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Found 5 results

  1. My proposition here is explain one of my obsession to give it to this game. Is a feature knew as neutral buildings, I will use Warcraft 3 official info in order to explain this feature because they were the first that I saw implement this in a RTS, after them AOE 3 do it the same with tradepost. ################################################################################ Neutral buildings appear at strategic locations on every map in Warcraft III. They are designated on the minimap as tiny golden houses. These neutral buildings can be used by any race. Any unit that comes within close range of a neutral building can use it. When a unit enters the vicinity of the building, an arrow usually appears over its head, indicating that the unit can click on the neutral buildings to do business, such as hiring mercenaries or buying magic items(here can be technologies). Some buildings have automatic benefits, and require nothing more than the presence of a unit nearby. Here are a few neutral buildings that have been sighted in the lands of Azeroth. You can also use the Select User button on the neutral building and click on the unit you want to use to activate the building. Neutral buildings are never actually owned by any one player. To use a neutral building, a player must move a unit within one cell (150 game units) of the neutral building. The building will then indicate that it is now active for the player and can be used. Once a unit has activated a neutral building, the player can left click on the building and receive a new command card with a list of commands indicating what can be done at the building. Units from opposing sides can use neutral buildings simultaneously. All neutral buildings are invulnerable. Neutral buildings' stock has a Cooldown indicator so you know how long you need to wait for an item/unit to be back in stock. Use neutral buildings at night to avoid the Creeps defending them. ############# ------ source: http://classic.battle.net/war3/neutral/buildings.shtml ----############# We can have different Mercenaries from a biome region.
  2. Like AoE series can be nice have our brand units. based in SCI fi or mythology even in Pre historic creatures. We are discussed this, but I don't found properly post. and Alexander enjoy design all type things May be based in toys, after all the cobra vehicle from AoE don't look like a toy? This an example Orva simple militar vehicle.
  3. Hello Everyone, I am back so I will be hosting a 2v2 tournament for 0A.D. Signups are here: https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/uysmnfglXt Instructions: Create a Team on challonge here (https://challonge.com/teams/new) you can feel free to link in to 0 A.D. Tournament Hub (https://challonge.com/communities/0ad) to make it easier for you. after doing so go to the members tab in your team page https://challonge.com/teams/{team_name}/memberships and put in your team members challonge username, then you can register for the tournament F.A.Q. Q: When is the Tournament? A: On October 20th, or earlier Q: How do I register for the Tournament? A: Go ahead to our Signups Page and go ahead and Register with your team (above), Alternatively you can Just reply on the Forums That you want to participate along side your In Game Name (IGN) and your partner and I'll Pop a message to you on the Forums. Q: Do I have to Check in for the Tournament? A:No, but I will send a confirmation email to you or message Q: If I want to Leave the Tournament before it starts can I do so? A: Yes, you can! If you registered on Challonge you can simply go here - https://challonge.com/0ad2v2/participant_settings and Click "Unregister" or tell me at least 4 days or more before it starts Q: What is it a Best of A: The Tournament is a BO3 Q: What Maps are being Played? A: Balanced Mainland, Sahel Watering Holes, and Team Oasis Q: What is the Map Size? A: Games will be played on the Normal sized map Q: If I want to contact me about something how should I? A: Respond to this post or email me at: derekowumi@gmail.com That Wraps up the FAQ Now the Rules and Game settings etc. Q: Where can I register? A: https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/uysmnfglXt Games' Setting: Population Limit: 300 Starting Resources: Low Mode: Conquest Spies: Allowed Treasure - On Explored Map: Off Revealed Map: Off Cheats: Disabled Game Speed: Normal (x1) Ceasefire: None Spectators: Allowed Tournament Rules: Recordings: Send Files to me via Email - derekowumi@gmail.com or Reply to this Post Play-style: Best of 3 2v2 Double Elimination Banning Phase: Both Players can ban 1 Civilizations (Bans affects both player and it can be canceled off) Maps used - Balanced Mainland, Sahel Watering Holes, and Team Oasis Player Ethics: Do not be rude Do not pause the game before loosing Do not Pause the game without asking for permission from your enemy and the host If any of these rules are broken you may be kicked or banned from the tournament completely If you're in any way interested feel free to register with any of the ways given. Wish you the best of luck in competing! Signups are here: https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/uysmnfglXt
  4. About 0 A.D. Tournament and I - Derek: 0 A.D. All Round Tournaments is an idea I had for a while as I had a love for the game and instant love for the game. The Tournament plans to allow players to have fun. The tournament will put you into one of 5 tournaments (Little League, Mid League, Big League, Pros end and Grande Finale) My name is Derek, I like Real-Time Strategy games which include 0 A.D., Call of War, Hearts of Iron IV, and many more I am quite a likeable person and I like to put what's in my mind into paper and make dreams into realities. I hope to become your friend and to see you compete in-game! Registration: Players who are interested in competing in the tournament have until June 20th, 2020 to state if they're competing or not To Register https://challonge.com/events/0ad click "tournaments" (Pick a tournament you want to attend), Click "0 A.D. All Round Tournament Participant" Click Next, and select then, Select the Tournaments you want to attend. Once done choosing Click "Proceed to Payment" (It's free) And fill out the information (You DON'T need to put your full name) For 1v1's: Put in your IGN (In Game Name) then Click next/Submit and you'll be in (You can check the Bracket) For Team Games (2v2, 3v3, 4v4) Put in your Game IGN as well and then type a team name. Submitting in your Request proceed to your profile then you will see a tab called "Teams" click on it and then click on the Team you created and invite your team member(s) if for some reason you cannot compete in the tournament anymore, just let us know on Skype or just un-register from the tournament (Brackets are automated) Tournament's Skype: https://join.skype.com/oAPN1gdYZ5gu Games' Setting: Population Limit: 300 Starting Resources: Low Speed: Normal Mode: Conquest Spies: Allowed Treasure - On Explored Map: Off Revealed Map: Off Spies: Allowed Cheats: Disabled Game Speed: Normal Ceasefire: None Spectators are allowed but must be approved - get to me on Skype. Tournament Rules: Recordings: Still Deciding how we will do it (Contact me if you can do it) Playstyle: Best of 1/3 (Your Choice) 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 Double Elimination (Losers and Winners Bracket) All Civilizations allowed Maps used - Sporades Island - Large for Round 1, Death Canon -Giant for Round 2, Belgian Bog - Large for Round 2 (2v2 - 4v4's are exempt from this and may use any map they please) Player Ethics: Do not be rude Do not pause the game before loosing Do not Pause the game without asking for permission from your enemy and the host If any of these rules are broken you may be kicked or banned from the tournament completely Connection Issues: If a player disconnects from a game the game will be paused and remain for 5 minutes in wait for the disconnected player to reconnect back if after 5 minutes the other player does not reconnect the player in waiting will win the match if connection errors continue throughout the matches. The player with connection issues must resign and forfeit their matches Reporting Scores: Game hosts will Report scores if the Game host did not report scores Please take a screenshot of each game end screen label them "Game 1" "Game 2" "Game 3." (Both Players must turn in the Screenshots as validity if the Game host didn't do so) Send them to me on Skype. Misc: If you're Having troubles Finding members go to the Post above this one If you have more than four people in your Team please post which people are Playing in the Team If you are having issues creating a Team go here: https://challonge.com/teams/new
  5. Come on people. 0ad is still being developed, shouldn't we still be modding the game So come on stop by say whats up, and lets get some mods and other content made for 0ad Will Update Blog with links for My abilities and ideas
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