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  1. Hi @GunChleoc. Congrats for the game. Just a suggestion: please, insert the release date on the pages (changelog page, download page etc.).
  2. It is true that the history of mankind is full of examples of extreme violence, slavery, sexism, misogyny, etc. If the game 0 A.D intends to be historic accurate, for good and for bad it will reflect these negative aspects that, sadly, are typical of human beings. So I think that if 0 A.D community wants to keep all of this at in-game (which does not seem like an absurd idea), I believe it would be important to shed light on the issue. And my solution here is the same as I proposed in other topics: whenever there is a descriptive box using plain text in order to describe a civilization, a hero
  3. I remember that sometime ago a person was hired to work part-time in developing the game. In general, how was this experience? What are the positive and negative aspects of it? Talking about it, what is the possibility of a new crowdfunding so that a person can work being paid to solve these specific points that prevent the release of a new version?
  4. Hey guys! Do all 0 ad mods use the same open license? Or at least do they use open licenses at all? I asking this because I found the avatar image of Kandake Amanirenas of Kush on the site below, and as far I could understand, its not a open licence image. https://www.msingiafrikamagazine.com/2019/10/afrikas-heroes-2/ Regards, Sturm
  5. @m7600 Talking about portraits producing, you are a "machine gun"! Amazing work! Congrats!
  6. http://www.makehumancommunity.org/frontpage/makehuman_community_120_beta_2.html
  7. Hi folks! Considering that the Wildfire team prefers to be more cautious in Spidermonkey updates, the idea is to update to V52 in Alpha 24 and then to Spidermonkey V62 in Alpha 25? Is that right? Regards, Sturm.
  8. If you scroll down (after clicking at link below), you can see the series of interwikis (supposedly equivalent articles on Wikipedia in different languages). https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q484830
  9. Hi folks! Any news about the new moddable GUI and/or on mod selection? Perhaps it would be interesting to give prominence / more context to the most recent and active mods.
  10. I kept the word in Spanish just because we were talking about Mexico and because part of the interlocutors speak Spanish. But you're right, it's just the same thing. Now, bringing my favorite corn recipes here to the South of the continent, I recommend a good Paraguayan soup.
  11. Hum, cemitas seem to be a really good choice. As for grasshoppers, even though I am an admirer of El Chapulín Colorado, my vegetarianism would prevent me from trying them. LOL. By the way, is there any civilization in 0 a.d or in any of its mods that was known for adopting a vegetarian diet? Any that could be addressed?
  12. Just to create controversy here, lol: I confess that I loved los Esquites when I was in Mexico city, but the best maíz that I ever tasted was in Canada.
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