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  1. Wow I like your thinking on this. Less micro to gather too. What is EA a new mod?
  2. When I think about this then I worry that one would need a server to play single player?
  3. V 0.92 of Aye Pirates has a large changelog and some known bugs but I am mostly happy with it. capture the relic for 10 minutes on the large map is fun i think.
  4. I just patched Aye Pirates (version 0.92) and it works fine on my ryzen. If anyone has a problem playing AP on mac or BSD please let me know? My mod is only for alpha version 23 (the one from 2018) so maybe it'll still work for some of you. 0.92 is available
  5. I would very much like to see custom names it's a great idea
  6. Can I ask if you are using a random generator or else is the terrain handmade? I think my aye pirates mod needs a skirmish map but I would be making my first one...unless you might be interested to make one
  7. Too many words. Let me try to balance it out with just a few: Games are balanced. Art projects and history are not. A historical art project game is ... 0 A.D A23 Dilemma. Indeed.
  8. @LordGood made the muskets. And thank you for the feedback! I like the cannon sounds too but it might be too much low end over speakers.
  9. Is there a cross-compartment bug in CGame::ReallyStartGame, line 329 affecting A23?
  10. Are you wanting to play on a really large map ... or is it more bout making the map 2D with a top down perspective?
  11. Thank you for the notification @Freagarach can you say the impact on garrisoned ships? I dont know if a ship by design is more like a turret or a building!
  12. I made 'em In some cases its a salesman from my previous work. He yelled in to my phone and i paid him 2 Mcchicken sandwiches for all rights in perpetuity. He probably got the better end of the deal.
  13. Ahh ... A meta approach to balancing for DE heros? Alas it is a challenge I am somewhat familiar with since I am at a similar stage with the Aye Pirates mod. Apologies for not knowing DE better, but with AP I started with four basic "advantage" paths that a hero can buff into ... all with aura ... then added a fifth (economic via trade): Attack Damage / Attack speed Armor Move speed Loyalty (resist capture) TradeGain Its fun to play so far... if you have other advantage mechanics in DE I say use them. i want more stealth for example.
  14. This mitigates "dancing" if the splash damage catches the dancer, anyhow that was my thinking last month. I put 10m range splash damage for cannon in the Aye Pirates mod ... but I'm not a dancer so I cannot confirm that it is effective.
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