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  1. Yeah I would also prefer something different. @feneur @Stan` Any feedback on the ones I made? Feel free to use all or maybe only one as a placeholder, until @m7600 has time to make something custom.
  2. regarding @azayrahmads suggestion? Or do you mean something different?
  3. I plan to take up modding again when I have some free time to fill and make a mod which bundles multiple fun mechanics. For now there is unfortunately no progress on my side. But yes the on off button is a good idea
  4. It is already committed (and I am biased, I like this one), but feel free to make a new/ alternative one and post it here or make a patch
  5. @Grapjas Not sure if you seen this thread already. Ideas for D4189.
  6. True. just merge the two-gendered citizen mod and be done with it.
  7. Maybe I should clarify: I'm not against including social roles, if there is a solid thought trough concept, that keeps these things in mind. All I'm saying is that this is a topic that requires more thought and if such a step is taken it should be deliberate and under consideration of eventual problems and the implications it may or may not have on the perception of the game by different people. As Stan said: Which is why I am not convinced that it is a good idea to include. @Thorfinn the Shallow Minded yes you got good points but my question stands, how can you display these complex historical roles in game? And also what will be the advantages gameplay wise of introducing a complex social role system (as slaves, freeman, citizen, nobles possibly different for different civs)? true and I am also not an expert in sociology and psychology so as I said, I was merely making assumptions and highlighting one viewpoint. But that is the problem. Different people think very differently about such a topic based on a variety of personal reasons.
  8. hopefully I don't think there is a general problem with introducing social classes including slavery into the game. Most (if not all all) ancient civilizations used slaves to build their empires and because 0.A.D pays close attention to historic facts, this would fit to the concept. But the problem is the specific implementation, which is why I think it is not a good idea. For one, there are the concerns @Stan` mentioned, about how to depict and balance complex social classes for all the different civs. There are also moral implications (which I will discuss based only on my thoughts, so the generalizations I make are only assumptions ): 0 A.D is a game of classical warfare. This means explicit depiction of violence and war is to be expected. Also the violence is used by all players, so there is the concept of resistance, counterattacks and so on. Therefore the game tells a tale of a cruel but "fair" fight for the win between equal parties, using classic motives of victory and heroism. This is why the violence is morally justifiable for many people. The problem with depicting slaves is that it is only a one way violence relationship. And because complex sociological roles and the effects they have are hard to depict in-game (we have no concept of popularity as a commander or morale of the units as Stronghold for example), they would probably just be very weak "throw away" units. So this could change the story of the game from playing a commander fighting "honorably", which has a positive connotation in many cultures, to playing a slave owner exploiting slaves, which has a negative connotation in many cultures and will deter people from playing, even if it based on historical facts. And just to remind everyone what effect the depiction of social roles has and how people react to it we can look at women in 0.A.D: So the questions for me are: Do we have a concept for an implementation that doesn't have the inherit bad connotation of playing a slave owner? Can we really depict the historical complexity in an accurate way? How would the gameplay actually benefit from the introduction of social classes and slaves and is it worth effort to finding a good implementation? Now about the naming question: I think it makes sense to stick to common terms everyone understands even without historical background or knowledge about the game. The term citizen may not be correct for all units, but it is the word that everybody understands and that is used in many RTS (I believe?). If we want to change it I would either switch to using the unit roles e.g "worker" and "soldier" ect. or use a generic term like "residents". Word combinations as "worker-solider" are really not good in user facing texts, because no one knows what is meant by that when seeing it for the first time.
  9. +1 for @Gurken Khan opinion. Dogs may be OP, but Britons as a whole are not. I don't see a reason to change them.
  10. These are the open tickets https://trac.wildfiregames.com/query?status=assigned&status=new&status=reopened&group=status&milestone=Alpha+25 and there is also the problem with the ai found by @Mr.lie
  11. attached them in my post
  12. I like the idea to convert mercenaries for money. see here for a concept mod: I also like capturing of eles. imo they could have a much more interesting dynamic. Disagree. You can change the usefulness of mercs to accommodate such a mechanic (and not to forget that there already have been huge changes to the mercs for a25). For the eles: yeah that is a concern, but there are surely ways to make it not too op.
  13. @feneur @Grapjas @m7600 I have the icons from my post as png with 96*96 and transparency around the circle, so if you want to use them or continue to work on them just say so.
  14. I never looked into it, but from guessing I would say that the speed in the animation file is the speed at which the animation is played at and the speed in the unit template file is the speed at which the unit actually moves in the simulation. So you have to change both, until they speed of the animation looks good in combination to the speed at which the units moves. So I would guess that the speed in the animation file is a unit of time (probably seconds) which controls the length and therefore the speed of the animation and the speed in the unit template is an actual speed (meter per second or something like that).
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