting options discussed in this thread are too hard to implement, ranged units could crudely be nerfed by just increasing their production time, reducing their accuracy, or reducing their general dps. If historically a civilization was known to fielding a particular ranged unit as the majority of their army maybe that civilization alone can have a in bonus production speed, accuracy, or general dps for that unit.
  18. I was just thinking about the issue of ranged units being OP (except infantry archers of course, lol) the other night. The problem, as in other RTS games, is that each ranged units is constantly hitting a target whereas melee units have to reach the target first. However, as noted, a mixed army with a strong majority of ranged units will typically defeat an all ranged army. The idea I had to make the game work more favorably for melee units was to decrease accuracy of ranged units based on obstructions. This would mean that other units or buildings in the line of fire (but which are n
  19. Congratulations everyone! It was fun and instructive to watch the games. Thank you for organizing it all PrincessChristmas.
  20. I figured it out. Just had to delete the "1" and the "2" from the "commands1.txt" and "commands2.txt" file names. (and have the mods)
  21. Am I the only one not able to play the replays from Christmas and Romulo? Do we need the metadata.json files?
  22. I'm curious, what gameplay disadvantage have you found pertaining to units costing more than 2 resources? My main RTS background is AoE 2 where everything is 2 resources (or less), so I appreciate the novelty of certain units requiring multiple resources. As far as gameplay goes, if a swordsman was 50 food 50 metal that'd be a waste of metal you need for endgame. But if it were much less than 50 metal they might be too easy to mass early as they have less overall cost. Unless you bumped up the food cost. But what problem do you see with the way it is now?
  23. About the Persians.. I just realized something interesting. When you select the hero Cyrus, (I haven't tried it out with the other heroes) you can spawn Immortals from him like a mobile military production facility.
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