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Found 7 results

  1. Here I want to ask you to provide us with ideas for new random maps or suggestions to improve the existing ones. Also please fell free to report every bug you found. Some notes: The bug reports shouldn't be about resource inequality because these are random maps after all. For e.g. "I played that map and my enemy had two metal mines in his side but I had only one" isn't relevant because the maps are designed to be like this. Players have a set of starting resources that are going to serve them until they find a good deposit or build a market and a couple of mines. Ideas of maps with a fixed shape (For example, a map that looks exactly like Greece) are not accepted. They would fall into the "Skirmish" category which is going to be implemented somewhere in future. Please think about player placement in maps you are going to suggest. Someone might play an 8 player game in a tiny map. The map must be open enough for such a case. A map with too many entities/actors would be problematic so a forest heavy map is out of our reach. Mods, can you please Pin this topic? Thank you all.
  2. A 3v3 map; all players start on a modified continent map surrounded by water, with a large lake in the middle. May not be balanced for PVP games. You can get the two files from https://github.com/andy5995/0ad-maps/tree/trunk/maps/skirmishes aa2020_3_modified_continent_6p.xml aa2020_3_modified_continent_6p.pmp
  3. A new random map that'll get included with the next release of cm2: Stan's Sorrow (some code pinched from the Ardennes Forest map; thanks @maroder) Some of the heights are randomly generated and will be different every time the map loads. Supports 5 different team placements: circle, Beside Allies, stronghold, line, random group.
  4. I tried to balance this map for PvP play https://raw.githubusercontent.com/andy5995/0ad-maps/trunk/maps/skirmishes/Cliffs_of_Carnage_4v4_8p.xml https://raw.githubusercontent.com/andy5995/0ad-maps/trunk/maps/skirmishes/Cliffs_of_Carnage_4v4_8p.pmp
  5. Jammy figured out an algorithm to put teammates closer together when a random map is generated. https://github.com/andy5995/0ad-maps/tree/trunk/maps/random On Linux, these 2 files can be placed into `~/.local/share/0ad/mods/user/maps/random`. The Windows directory is similar but I'm not exactly sure the location. AndJam_mainland.js AndJam_mainland.json
  6. Hello everyone! May 15, 2020 So I (@HappyConcepts) am clearly not an artist but ...I like RTS So I am very happy indeed to present my mod for your gaming pleasure. Let’s feed your soul with pursuit of princely treasure! Aye pirates ! Plenty of ships we find laden with cinnamon, silver, or ivory or gold! In this life of adventure, lad You will ne’er grow old Aye pirates , known as scourge of the seas and the shallows! Yet I have known many who Would not rightly deserve gallows There be many with letters of Marque those Kingsmen … those killers! Those wretched devils! Those privateers! Those frigates wreck’d and those thund’ring nines! Watery graveyards remember no crimes. Aye mates rejoice! Brethren drink in this night! Aye pirates! For freedom! For treasure! For fun! For the fight! Ummm yes I look forward to as much input as possible. The art is obviously lacking at the point but there are several hundred hours of play-testing put in over the past 13 months and I must say I really enjoy playing this mod! I hope you enjoy it and please post questions, ideas, suggestions here! The github should be up soon ... Please stay safe, COVID is a killer in these unprecedented times!
  7. Here's just another approach to generate terrain in Random Map Scripts. Aim - Realistic Terrain - Great Variety (see screenshots or better try it yourself) - Fast Generation (about 10 sec for a Giant Map) - Parameters to tweak (For a more general purpose of this approach) Parameters easy to tweak and fast to implement with this method: - General Terrain Shape (Island, Islands, Highland, Continent, Lake, ...) - Terrain Smoothness (Already implemented) - Water Coverage - Max. Water Depth - Amount of Plains/Mountains - Amount of Resources close to the start positions - Amount of Resources in total - Wind Speed/Direction (Changes Erosion, could also change cloud speed, water (e.g.) waviness and (if implemented) how far/fast trees swing) Other things that could be tweaked but are to slow yet (or not implemented at all): - Water Erosion forming riverbeds (implemented for RMS but to slow, see here, No ingame implementation). - Water actually flowing ingame or at least forming lakes at different hight (No ingame implementation). With an interface implemented to choose (some of) those parameters before game creation (then given to RMGEN) this could also be used to generate more "random" random maps. Task of this topic and the actual RMS Since there is some (reasonable) doubt that this can lead to playable maps at all the task of this topic and the map (hopefully) evolving here is to demonstrate that a well playable realistic random map can be generated this way (and even faster than the average random map as is now). So it's only meant as a proof of concept to later (hopefully) add support to choose parameters from the GUI and then generate the map according to those parameters. First fast actualization The first implementation mainly generates a realistic hightmap (well, more realistic than the average random map or scenario). Then some simple and fast global erosion functions smoothen the hightmap (decay (gravity, sun, low seismic activity) and wind). I just added some terrain textures from the random biome system and some actors (this is far from final - I just threw them in). So the focus is ATM the realistic hightmap which can be later improved for playability. Screenshots Some random screenshots to show the vast variety (already - without any parameter changed): The map: RealisticTerrainDemo2013-9-22.zip NOTE: This is an old version of the map! Later ones are added to later posts.
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