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  1. ok, i just misinterpreted the manual. And i already thought that having to know the filenames is quite complicated for a fun cheat.
  2. Well, that is surprising. i tried some random songs from https://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/ps/trunk/binaries/data/mods/public/audio/music retro me Celtica.ogg retro me In_the_Shadow_of_Olympus.ogg retro me Land_between_the_two_Seas.ogg retro me Harvest_Festival.ogg dont work. i.e when i type them in it switches to this song on repeat without any 8 bit sound. retro me off takes me back to the normal soundtrack. And retro me 0_8Bit_Bonus_Track.ogg plays an 8 bit song, but now that i think abut it probably only because it is 8 bit in the first place.
  3. Im not sure if this has already been fixed for svn, but i have not found a ticket on trac after a quick search, and it would be funny to have
  4. pretty sweet. Especially if you type in chat: retro me with cheats enabled.
  5. probably unrelated, but i was looking a few times at the progress in trac in the last weeks and often get a 503 error, saying that the service is unavailable due to capacity problems. Is this normal for trac or is there just that much traffic going on? / or is it just my problem?
  6. What i found one of the most useful resources to learn blender stuff is this guy here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeBUfMKKZDo maybe it helps you as well.
  7. I quite like the ambushing idea. That could lead to a more tactical gameplay & less whoever has more/better troops wins.
  8. According to wikipedia there are quite a few examples of women fighting on the battlefield. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women_in_ancient_warfare#2nd_century_BCE So why not make a certain percentage of fighters female. I mean we do have 15 variants of a mace
  9. I dont think there is a date set, but there is some very nice progress: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/roadmap but just for fun: It could be mid July next Year
  10. For some reason i am not able to change the hotkeys for attackmove & for the idle worker selection. It doesnt matter If i put: hotkey.session.attackmoveUnit = "Ctrl" hotkey.selection.idleworker = "Period" in the user.cfg or in the local.cfg it will not work. But all other hotkeys that i changed in there do work... Does anyone has an Idea why that may be?
  11. really awesome mod I think the especially the overlay for the units that are currently produced can be a big help if you are not a pro player, so you don't forget to keep producing more. Therefore my only feedback is that you might want to change the title of this thread, because i briefly looked over it here in the forum and also saw one of @mysticjim videos and just thought that this mod is only a nice addition if your watching a replay or if you're spectating. (And not that you can also use it while playing)
  12. Not sure if you are looking for more suggestions for your mod, but something i always wish that the game would have is an overview of the units or tecs that are being produced/ researched at the moment, so you dont have to check your control groups or every few seconds to see if they are idle. Something like this: (upper right corner) I was always wondering if am the only one for whom this might be helpful. But anyways, really great mod. It does enhance the gameplay quite a bit.
  13. ha, yes i do. And i have tried it just now, when i disable the mod, the post processing artifacts are gone. The GLSL flickering on the other hand is still there. So at the end it only seems to be a problem with the intel gpu. But i look forward to trying the new version of autociv when it is finished
  14. Thanks that was the problem indeed. I had to force windows to use the right GPU. My mistake was to assume that it would automatically choose the NVIDIA for games. Still odd that the built in card has these problems.
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