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  1. It is known. problem is that the game is not 100% compatible to small resolutions. https://code.wildfiregames.com/D4292#183447 no problem on 1920*1080.
  2. I think the theory of having different mods with different game play options sounds nice in theory, but the problems of diverging opinions about how the game should play will not stop. The question is still: who decides what the goal is and what gets implemented? I fear that it will just split up the discussion even more. Also, it would split the (multi) player base, making it harder to find games with people who have a similar rating as you and as already mentioned, it increases the development effort.
  3. sidenote: having just plain percentages would make it quite easy to have something invulnerable. 100 == immune. A missing receiver could additionally mean immune. But sure there are some downsides to only use percentages.
  4. I mean, if we stick to the discrete levels, sure why not. Then it's more of a philosophical question if player should understand exactly what happens or if its enough to understand that more == better
  5. Indeed, thank you @vladislavbelov
  6. I figured but I still don't understand why you care about that specific point, if it doesn't change anything about the gameplay itself. Hmm I get the point, but isn't that debatable? You could still have a tech/ hero that gives +X% resistance and personally I find it easier to keep the percentages in mind, as they have a clear meaning. well, you could write 98% no need to get into the decimals. seem like the consensus on every topic. lol. But the point is that it is not clear to a new player (or even to many experienced player) what +1 Resistance means. 10% hack resistance is much more clear imo.
  7. lol but why? As you said, it wouldn't even change anything about the gameplay. The question is why do we need resistance levels in the first place and can't just use the percentages?
  8. Thanks to the FAQ https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/FAQ#Gameplay and to the very length discussion here: I finally have an idea about what the nebulous resistance levels do. Which raises the question: Why is it so complicated in the first place ? I don't think that many people know what those values mean. How about dropping the resistance levels and the obscure exponential calculation and just use percentages that everybody understand? E.g. 10 hack attack on a unit with 50% hack resistance = 5 Damage. Am I missing some hidden uses cases of the resistance levels?
  9. Generally I agree moving them to a filter may be enough. But for the sake of the argument itself: quality over quantity. related: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decision_fatigue https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overchoice
  10. exactly That would have been my preferred solution, but the unlocking code doesn't allow something like this at the moment (at least as far as I know).
  11. Agreed that everybody starts with Acropolis bay, but if you have played that one and then want to try another one which looks bad in comparison you still get a worse impression of the game.
  12. So basically just rename the tech? If so, then what actual name should we use? I haven't seen that much concensus
  13. taking the lead is a bit of a blurry description. Do you mean as in 'writing down how the game currently works' or as in 'how it should work' ? The latter will probably cause some conflict e.g. making or contributing to a design document would also require some kind of decision or knowledge about what features will be implemented in the future and which just won't make the cut. E.g. secondary weapons. phase 4, new civs ect. Generally I would like to help out with that task, but it is unclear what *exactly* the task contains. ______ Hmm sure, some things are better / quicker to discuss in real time (so it might be a good option to have some kind of regular internal chats), but I think the asynchronous communication is actually a strength of the development process. I think it's mostly a problem of diverging ideas about how the game should play and discussing something like that means emotional investment which just cost a lot of energy.
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