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Found 10 results

  1. New and Updated Skirmish maps in Delenda Est. (I'll update this thread periodically) Crocodilopolis
  2. X marks the spot 2v2v2v2 or 4v4 - Grapjas This map has been inlcuded in my mod with features as position randomnization, obstruction templates, and custom iber defense setup (on start of the game). Download here New mod: Grapejuice - Game Modification - Wildfire Games Community Forums
  3. Hi all, Description: Made a new map. The place is fictional. It's overall design is meant to be balanced for both teams and thus i aimed this map to be played at both a casual, but mainly competitive scale. General info: Map size: Normal Players: 8 Layout: Top-side against bottom (However, you could get creative with a different setup) Biome: Desert Resources available: Enough (Depending on game length ofcourse) Key features: Aimed for balance for each lane. The enemy on the opposite side has the same reso
  4. I tried to balance this map for PvP play https://raw.githubusercontent.com/andy5995/0ad-maps/trunk/maps/skirmishes/Cliffs_of_Carnage_4v4_8p.xml https://raw.githubusercontent.com/andy5995/0ad-maps/trunk/maps/skirmishes/Cliffs_of_Carnage_4v4_8p.pmp
  5. 2v5 Deaths_Doorway_2v5_7.xml Deaths_Doorway_2v5_7.pmp 3v5 Deaths_Doorway_3v5_8.xml Deaths_Doorway_3v5_8.pmp https://github.com/andy5995/0ad-maps/tree/trunk/maps/skirmishes
  6. A 3v3 map; all players start on a modified continent map surrounded by water, with a large lake in the middle. May not be balanced for PVP games. You can get the two files from https://github.com/andy5995/0ad-maps/tree/trunk/maps/skirmishes aa2020_3_modified_continent_6p.xml aa2020_3_modified_continent_6p.pmp
  7. This one has 5 Gaia temples and 2 Gaia lighthouses, each protected by some Gaia combat units. aa2020-7-Latium-2v4_6p.xml aa2020-7-Latium-2v4_6p.pmp https://github.com/andy5995/0ad-maps/tree/trunk/maps/skirmishes
  8. This is a lightly modified version of the Corinthian Isthmus skirmish map. It puts players 1 & 2 next to each other, and adds an extra player to the other side. aa2020-5-modified-Corinthian Isthmus_5p.xml aa2020-5-modified-Corinthian Isthmus_5p.pmp https://github.com/andy5995/0ad-maps/tree/trunk/maps/skirmishes
  9. One of my first attempts at 0 A.D. map making. A 2v3 skirmish map, I created for me and a friend to play vs the AI. It puts us closer together at start, and pits us against 3 AI at the other end of the map. To make this map, I used a randomly generated version of Mainland, set for "Giant" sized (although because the sides are inaccessible, the total land area is about 30% less than a standard Giant sized map. aa2020-2_skirmish_map-
  10. A 2v3 map, intended for 2 human players versus the AI. The 2 human players bases are very close together. Updates and other maps can be downloaded from my 0ad Maps GitHub repo. aa2020-1_0.0.1.7z
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