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Found 2 results

  1. I was doing different refactorings of our engine for last 1.5 years. It's allowed me to add a new backend (graphics API) - Vulkan. It's relatively new API (as D3D12) which allows us to have a more predictable and stable performance. And in some cases even better performance. But not always as we use it in a single thread yet. Vulkan drivers from different vendors are usually much lighter than GL ones. That's the way to have less driver bugs and crashes. But we still need testing how it works on different hardware. So everyone who has a Vulkan compatible device please try to enable it in options (along with feedback). If you're able to run SVN then you already can test it. Else wait for the next RC. Note: to run the game you'd need to download and install a separate mod with precompiled shaders (it'll be bundled in RCs and the Release): https://releases.wildfiregames.com/rc/0ad-spirv.zip. Vulkan can't run pure GLSL shaders (which we use for GL), it uses a special binary format for shaders: SPIR-V. Vulkan allows us to use different interesting features. For example it allows to select the most appropriate GPU to use. It means no more crashes because of wrong GPU, I hope Also Vulkan supports multithreading. If you still have some time you could run the game with validation enabled. It makes the game slower but validates a lot more different internal things. It should help to make Vulkan stable for the release. To enable validation you need to add the following lines to your usef.cfg: renderer.backend.debugcontext = "true" renderer.backend.debuglabels = "true" renderer.backend.debugmessages = "true" renderer.backend.debugscopedlabels = "true" Known issues: Screenshots aren't implemented yet, but going to be during Feature Freeze rP27552 Some precompiled shaders are missing, please report if the game says so macOS isn't supported yet, but we have plans to do so via MoltenVk rP27488 Missing silhouettes rP27418 Unsupported depth formats cause an assertion rP27421 Stretching on window resize after fullscreen switch rP27422
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