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  1. And tell more about yourself, like are you new in 0ad, did you play some other RTS, credit card number, expiry time and CVS code, name & surname, address , e-mail, gmail password, etc.
  2. Doesn't show up. I am curious how it looks and how people reacted? I think we need such competitive map for 1v1 rated games... Mainland / Mainland balanced has too much of all resources in mainbase, imho.
  3. @Grapjas Does this works with new release? If yes, where I need to install ? Tried in "mods/user/maps/skirmishes/Valleys" but doesn't work.
  4. 0 A.D. - Simple build order and strategy for beginners to win 1400 rating players 5 steps to win most of online games on lower/mid level. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Y4e4L_yEH0 )
  5. @_chocolateI've just made video tutorial - check it if you have free time ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Y4e4L_yEH0 )
  6. P.S. a bit more on macro... Produce 50-60 womens, 10-12 farms, make 1:1 or 1:2 ratio of melee:ranged units. Before attack make sure you split womens on food and wood (for example 1:1 for Britons), make ~10 barracks and hotkey them so you can re-produce army quickly. After/durring attack or a little before you can eventually go P2, make 2 forges and market so you can go p3, make upgrades and buy needed resources for P3 stuff. Eventually temple and healers. But this will require some iron miners, too. After that, things on P3 are a bit more complex, but i guess it'd be already gg on most of lower level games if your macro timings are perfect. You can actually have training against Bot. Just make sure you are consistent with timings which you can compare with ones from posted Youtube videos. @_chocolate
  7. Maybe send replay /replays so people give advice? What Rating you play against? For lower level strat is: macro perfectly > make pop cap before opponent > attack > gg (macro is good if you have pop 100 on min 7:30 and don't float or stale resources/houses) Trust me, RTSes are more simple then it looks - it's how it works in most of RTSes on lower levels. On higher level you will need timely tech, upgrades, heroes, take map control, use Catas, etc. ....... Sources for eco guides: ValihrAnt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xvWViu4W_8 Weirdjokes/0AD Newbie Rush: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EB404qwQz0I
  8. Idk what's chicken rush, but I don't worry anymore. Now I improved skills a bit so I can make Cavs, scout and fight if player is not too much better. It can be annoying b/c of hunt unbalance, but that's another issue in 0AD - unbalanced maps... @seeh Yeah booming to P3 is annoying but that's not what happens on higher level games, that's about players skills... And people work on that via Community mod IIRC trying to make p2 aggression more viable (more weapon upgrades) which is fine for me. How to play against weaker players? Well, I can't force others how to play, but I'd say just don't do rushes and stomp them in 2 mins. Either don't play and explain it gently or give them some chance to practice macro and give them chance to watch replays. + some tips. For example I got awesome tip from someone about using ALT to target 1 ranged unit with 3 my units. Guy (forgot who) showed me how that ensure he wins equal fights every time. Advices and gently behavior is crucial I'd say. ........ Another thing, maybe we can think about making more 1v1 tournaments with some quality streams. I guess it's way to advertise game...
  9. @user1 Raffut1969 (1638) left rated game when it was clearly I won (1260). commands.txt
  10. Not sure it will help to this topic, but one thing I was bothered while trying to improve is early rushes (like skipping Storehouse and Farm and making cav) from significantly better players than me. This can be especially annoying when you have more hunt around CC... I saw it's almost normal thing on higher level games but it can piss off beginners. Maybe it's more fair to not even start game and gently say "bro we are too different skills, sorry it will be boring for both of us". I personally avoid playing aggressive when I play against weaker player otherwise. Currently I don't care to be rushed - I want to try to scout on time, but maybe for other to think about. cu guys!
  11. Guys can I increase Pan Speed? I know I can use MiddleMouse but I want also to speed up default movement...
  12. For me 95% of my hostings, people can't join. After that, if I restart 0ad, in 90% of cases it works. @vinmeYou talk about DDOS or "can't connect"?
  13. Huh, sorry. You linked wrong thread but I found on my own: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/67875-ratings-disputes-and-offence-reporting/page/8/#comments (I don't find option to remove the previous message)
  14. Offender: Raffut1969. Reason: Lost everything and leaved rated match without resign. @user1 commands.txt
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