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  1. looks pretty sick this one looks like it's for a south asian civ maybe. what do you have in mind?
  2. Hello Wildfire Community I am wondering if any of you are interested in another 0 A.D. Tournament, I had hosted tournaments last year and I found it fun So I'm wondering if the community would be up for a 2021 tournament Feel free to reply!
  3. Yeah, you should've gotten an email from Challonge
  4. Sure I can play it like that, I was expecting more. just need all to confirm
  5. sadly the tournament didn't get many people signed up so I will have to cancel it. I'll be publishing a 1v1 version of this very soon within this week
  6. I think it's a nividia RTX, but I'll double check with him
  7. When playing with my friend his game looks pretty dark compared to mine also he had to remove GSL to make artifacts disapear. any helps
  8. Just wanted your thoughts. and IK that you aren't going to work
  9. @badosuis technically the person who is the organiser so I'd ask him
  10. Ah I forgot to change that. team can ban up to 1 civ. not both players because we don't have enough civs for that. Thank you for bringing tghat up
  11. Great do you use VSC or something I want to learn how to code a mod
  12. You also cannot Chat after the bug occurs
  13. @badosu there is a bug on resignation
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