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  1. Thank you for the tip. You were right. Controlled Folder Access in Windows Security examines applications that can make changes to files in protected folders. Occasionally, an app that is safe to use will be identified as harmful. This is because Microsoft wants to maintain its security and sometimes overdo it with caution. However, this can interfere with the way you normally use your computer. You can add an app to the list of safe or allowed apps to prevent it from being blocked. I set the "folder cotroller" off and now everything works fine.
  2. Hello guys. I did a clean install of the latest version of 0 a.d. My computer is a Samsung Flash F30 Notebook, running Windows 11 in its latest version. The game starts perfectly, but when advancing and clicking "Start game", the game crashes. Apparently, there is some file protection system and/or access to Windows folders that prevents the game from proceeding. See the message I get after trying to start a game. ================ Function call failed: return value was -100010 (Logic error in code) Location: wdbg_sym.cpp:987 (dump_sym_base_type) Call stack: While generating an error report, we encountered a second problem. Please be sure to report both this and the subsequent error messages. errno = 13 (Insufficient access rights to open file) OS error = 0 (no error code was set) How to solve this?
  3. Hello guys. I may have already suggested this on other occasions, but it seems really good to me the idea of having in the game's text boxes, whenever possible, a link to the Wikipedia article about the item, weapon, animal, building, character or civilization to which the text refers. The idea would be to keep the existing texts, but add something like... e.g. "Read more here". (...) It would not be any structural change in the 0 a.d. text boxes and would add a lot of educational potential and deepen the historical issues. Even the maps could have links to articles on Wikipedia, referring to biomes, historical maps, specific battles, etc.
  4. Tupis! Tupis! Tupis! Tupis for Alpha 25!
  5. I still think that the mod selection menus could be more intelligible to newbies. You all here on the forum know how to deal with it, but a novice user cannot distinguish what exactly each mod type, compatibility etc.
  6. Some time ago I created a group on Telegram to talk about 0 A.D. I hope that at some point in the future it becomes one more channel to add people to the community of 0 A.D. contributors. - https://t.me/joinchat/FO5I-efo5jwOcNS7 Hey @borg-, dont leave us!
  7. Citation needed!!! In my impression, exactly the opposite occurs. Apparently, experienced users know "the tactic" of how to win 0 A.D. matches, but this is not something obvious or easily assimilated by most players, especially those who do not play regularly. Perhaps it is the case that we think about how to improve 0 A.D. video tutorials.
  8. That reminds me one of my favourite Bushism: "Keep good relations with the Grecians."—Quoted in the Economist, June 12, 1999.
  9. Hi everybody! Is there a way to insert some standard type of "dirt and color darkening" layer into the bases of the constructions present in the game, in order to give more visual realism? I mean, just like here...
  10. Wowgetoffyourcellphone told me that only the five winning maps will be in the official version of 0 A.D.
  11. Please, clean up the list! Less is more! Although the collaborative effort must be respected and exalted in this project, this does not mean that all visual resources must remain in the game forever. Each thing has its time and space inside 0 A.D. history. There will be times when pieces of code, visuals, music, must be replaced. For now, I think only high quality maps should survive.
  12. I was never really interested in RPG electronic games, I must confess, lol. Ah, I played the first versions of Phantasy Star (I even played the Dreamcast version, I think). I was always more "old school", you know, table games, character sheets and dices. As a matter of fact, not even RTS games like 0 a.D I play. LOL. I'm here because I admire the beauty and the joint effort around this game. Thank you guys and congrats! And I am here also for recognizing the formidable result of a whole team of programmers, artists, players, etc. I always cite in my work 0 AD as a fabulous example of collaborative work and properly licensed in an open way, even though I am not exactly a great player.
  13. I remember when I was 13 or 14 years old, and I started to become interested in role-playing games. In Brazil, the market was starting to expand, so there were still few options and almost no access to imported games. In this context, a store called "Forbidden Planet" made advertisements in magazines and newspapers with some of the works of Keith Parkinson. Wow, that stirred my imagination. The works of all these artists, especially without the use of digital colorization, amuse me much more than the current works that use digital art to some extent. Of course, I don't believe that one technique is better than the other. It's a matter of taste. I still know that it looks like old people (- Ah, in my time things were better ...) But ... I still marvel at the works of the golden days of TSR. Good old days.
  14. I do have a large collection of books of most of TSR artists of that time... Keith Parkinson, Gerald Brom, Clyde Caldwell etc.
  15. Although I played a lot in the second edition of AD&D, as well as the classic D&D, I confess to being a big fan of the cartoon based on the games.
  16. Lets try to make things more realistic and more complicated, but much more interesting. I'm not a programmer and I don't know all the cost of processing this, but, let´s suggest it anyway. In the game, all human beings could have a "scare marker". Nonhuman animals, in turn, would have a marker of potential "frighten humans marker". To give realism and maintain balance, the interaction between these two markers would work like this: a human could only be scared by an animal only once, once he received a "check mark" that tells that he/she has already been scared by that animal/species, he/she would be immune to encounters with the same animal or animals of the same species. The scare would also have a time limiter, I think something between 10-20 seconds. After that, the "check mark" would be granted and he/she would no longer be afraid of that animal/species. So far, it doesn't seem like a very difficult thing to implement, but ... Another interesting thing, but certainly more difficult to be implemented, is the percentage of humans affected in an encounter with multiple entities. A wolf, for example, could frighten 5-10% of humans, an elephant 20-30% and a tiger, in turn, 70-80% of human entities. The problem is that "encounters" are somewhat gradual, varying from one second to the next, in the approximation of an animal to a group of humans. How to apply this percentage if the number of humans affected varies from second to second? Regards, Sturm PS: The "scare marker" would be also useful for "red dragons" e dinosaurs"
  17. In order to make the game more balanced and even more credible, the elephant or group of elephants could scare only a percentage of the enemies, something like 20-30%.
  18. Taking a look at the revision log of the 0 A.D. changeset, I found something like this... Where have you been for all that time, guys?!?!
  19. Tudo isso é brasileiro na comunidade?
  20. Maybe Tito Puente's "Mon Ti" song, from the album "Top Percussion". Below, as soundtrack for an amazing video listing all Ray Harryhausen creatures. - The Ray Harryhausen Creature List - YouTube
  21. This topic reminds me of the original Golden Axe eletronic game, when we were still playing in the arcades. Long time ago. Almost inside 0 a.D. time frame, lol. In that game, the bodies of defeated enemies were petrified on the ground. Due to insufficient memory, this feature was removed from the Genesis / Mega Drive port.
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