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  1. Not sure about Fedora but I used Snap on Ubuntu. I guess you can do same.
  2. Awesome huge list! Respect guys!
  3. Now it's in stable. But I am confused, it got automatically updated to A26 for me. I have done anything... How's that possible?
  4. P.S. https://snapcraft.io/0ad I see 25 here as well.
  5. I am currently using Snap and I want to stay. For some reason I still have 25 for stable: > latest/stable: 0.0.25b-alpha 2022-09-21 (485) 1GB - I will check why... Thx. P.S. i have older ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  6. How to install on Ubuntu Linux? AppImage only?
  7. Can someone create 0AD channel (?) on Youtube so I can tag 0 A.D. as category for my upload? This is example of another game: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-1if4nAJ2mo35NgNMjbXJA and it's visible below video like here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EoY6HHzmvE
  8. Thx, I noticed these in some stream... I have resistance to install it - as I feel it also makes game kind of unbalanced...
  9. Thanks for the efforts made up until now! Btw, I had more issues with terrain/space for expansion and later metal/stone when opponent had like 15-20k metal&stone reachable within build range in P2. I had like 1k-2k.
  10. But that guy who developed mod, couldn't he do it directly in basic 0AD? However, it is annoying, but I guess it's not the highest priority. It's just important to have it in "backlog".
  11. Thanks to you and Gurken. I was looking for Mainland Balanced before, but I thought it's map, not mod and couldn't find guide. I will try this definitely. Does it fix stone and metal mines? I see only Food and Wood are mentioned. But still, problem is that I can't play with people who doesn't have that mod... Should we report this to someone to include in next releases?
  12. I guess it's known issue and will be solved in next release?
  13. Again! Wtf is going on with these maps?! This time I chose map, tho... Do I miss something? He had much more resources that he can reach on P2... Attached is video. 0AD_wtf_2.mp4
  14. I just played against Gonzalo1995 on Northern Island... Wtf is this map? I didn't have place to build structure and go P3 b/c my part of map is surrounded with cliffs. Attached is video of how it looks. 0AD_wtf.mp4
  15. @guerringuerrin Oh, nice. "U" shortcut was what I was looking for! Yeah I know this technique but didn't know this command @Gurken KhanWhy lame?! Isn't that standard! Thx for hints guys. btw, how can I kill women when I want to build hero units but reached pop limit?
  16. Yeah true. I was checking popup which is opened by right click on CC picture - not hover popup... So women does not add bonus arrows. Infantry add arrows , same number of arrows as garrisoned units. Yeah, it's more than worth microing... Although I am not sure what to do with womens from crop fields in case of attack... I am still not sure about garrisoned barracks or other buildings... Barracks is not showing same popup (number of arrows) as CC...
  17. I just tested with Spartans - no matter what I garrison in CC, I always see "3 arrows / 2 seconds". On Fandom Wiki it says: "Infantry garrisoned in a Civic Center add to the number of arrows fired." (https://0ad.fandom.com/wiki/Civic_Centre) But what is exact bonus? Is it worth to micro and garrison women in houses and infantry in CC? Impossible that nobody knows?!
  18. I just found this discussion and I like it. Countering is important in RTS games I guess so I want to bring my concerns into this discussion... It was about too many units on field: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/86939-why-units-are-produced-so-fast/ It's kind of boring if you need to do development for 15mins. and then just send blob with attack move. I guess we don't want 0AD to be like The Sims and similar games 1. I watched SC2, WC 2, AOE 2 - they all have small number of units and you can attack with smaller forces and make advance by microing. We should not "reinvent the wheel" and focus on things that these games are NOT doing properly. 2. Also I like countering system in OpenRA TD ( example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msDHcYf0Qqs )- the game has some issues and is different type than 0AD, but for examples: as GDI vs Nod faction you can't just go T2 and produce Medium Tanks if Nod is going 2x war factory on Tier 1 - they will be overmaneuvered and overwhelmed by T1 units... If you see Nod opponent has 2 War Factories you must build faster and cheaper units (Humvees) to clean his T1 army. If you do it and he scout it, then he must go Tier 2 and make stronger armored unit, etc. Then there are also air units which makes this even more interesting. Gdi's air is good again economy/harvesters, Nod's against infantry.... So all this will force you to scout and build proper units, not only big blobs.
  19. Indeed, what's point of these colors? Not sure if disrespectful, but it looks strange...
  20. I think we shouldn't discuss tournaments here - it requires completely separated and focused topic. Point is only that it would have good impact to player base.
  21. Also I think tournaments + it's streams would help as advertising/PR content. I know not easy but... It keep game more alive I guess.
  22. @Gurken Khan Awesome comments. Sorry for sound, I realized later. Should have waited for better video and then make this post... All clear. Did I start making Skiritais too early considering it's gather rates? When should I start building them?
  23. Yo guys. If anyone has time and will to watch, I streamed POV of my game with comments so wondering what I did wrong? Later I watched replay and gave some comments - was I right there? https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1584352141
  24. We should also stream POVs on Twitch.tv - it's also popular platform in gaming. And it's bizzare how easy is to stream using OBS. Once configured it's 2 clicks to start stream, literary. Like (1) open OBS and (2) click "Start recording". I encourage creative and people with good narration talents to start doing it. Btw, small feedback as newcomer to 0AD - the biggest issue is "unable to join host" problem. It's anyways annoying to wait for game and then you can't play with only person available b/c of this... Sending Wiki page of "how to open host on router" is not solution, imho.
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