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  1. Not sure about Fedora but I used Snap on Ubuntu. I guess you can do same.
  2. Awesome huge list! Respect guys!
  3. Now it's in stable. But I am confused, it got automatically updated to A26 for me. I have done anything... How's that possible?
  4. P.S. https://snapcraft.io/0ad I see 25 here as well.
  5. I am currently using Snap and I want to stay. For some reason I still have 25 for stable: > latest/stable: 0.0.25b-alpha 2022-09-21 (485) 1GB - I will check why... Thx. P.S. i have older ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  6. How to install on Ubuntu Linux? AppImage only?
  7. Can someone create 0AD channel (?) on Youtube so I can tag 0 A.D. as category for my upload? This is example of another game: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-1if4nAJ2mo35NgNMjbXJA and it's visible below video like here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EoY6HHzmvE
  8. Thx, I noticed these in some stream... I have resistance to install it - as I feel it also makes game kind of unbalanced...
  9. Thanks for the efforts made up until now! Btw, I had more issues with terrain/space for expansion and later metal/stone when opponent had like 15-20k metal&stone reachable within build range in P2. I had like 1k-2k.
  10. But that guy who developed mod, couldn't he do it directly in basic 0AD? However, it is annoying, but I guess it's not the highest priority. It's just important to have it in "backlog".
  11. Thanks to you and Gurken. I was looking for Mainland Balanced before, but I thought it's map, not mod and couldn't find guide. I will try this definitely. Does it fix stone and metal mines? I see only Food and Wood are mentioned. But still, problem is that I can't play with people who doesn't have that mod... Should we report this to someone to include in next releases?
  12. I guess it's known issue and will be solved in next release?
  13. Again! Wtf is going on with these maps?! This time I chose map, tho... Do I miss something? He had much more resources that he can reach on P2... Attached is video. 0AD_wtf_2.mp4
  14. I just played against Gonzalo1995 on Northern Island... Wtf is this map? I didn't have place to build structure and go P3 b/c my part of map is surrounded with cliffs. Attached is video of how it looks. 0AD_wtf.mp4
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