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Found 5 results

  1. Based on numerous requests, I went ahead and made a mod to add 2 genders to "Citizens" in the game. It is based heavily on my work on Delenda Est. The Two-Genders mod does not change any stats, only converts the "Female Citizen" unit to a unit that uses Female and Male actors. The only civ that keeps Female Citizens is Sparta in this mod. It is compatible with Alpha 24 and can be tested by anyone with that release. If successful, this may be folded into the main game's repo at WFG's leisure and discretion. DOWNLOAD THE MOD HERE, FROM GITHUB.COM: https://github.com/JustusAvramenko/0-A.D.-Alpha-24---Two-Gendered-Citizens I will maintain/curate the mod and commit fixes for any problems you guys may find. Also, if you are familiar with GitHub, feel free to submit Pull Requests to the link above.
  2. Scout Cavalry mod repository is UP. https://github.com/JustusAvramenko/scout-mod This standalone mod adds Scouts to Empires Ascendant. Based on discussion here and elsewhere: Features: Starting Cavalry now replaced with Scout Cavalry for all civs (a couple civs get Scout Camelry for variation). Scout Cavalry cannot hunt, but they can build Outposts and, well, SCOUT. Outposts removed from Infantry and Female Citizens and given to Scouts exclusively to emphasize their scouting nature.
  3. Download to test: https://github.com/JustusAvramenko/theban_greeks Ready for testing! Works with Alpha 24. Adds the Theban civilization to the game as a playable faction. They include 3 new heroes, 2 champions, custom actors, a fix for the plumed Boeotian helmet, 2 special technologies, a team bonus, and more! Will release on Mod.io in 2 weeks or sooner if all the bugs are ironed out!
  4. Heavily inspired by the morale mod: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/37755-morale-system-for-0-ad And this idea: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/38187-give-elephants-area-damage/ I want to explore a new mechanic for elephants. (Just for fun, so the effects may be unrealistic) Original version, now outdated: Historically elephants were especially effective against cavalry, because if the horses were not used to the presence of elephants, they would get very nervous and flee when they saw something that big walking towards them. This would disrupt the battle formation and cause disturbance in the enemy lines. I am basing this mostly on wikipedia quotes, so if some of the historians want to explain more if this is historically accurate or if these are just some anecdotes, feel free to do so Therefore the Idea would be that elephants have an aura that changes the stance of enemy cavalry to passive and forces them to flee. It should only affect unhabituated / basic rank cavalry, as the horses loose their fear over time. So advanced /elite cavalry is not affected. Current Version (V 3.0.0): Elephants have the aura "Fear" which affects a random percentage of all basic rank enemy Infantry and all of the basic rank enemy cavalry. The affected units get scared and will flee, but they try to attack again. Every time the elephants get hurt (under a certain threshold) there is the probability that they also get scared and fall into rage. So you have no longer control over them and they may attack your own units. scary-elephants.zip battle-test.mp4 So let me hear what you think about it Thanks to @wowgetoffyourcellphone and @azayrahmad for the tips.
  5. Introduction: The purpose this mod is to clearly define the role of buildings, which then leads to a (slightly) more realistic city layout. It is a follow up to this proposal: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/37294-storehouse-and-farms-rework please look there for additional reasons why I think these changes are good. So please take a look at the following building and ask yourself the following questions: Does this look like a place that you can pack full of soldiers and defend like a fortress? Does it look like a good place to store your food, stone or metal? Well, at least to me it doesn't. And this is imo one of the reasons for the gameplay balance problems. Therefore, introducing a mod, that clearly redefines the role of the basic buildings. Features: The civic center is no longer an all-purpose storehouse nor an easy to defend mini fortress. Its ability to shoot arrows has been removed and replaced by an aura, that increases the attack and armor of soldiers close to it. That is done because it is the center of your civilization, which should give the soldiers a boost of morale and it also prevents you from getting overrun in the first 5 minutes of the game. The storehouse is now the main place to store wood/metal/stone and its cost are reduced to 50 wood. Wood can still be stored in the CC to allow wood income in situations where all storehouses are destroyed. The farmstead is now the main place to store food and its cost are reduced to 50 wood. What do I hope are the benefits? A city layout that looks more realistic (e.g https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_Forum) and less like someone decided to turn the center of their city into one giant farming area. Easier to understand game logic. Defensive structures are for defense, economic structures are for economy. Better ability to rush in early game Because I don't want to make two mods, there are also other changes (maybe more unrealistic) based on the following complaints I have read on the forums: Rushing is too hard defensive structures are too effective (e.g. https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/37687-lets-fight-gameplay-balance-mod/) Changes: Towers: Towers do no longer have an minimum distance between them, because that restricts player freedom (and I don't like it ) To balance that out , their ungarrisoned arrow count is reduced to 0, because it was imo not realistic that they had a default arrow count (indicating a person inside) but they did not contribute to the pop limit. To have any effect of the towers, you now either need to keep men around or let them stay inside, which should prevent an extreme overuse. The tech is removed, that adds one standard arrow to towers The tech is removed, that gives 40% more arrows per garrisoned soldier The stone tower can now garrison only 3 soldiers (same as the sentry tower) but it is still harder to capture and more resistant. Palisade related: Palisades have very weak crush damage, which means that rams and catapults are way more effective against them Women now have a torch as weapon, which allows them to burn palisades. (A few hits are enough, the palisade will continue to burn until its gone) Here is a test of how effective different unit types are at destroying palisades: test.mp4 Nice new fire effects: showacse.mp4 Here is the mod (v 0.0.3): increased-realism.zip
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