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  1. Sure, but on the other side you have the player being closest to the enemy which is also an disadvantage. And since its an equal disadvantage between the two teams I think it's alright. (But I also don't feel that strongly about it)
  2. And that you have to use a formation. It doesn't work when not in a formation.
  3. Idk. I guess I would have to try it out to find out how it works) fits into the game.
  4. kind of like in real life I would say. And you can attack them with ranged units while they retreat.
  5. just some ideas: they could stay in formation, but only the soilders from the formation can attack that are in range of the enemy. They get an increase in armor, but also a slower movent speed. For the testudo: makes the formation invulnerable to pierce damage, but they canot attack
  6. I'm skeptical that with the small multiplayer base you would get anywhere near 1000 in donation and even if you did I'm not sure if this would be the best purpose of use. Secondly you have to keep in mind that the game is not really cheat proof. There are ways to get an unfair advantage that are not detectable and such an high prize money would just be an incentive for people with bad intentions.
  7. @Stan` I guess this does not really belong in Announcements/News
  8. I know, I just thought I chime in on the positive side of such a (possible) migration. Whether we like it or not, the non-opensource, big company owned GitHub is right now the largest source code host, both in terms of projects and active users. Which means that it's the place with the lowest barrier of entry for new contributors. Sure a self hosted Gitlab is also an option, but having a place to discuss tickets/ enhancements / code ect, where I guess most of the developers these days already have an account also has major benefits.
  9. just switching to a wider known and used platform like github may already lead to an increase in visibility (And by that I mean active development there, not just a mirror). Very good article about the growth of Node.js : https://opensource.com/life/16/5/growing-contributor-base-modern-open-source And of course: going beta so people don't mistakenly underestimate how good the game already is
  10. @Genava55 how historically inaccurate would it be to put the rotary mill back in for another civ? Wikipedia leads me to believe that Carthage or Rome have used it https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horse_mill#History
  11. I think it defenitly plays a role to some degree, but I posted already enough videos feel free to investigate further tho.
  12. And the other question is: would it really need a complete rewrite? From what I saw I would say that that the problematic part is the unit death / attacking combination and not all of the attacking routine. But I also would really like to hear what conclusions other people draw from the videos
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