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  1. Tournament is postponed to the 4th just realized sept first is a week day
  2. I’ll see if I can change the date
  3. @badosu Where is my old friend?
  4. Status Update, 26 Players more needed for the cash prize
  5. it's been updated on the leader boards
  6. no it is, but if the player gets a banned sim, he is forced to chose one yes allowed up to 2 times he will have 15 minutes to join back, if that is not met he will forfeit that match, if this is done on the second or first match, he is given another 15 minutes to join the second/third play-off. if he doesn't come then he automatically looses the match. Hope that answers your questions man!
  7. Alright it's been updated, I hope to see you play well!
  8. What's your ingame name + rating i'll update it for u dw
  9. It’s going to be in A25 as to hype up the community for the new release
  10. To add the links have been fixed please try to register
  11. Players are allowed to choose the same faction, as long as it wasn’t banned. I’ll set it at small as all games will be balanced. Group stages will put equally matched players in each
  12. Hello Everyone, It's been a long time since we've had a tournament. to set everything into motion we having our first cash cup tournament, in the pool is $50 and to celebrate our first one, everyone can join for free. Dates will be September 2nd - October 15th (estimated 1 - 2 rounds every Friday and Saturday) We'll be expecting at least 32 players to join more details below: Dates: September 2nd - October 15th (extensions if need be) How to Register: To register please, say your "in-game-name" and rating (also message me your email address for check-in) you need to register on challonge: https://challonge.com/0ad1v1 this is also where the bracket will be hosted How will the Games be Played? The Games will be a Best of 3 Matches Which Maps will be Played? Mainland, Libyan Oasis, and Death Canyon What should be the Map size(s) Games should be played on the Small or Medium Map Size If you want to contact me about something how should I? Respond to this post or email me at: derek@owumi.me Game Settings: Population Limit: 300 Starting Resources: Low Mode: Conquest Spies: Allowed Treasure - Off Explored Map: Off Revealed Map: Off Cheats: Disabled Game Speed: Normal (x1) Ceasefire: None Spectators: Allowed Tournament Rules: Recordings: Send Files to me via Email - derek@owumi.me or Reply to this Post Play-style: Best of 3 1v1 Double Elimination Banning Phase: Both Players can ban 1 Civilizations (Bans affects both player and it can be cancelled off) Player Ethics: Do not be rude Do not pause the game before loosing Do not Pause the game without asking for permission from your enemy and the host If any of these rules are broken you may be kicked or banned from the tournament completely If you're in any way interested feel free to register with any of the ways given. Wish you the best of luck in competing! Put questions in the comments sections
  13. Link: https://challonge.com/0AD1v1
  14. No problem if you rather just participate without winning money that isn’t an issue, I’ll create the registration link in a moment, note we need 30 more players
  15. Free entry and players will be paid via a voucher or a paypal transaction. if anyone is Down comment. I'll make the Bracket but we need a minimum of 32 players
  16. https://api.challonge.com/v1 check this out, maybe we could integrate it we just need a field for his api key, and ask which tournament. It’ could Link with the other players to Auto input scores
  17. Alright SUre I'm free in a few hours, I'll set up the Challonge board guys @PyrrhicVictoryGuy@Player of 0AD
  18. Hey guys I'm wondering if anyone is up for a $50 0 A.D. 1v1 Cashcup. the game would be 32 players, starting in Groups of 4, only 3 ppl from each group would enter the final stages, (8 groups) starting - 8 players would be eliminated. Games will only be allowed by players with similar timezones and a maximum of a 6 hr difference between players, exceptions can be made if the player is okay, if the player come 15 minutes late to the agreed time then it is forfeited (NO EXEMPTIONS) will be round robin for group stage
  19. Games have been canceled due to the lack of PLayers
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