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Found 5 results

  1. Heavily inspired by the morale mod: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/37755-morale-system-for-0-ad And this idea: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/38187-give-elephants-area-damage/ I want to explore a new concept for elephants. Historically elephants were especially effective against cavalry, because if the horses were not used to the presence of elephants, they would get very nervous and flee when they saw something that big walking towards them. This would disrupt the battle formation and cause disturbance in the enemy lines. I am basing this mostly on wikipedia quote
  2. Introduction: The purpose this mod is to clearly define the role of buildings, which then leads to a (slightly) more realistic city layout. It is a follow up to this proposal: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/37294-storehouse-and-farms-rework please look there for additional reasons why I think these changes are good. So please take a look at the following building and ask yourself the following questions: Does this look like a place that you can pack full of soldiers and defend like a fortress? Does it look like a good place to store your food, stone or metal?
  3. Download to test: https://github.com/JustusAvramenko/theban_greeks Ready for testing! Works with Alpha 24. Adds the Theban civilization to the game as a playable faction. They include 3 new heroes, 2 champions, custom actors, a fix for the plumed Boeotian helmet, 2 special technologies, a team bonus, and more! Will release on Mod.io in 2 weeks or sooner if all the bugs are ironed out!
  4. Scout Cavalry mod repository is UP. https://github.com/JustusAvramenko/scout-mod This standalone mod adds Scouts to Empires Ascendant. Based on discussion here and elsewhere: Features: Starting Cavalry now replaced with Scout Cavalry for all civs (a couple civs get Scout Camelry for variation). Scout Cavalry cannot hunt, but they can build Outposts and, well, SCOUT. Outposts removed from Infantry and Female Citizens and given to Scouts exclusively to emphasize their scouting nature.
  5. Based on numerous requests, I went ahead and made a mod to add 2 genders to "Citizens" in the game. It is based heavily on my work on Delenda Est. The Two-Genders mod does not change any stats, only converts the "Female Citizen" unit to a unit that uses Female and Male actors. The only civ that keeps Female Citizens is Sparta in this mod. It is compatible with Alpha 24 and can be tested by anyone with that release. If successful, this may be folded into the main game's repo at WFG's leisure and discretion. DOWNLOAD THE MOD HERE, FROM GITHUB.COM: https://gith
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