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  1. AH cool! I was not aware that it is possible to enable them! This simplifies the SM68 -> SM78 upgrade a lot .
  2. Hi @wraitii Just a question: since in SM78 uneval() and .toSource() were removed, how did you get around that? did you modify the JS scripts or did you write a wrapper?
  3. Good job! I really like your solution of using the context through Request . I wonder if in Spidermonkey V52 there is already the bug in StructuredClone API I encountered in SM68 and SM78. Back then I had to patch Spidermonkey itself to make it possible to use the StructuredClone API (a symbol was not exported). Is this the case also for SM52?
  4. @happyconcepts Yes, there was. It is fixed in https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2869
  5. Hi there! Probably you noticed that there were not updates for some time. Unfortunately I was quite busy with other stuff and in the future I don't think I will have more time to dedicate on this (at least for ~8months). Therefore I would say that this experiment finishes here and I am happy about the outcomes. Some WFG members are already working on porting the main branch of 0ad to more recent version of Spidermonkey, so don't worry about this. Last micro update. I tried to do a very rough and inaccurate performance test just looking at the framerate. It seems that my modif
  6. That's a good question. I didn't profile the game and for now I just did debug builds so far, therefore I cannot tell. However I expect some improvement since many changes were made on the underling VM since V45. Also, for the future, having the possibility to use WebAssebly (and WebWorkers as suggested on #0ad-dev) could have for sure an impact. Stay tuned for benchmarks!
  7. Update: Fixed error handling issue. Now 100% tests are running It was found that non-ASCII characters in game schema resulted in a crash. Since the presence of these characters is non-essential and limited, these characters were temporarly removed (Identity.js). The problem is under investigation. Probably this is due Game is running with Spidermonkey 68 Todo: Clean up. (better naming.. remove failed attempts to correct issue in the code) Benchmarking/Profiling. See how much the performaces increase/decrease after the upgrade Try link the game wit
  8. Update: Corrected a cross-compartment bug in CGame::ReallyStartGame, line 329. Does this affect the current 0ad version too?? Added checks to consume error messages I was able to start a game! ...but almost nothing (except the gui!) works properly
  9. I tried to link a debug version of Spidermokey. This undercovered a lot of nasty bugs Update Patched Spidermonkey 68 source code. the class SharedArrayRawBufferRefs in ./js/public/StructuredClone.hStructuredClone.h (firefox source directory) was tagged as JS_PUBLIC_API to export its symbols. Please note that since Spidermonkey 68 clang is required to compile the codebase (at least on linux). Use instructions in https://github.com/mozilla-spidermonkey/spidermonkey-embedding-examples/blob/esr68/docs/Building SpiderMonkey.md. PersistentRooted is initialized with .init()
  10. Hi, It seems that you have my same problem.. (doing a PhD ). Don't worry. As I previously stated, I expected my effort not to be 100% compatible to the direction you want to follow. And also last days I found many issues to solve that popped out when I tried to link a debug version of SM68. I fear that my efforts will require quite more time to result in an usable version on 0ad. I think that going through SM 52 is the most reasonable way to have a stable code without wasting too much time. I will continue to try going directly to SM 68 and see what are the issues to face to port 0ad
  11. Update ArrayBuffer tests fixed modifying the serializer/deserializer. Fixed UTF test removing U+D800 (high surrogate) unicode character. All tests run, 99% pass. The last failing test is on exception catching. For the moment it can be ignored. Starting to understand why the GUI doesn't show up when launching pyrogenesis Update 2 Fixed GUI with https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2768 Still crashing when changing page. (see below for test screenshots) (see below for gui screenshots)
  12. @Sturm Hi, As @Stan` pointed out, the main technical point is that SM 68 is the latest ESR version (SM 78 ESR is going to be released at the end of this month) There are some other points: There is at least some documentation for SM 68 (see links in the first post). This helps a lot in understanding the direction that has to be followed to port the code without getting crazy. SM 68 is the latest packaged version of spidermonkey on my linux distribution. Since SM stability depends a lot on compilation flags, I prefer to use something already tested by someone else.
  13. Hi! In fact none. It is just that SM 68 defines some values in its headers that usec++ 14 digit separators ( see https://riptutorial.com/cplusplus/example/31798/digit-separator ).
  14. Update All tests run, 98% pass. The failing tests are on serialization/deserialization (see below)
  15. I think he meant that spidermonkey 68 requires at least c++ 14 to be used. This is unfortunately unavoidable.. I will add this change to the changelog.
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