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  1. @MoLAoS hey how can I get involved with glest? Im not an artist but anything else goes
  2. wood stone metal food are defined in resources.js and apply universally. The techs are in another folder and also support faction-specific technologies too. So in my mod the Dutch have a mercantile tech upgrade whereas the French get a different one. Technologies can be defined as a pair so that the player is able to utilize only one or the other but not both. Buildings are just like units, requiring food metal etc. or whatever else you add to resources. Here look at the files on github.. /simulation/data/ on github
  3. Greetings @MoLAoS. I ve been told by management to go away but if it helps you ... Resources defined in /resources.js are used to make buildings and units. But then you need to adjust the UI to show your new resources to the player. This was as of version alpha 23b at least.
  4. The ships in fork A.D. are nice.
  5. https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1751 "unhandled exception" in both firefox and chrome @Stan`
  6. @Ceres but performance issues aside, I like your suggestions and perhaps some could be tried in a mod if its too intensive for the base version of 0 a.d.
  7. No they shouldn't. Unless you are a one handed gamer. Or you cannot count past 8 up to 10 Or cannot be bothered to choose where to click to send your units in the game you are playing. Or cannot be troubled to look away from the glorious artistic vision of your civic Center long enough to manage your units. But Im a gamer.
  8. @Kim There are many more mods available for that "severly outdated" version 23b of 0 A.D. So I would not call it severely outdated. If security of your pc is important to you then of course think about where you are downloading from. Flatpack, snap, etc may introduce the vulnerabilities that you do not want. You deserve to know these things from the "official" maintainers of 0 A.D.
  9. Oh but the 0 a.d. art project looks good at that point. If you expect to play a game instead of an art project ...
  10. You ask us to clean up the A24 mess made by @borg- and @Nescio Why these elitists cannot clean up their own mess? They make new fo3um names and move the circus along huh Seriously.
  11. Not until you try my mod. And I always follow the rules. Why do you spread FUD about me?
  12. Look at this ship patch. This doesnt streamline anything and does not change balance.
  13. So where are borg and nescio. They were the chief egotists as I recollect. I have 5 yrs python but nescio chose to grief my first patch...
  14. I like this idea of reducing each mine's resources. Stone mines were already reduced like this in Aye Pirates, but there is also a buffed trading mechanic for stone (it fetches a higher price) and the stone mines are spawned away from starting CCs. So a few different deltas for stone... and it works ok for me atm so I thought I would share it.
  15. I think Wildfire Games as the maintainer should make an official linux release that they stand behind, as the official maintainer. WFG is not being accountable to only offer a download from "other" sources such as other parties' PPA and snap installs. What is the security problem with 0 A. D.? Too much telemetry e.g. spying? Too little GDPR compliance? We can only speculate when there is such a loud silence over non delivery of the game.
  16. Who created this problem in Alpha 24 by disrupting the build requirements for stone? I have been modding for two years now. Would be nice to see some effective use of y'all's time. Instead of these mindless changes just for the sake of someone's ego and to pad their commit history. Would be nice ...
  17. I read your post but I still do not understand the problem. There is choice how you procure stone. Thats a good thing.
  18. So you are unable to find the map in the selection screen for Scenarios? If so then make sure you put your map into the yourmodname/maps/Scenarios/ directory and then reload the mod.
  19. I placed some trees as decals ... but as a feature and not a bug. Because in the mod the view is that not all trees are suitable for lumber.lumber.S SSo in Aye Pirates mod (it's for A23 and less than 100 MB size) you may find some fun. Note: Aye Pirates mod has not yet upgraded to Alpha 24. Its WIP.
  20. What ... is this palm tree deleted in A24? And would these scripts also update scenario maps or only skirmish maps?
  21. Let me know when you want to stop trying to make excuses and start a discussion instead. Nothing wrong with you working on your lone youtube channel project to make your ego happy. What's wrong in my book is your attitude toward other's projects and so I think that isn't what 0 AD needs from a PR perspective. I suspect its your ego but I am only speculating. and BTW I gave a view to your 4v4 rumble video posted today. @mysticjim
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