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Found 3 results

  1. About 0 A.D. Tournament and I - Derek: 0 A.D. All Round Tournaments is an idea I had for a while as I had a love for the game and instant love for the game. The Tournament plans to allow players to have fun. The tournament will put you into one of 5 tournaments (Little League, Mid League, Big League, Pros end and Grande Finale) My name is Derek, I like Real-Time Strategy games which include 0 A.D., Call of War, Hearts of Iron IV, and many more I am quite a likeable person and I like to put what's in my mind into paper and make dreams into realities. I hope to become your fr
  2. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Documentation Team Roster ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ++Any Document Discussion out of our DM group is posted here++ As the title states above we will be using this thread to keep track of things still needing updated on trac Template: ------------------------------------------------------ * Link to outdated document: * Details: * Comments:
  3. We are looking for additional team members!!! As you probably might know, we are creating a mod that brings the middle ages to 0 A.D (starting with the early period). If you want to be part of the team and contribute, feel free to reply or PM me to apply. Currently we are looking for a variety of team members: 3D artists Mostly we want to re-use the game's art as that saves a lot of time and effort. Unfortunately that's not always possible (think of buildings and ships) and that is why we need 3D artists in our team. 2D artists Firstly we need texture artists to work on the newly created model
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