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  1. Relax, we'll be playing Alpha 24 before everyone in the world is vaccinated from Covid-19.
  2. Looking at all these beautiful 3D renderings, I wonder when 0 AD will implement the day / night phasing. I know the code already exists. Are we too far from that?
  3. 0 A.D. Alpha 24 - MC Hammer edition. U Can't Touch This!
  4. It is true that the history of mankind is full of examples of extreme violence, slavery, sexism, misogyny, etc. If the game 0 A.D intends to be historic accurate, for good and for bad it will reflect these negative aspects that, sadly, are typical of human beings. So I think that if 0 A.D community wants to keep all of this at in-game (which does not seem like an absurd idea), I believe it would be important to shed light on the issue. And my solution here is the same as I proposed in other topics: whenever there is a descriptive box using plain text in order to describe a civilization, a hero, a construction, a weapon or whatever, it would be nice to have links to its Wikipedia articles. This will allow the game to have a much larger educational dimension, as there is no space in the game to describe any of these aspects as described in Wikipedia. Thus, whenever the theme "sexism" is relevant in the game, in an appropriate box, there could be a suggestion for reading articles such as: Sexism and video games - Wikipedia and Gender representation in video games - Wikipedia , for instance.
  5. I remember that sometime ago a person was hired to work part-time in developing the game. In general, how was this experience? What are the positive and negative aspects of it? Talking about it, what is the possibility of a new crowdfunding so that a person can work being paid to solve these specific points that prevent the release of a new version?
  6. Hi folks! Considering that the Wildfire team prefers to be more cautious in Spidermonkey updates, the idea is to update to V52 in Alpha 24 and then to Spidermonkey V62 in Alpha 25? Is that right? Regards, Sturm.
  7. If you scroll down (after clicking at link below), you can see the series of interwikis (supposedly equivalent articles on Wikipedia in different languages). https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q484830
  8. Hi folks! Any news about the new moddable GUI and/or on mod selection? Perhaps it would be interesting to give prominence / more context to the most recent and active mods.
  9. Tupis! Tupis! Tupis! Bigger, Better, Faster, More!
  10. Despite the excellent 3D modeling work of the project contributors, in such cases it may be desirable to use illustrations instead of the 3D models plain images, what do you think? Furthermore, I bring back here the idea that the game (0 a.d. and its mods) could indicate, at the end of all these "describing texts", a link to the Wikipedia articles on the topic / biography. The game, therefore, would be a way/bridge for reading and eventual research. Finally, these head meshes, ahhhh, these head meshes ... Pericles doesn't deserve this!
  11. I don't know if my question makes much sense, but ... how many frames per second does the game currently work?
  12. Do you mean that Vladislavbelov work is useless? Shame, Vlad, shame, shame... LOL. Just kidding! Great work, even if its still a WIP, Vlad! Hum, I take the opportunity to ask about the "Cinematic camera" tool, as we may see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkLrpkow7XU . Is this a finished tool nowadays?
  13. Hello Wildfire people! As you may know, I am not a developer, so I sometimes have a little difficulty understanding what was committed, follow the "Trac" tickets etc. and so, to actually understand what will appear in the next version or what will just be "under the hood" for now. So, I would like to ask you to provide a feedback on the current stage of some new features in the game that seem very promising (they are spread somewhere around the Forum, lol), especially from a visual point of view. Some of my questions are: 1- Is it possible to alternate day / night during the same match? Is this in the roadmap? 2- What is nowadays the possibility to have lightning / storms during a match? 3- What is the possibility to have waterfalls in the scenery? Bridges? 4- Has any 0 ad Mod already implemented the possibility the use of firearms? Any expectation on this? Obviously, I leave here my admiration for the work of all of you! Regards, Sturm
  14. Actually, what is the latest version of Spidermonkey nowadays? Does it follow the same numbering of Firefox? If so, why 68 and not 76/77? - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SpiderMonkey - https://mozilla-spidermonkey.github.io/ Regards, Sturm
  15. Any try with the ALL NEW 8Gb version?
  16. Now we've got War Mammoths, lol! Joking, it was a nice improvement!
  17. I believe that after the last barbarian invasion, the last developers were defeated and died on the battlefield. So, I think 0 A.D. game may now go through a long period of darkness, a kind of "Dark Age", and perhaps be a thousand years without a new release. Maybe in 3020 we will have a new Alpha ...
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