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  1. Idk what's chicken rush, but I don't worry anymore. Now I improved skills a bit so I can make Cavs, scout and fight if player is not too much better. It can be annoying b/c of hunt unbalance, but that's another issue in 0AD - unbalanced maps... @seeh Yeah booming to P3 is annoying but that's not what happens on higher level games, that's about players skills... And people work on that via Community mod IIRC trying to make p2 aggression more viable (more weapon upgrades) which is fine for me. How to play against weaker players? Well, I can't force others how to play, but I'd say just don't do rushes and stomp them in 2 mins. Either don't play and explain it gently or give them some chance to practice macro and give them chance to watch replays. + some tips. For example I got awesome tip from someone about using ALT to target 1 ranged unit with 3 my units. Guy (forgot who) showed me how that ensure he wins equal fights every time. Advices and gently behavior is crucial I'd say. ........ Another thing, maybe we can think about making more 1v1 tournaments with some quality streams. I guess it's way to advertise game...
  2. @user1 Raffut1969 (1638) left rated game when it was clearly I won (1260). commands.txt
  3. Not sure it will help to this topic, but one thing I was bothered while trying to improve is early rushes (like skipping Storehouse and Farm and making cav) from significantly better players than me. This can be especially annoying when you have more hunt around CC... I saw it's almost normal thing on higher level games but it can piss off beginners. Maybe it's more fair to not even start game and gently say "bro we are too different skills, sorry it will be boring for both of us". I personally avoid playing aggressive when I play against weaker player otherwise. Currently I don't care to be rushed - I want to try to scout on time, but maybe for other to think about. cu guys!
  4. Guys can I increase Pan Speed? I know I can use MiddleMouse but I want also to speed up default movement...
  5. For me 95% of my hostings, people can't join. After that, if I restart 0ad, in 90% of cases it works. @vinmeYou talk about DDOS or "can't connect"?
  6. Huh, sorry. You linked wrong thread but I found on my own: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/67875-ratings-disputes-and-offence-reporting/page/8/#comments (I don't find option to remove the previous message)
  7. Offender: Raffut1969. Reason: Lost everything and leaved rated match without resign. @user1 commands.txt
  8. Offender: Raffut1969. Reason: Lost everything and leaved rated match without resign. I hate him - this was first game I won in 2 days. (Alaric Pularic said he did same to him btw) commands.txt
  9. Anyone tips for this match... I lost twice in row from same BO. He went pop 100 on 7:30. Is this some cheat (he has only 5 ranked games) or Mauryas have so quick boom or 2 barracks is game changer or what...? I've done some micro mistakes but is that really that big considering that I had ranged attack upgrade and stronger ranged units + some spearmans ? What would be your general suggestion to counter this? Do scout and do same BO, ie. delay P2/P3? Make more towers? Make different unit composition? Cav. rush? commands.txt
  10. Hehe, you really enjoy the game. It's fine. Contrary, I like challenge, high level plays. I like work on improving myself and diving into details of a game. I'd say I take RTS games as sport. I'd compare it chess with additional elements of physical (fingers, eyes, mouse/keyboard usage) and mind (fast and proper reactions) plat. I really don't care much about graphics, characters, etc. We are all different, which is nice.
  11. There was a Friendly Tournament few months ago, just for that reason, afaik. It's nice way to test changes and revive 1v1 scene. I'd like to see it. P.S. with the hardest AI you can use boom (Economy Build) and send entire army or place CC expansion in his face and he is dead. Very booring.
  12. Random question: I was told that people can somehow install cheats. I know for option in lobby, but can they do it without that option? How can I prevent that?
  13. Thx for strat idea. 20 clubmen (7.0 crush x 20 = 140) will need 25 sec to kill Britons CC (27% resistance, 2400 health). Until then I will be overwhelmed and die. But anyways, these are all P2 military units which can't collect resources. They would be wipped out with Javeliners who can collect.... P.S. and with this suggested BO, I must pray God to not be attacked into main base without Towers and Fortress?
  14. So I can only sit in base but I need to spam towers and build Fortress ASAP. Sounds strange. Idk what CS units to build with civ like Kushites? Look at my Replay I just had. I had more infantry and caught him a little bit out of position. He had few upgrades true, but it was just massacre with equal armies. Should I've built more Pikemans? (I know I should went P3 but I wanted to catch him and make some chaos and kill few units...) BeTeKushites.txt
  15. I have counter question, how to attack enemy base with archer infantry? They are weaker and slower than other ranged units and especially against Pikemans. So once I get in ranged units range, I am dead. If I retreat they are faster and they can chase and hit me.
  16. Hm, then it would be 1 click download directly from 0AD > Seetings > Mods, right? Idk, it would make it easier to test, but not sure if you want to have unfinished mods there...
  17. Fixed few details... Anyone knows why batch training doesn't work anymore? 0ad_fewer_units-0.0.3.zip
  18. If someone wants to try. Changes: [x]Units double cost [x]double time to build [x]double attack [x]double health [x]double gather rate [x]double capture rate (ie. capturables regeneration x0.5) [ ]Buildings will have less garison capacity [ ]Fields&Resources will be reduced to 2x less worker capacity. etc. [x]House 2x less pop bonus 0ad_fewer_units-0.0.2.zip
  19. @alreOh, I did added 2x health, not sure why I added also resistance. If someone wants to try, I attached mod. I think this should be used in TGs where lag is insane! 0ad_fewer_units-0.0.1.zip
  20. @alreAh yeah. Omg, initially I had plan to increase health but I messed up with resistance. Yes double arrows or double power of arrows... Not sure what's better... I guess it's same.
  21. Guys maybe we should stream more on Twitch which is gaming service afaik. https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/0 A.D. There are ~900 subs for this game. You guys can use restream.io which gives free streaming to 2 channels so you can stream to Youtube and Twitch in same time. Also, there are 2 games there for some reason.... (https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/0 A.D%3A Empires Ascendant)
  22. But less health: https://gitlab.com/0ad/0ad-community-mod-a26/-/merge_requests/22/diffs. And also this which I am not sure what modifies: https://gitlab.com/0ad/0ad-community-mod-a26/-/merge_requests/23/diffs Walk speed is same for me with and without comm-mod.
  23. Punished for not-turtling... Cavs are even nerfed in community-mod, right? Anyways, nice to watch active POV like that... Also you can put 0 A.D. Empires Ascendant for Youtube Game option, but you must type "Empires Asc..." in Search. If you try to search by "0 a.d..." or something like that it will not work.
  24. Nice. I do same, also hard for me as I started to actually listen notes and intervals in my 30s... But I found that process of learning and catching notes to be funny and challenge.. Success doesn't matter for me as I sing and play for myself, so nobody will listen fortunately. It's also relaxing and I feel positive impact on my feelings/brain/ mind/soul.
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