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  1. I placed some trees as decals ... but as a feature and not a bug. Because in the mod the view is that not all trees are suitable for lumber.lumber.S SSo in Aye Pirates mod (it's for A23 and less than 100 MB size) you may find some fun. Note: Aye Pirates mod has not yet upgraded to Alpha 24. Its WIP.
  2. What ... is this palm tree deleted in A24? And would these scripts also update scenario maps or only skirmish maps?
  3. Let me know when you want to stop trying to make excuses and start a discussion instead. Nothing wrong with you working on your lone youtube channel project to make your ego happy. What's wrong in my book is your attitude toward other's projects and so I think that isn't what 0 AD needs from a PR perspective. I suspect its your ego but I am only speculating. and BTW I gave a view to your 4v4 rumble video posted today. @mysticjim
  4. But my question was about this. Who liked your answer?
  5. @Stan` Since March is less than a month so rtz is fairly new in that role? How hard is that snap do you know?
  6. My word count, post count, etc, is so low that I don't think you have noticed yet that I abhor drama? So you are apparently OK with breaking changes crippling modders. But that's not LOL in my book . Why would you encourage further marketing of the current anti-modder paradigm by focusing on PR instead? What future does that lead 0 A.D. toward?
  7. And I respect you @Angen thank you for the data. Yes one diff. Two years ago. And the experience was so bad for me because of the, as @Stan` has stated, elitism. Please do not ignore like the others. i posted here twice last night. My other post, about the lack of WFG providing a Linux build of A24 for Ubuntu 18.04, is being ignored, for example, in favor of everyone chiming in here.
  8. It is not my duty to hold you accountable @mysticjim to your own words but here is a friendly reminder quote. When you write so many words that you ignore or "dont remember" what you've said.
  9. And @mysticjim with your anti attitude against "lone indie devs" etc on top of a fairly poor job marketing your youtube from a traffic perspective...I am afraid I dont see how you are the solution.
  10. I have been available to contribute for over a year yet have been generally ignored, discounted, LOL'ed and on top of that in the face of all the breaking changes in a24 specificly shat on by the geoup as a 0AD modder. Even if I wanted to upgrade 18.04 to A24 (like earlier today) the PPA is still A23. But somehow this was productive until I showed up.
  11. What is holding up the release of the alpha 24 files at the wfg PPA on launch pad? I just tried to update my 0.23b but there are no new files there!?
  12. Yes please! I would be much obliged. The scenario map is likely best for that. This community is so helpful.
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