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  1. Is something like this planned (long-term wise) ? It seems like a lot of work to edit all actor files and include a burning variant, especially if the all use the same fire/smoke effects. Also if a mod wanted to introduce a new status effect or you want to change the particles, you would have to repeat the process of editing all files.
  2. No problem, as I said I just found the idea of the mechanic interesting and wanted to try out how it would fit in the game. Maybe @azayrahmad will come up with a better use for the mechanic Regarding your thoughts on panic in battle: I would say this is highly depending on the nature of the animal. Horses would certainly not attack. Elephants on the other hand might want to flee also, but if they see no way out (middle of the battle) the will try and defend themselves. For humans I would say it is dependent on what is on the line. If you are fighting to defend your cit
  3. I'm not sure about the licensing stuff, do you mind using CC BY 4.0 models? If not it should be relatively easy to make the following into a nice model: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/lamassu-fb3d891226f1434d806cfc678c4c588a
  4. @azayrahmad thanks for the article. That is a more detailed description than on wikipedia nice. I'm looking forward to it
  5. @alre you convinced me. Version 2 is out with the following features: The fear aura affects all enemy units who are not used to the presence of the elephant. Means it affects all basic rank units (cav & infantry). When the elephants are too hurt, they can fall into rage and attack your own units. The aura works not on all individuals, only on a random subset. @Sturm I made it work The aura no longer changes the stance to passive. It forces the units to flee, but they will come back and try to attack again. @wowgetoffyourcellphone I updated the video, so you c
  6. @alre That's why I said this mod just improves the realism (a little bit). I don't claim that this is the historic ground-truth. It is just an interesting mechanic that I thought would be fun to use in this case. @Thorfinn the Shallow Minded already implemented It only affect basic rank cavalry. The idea is that the horses habituate to the presence of the elephants after some time and are not scared anymore.
  7. Hard to forget something you have never known I like the idea, but I think it would would makes more sense the other way round. The elephants are scary all the time, but you have the ability to push thorough that for a limited amount of time.
  8. please no. Other elephant techs, yes why not.
  9. if you want, you can extend that thought more. While I agree with you, i'm not sure what you mean.
  10. It would improve the realism But yes gameplay wise it is a buff for elephants. What would be your idea to balance that? I think it could be interesting to have a hard counter of the cavalry vs the elephants. Similar to the counter of spearman vs cavalry. So if you manage to keep your cavalry alive and let them reach a higher rank, you have an effective weapon against the elephants.
  11. This is a nice idea, I am not sure how easy it is to implement this. You could of course use a random subset of the affected units, but the aura gets updated all the time, so you will likely hit every unit with it.
  12. Thanks very much for the tip is fixed now. The mod is now functioning as I intended. The only thing left to do is indeed to tweak the strength/ range of the aura.
  13. Yeah, good point. I tried to simulate a large battle, but its hard to control two player at once. From what I saw it is not that big of a problem, as the elephants chase the cavalry easily out of the range of the ranged infantry. But yes it is very chaotic and the cavalry is more or less useless in this case. You would have to send them raiding, while you use your infantry to counter the eles. Or research the not yet implemented tech. Also I think it is not that problematic with the cav, because they are not such tanks as the heroes. Otherwise you could use the strategy you described also
  14. @Freagarach that would be really nice
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