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  1. Is there any more key things to add? Sect. 1 Rules: 1. No Dancing - Explain Dancing In the video 2. Have good sportsmanship Sect. 2 Group stage: Group stage is played as a bo1 for each match and will be played according to the the order of maps displayed. Balanced Mainland(s), Wrench(m), and Balanced Hyrcanian shores(m) Pick and Ban: During group stage I believe inforcing banning would be strong and quite hard so all the player should do is pick three DIFFERENT civs to play for each of his three matches. also match settings: Games' Setting: Population Limit: 300 Starting Resources: Low Mode: Conquest Spies: Allowed Treasure - On Explored Map: Off Revealed Map: Off Cheats: Disabled Game Speed: Normal (x1) Ceasefire: None Spectators: Allowed
  2. Yeah, I would heavily be great full if you make a video on the rules. I don’t think people want to read multiple paragraphs of documentation for a fun tournament
  3. Sure, that was your previous name in the game so I used that sorry
  4. Sure no problem I will start crafting the email draft then
  5. Great, but can players pick the same civilization three times in a row? like mauryans/mauryans/mauryans ? or not
  6. WIll make sure to put this out into the email I am sending tommorow morning
  7. I can make it so that the loosers finalist must beat the winners finalist in two matches
  8. I don't really understand this could you please rephrase?
  9. @Sequani Congrats in reaching top 10 here are your rewards. One is for the first one. and the second one is for the current one
  10. Okay, I will give you your reward as soon as the tournament finishes. I apologise for the very long delay. Some things happened at home so...
  11. Seeding rules are well done. but do you think they will dominate their groups? Agreed, Rating as a bit experimental. I feel that rating should compare both players rating. also implementing a random game playing system will be awesome. So noobs auto pair with noobs, this would also mean we can remove rating from the custom matchmaking room entirely. We can talk more overthat in email.but good idea With that said the tournament finals is a bo5. so that would mean there is no banning maps in the last games Would you like me to split the double elimination bracket in two or not see this for reference. I have made it double elim. I don't really understand you can you please rephrase that? <iframe src="https://challonge.com/july0ad/module" width="100%" height="500" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto" allowtransparency="true"></iframe> Code for bracket
  12. I don;t feel like it's useful unless they make a gtame mode that lasts infinetly and you can build your empire and you need to have xxx stats to engage in war
  13. Don't know they've been crazy on timing Probably, It shows that Subotai marked it as a win
  14. Hello Everyone, The Second 1v1 Tournament was a Instant Success. Since this is a monthly series I have to open registrations early. We Will accept Registrations Via the Forum and from Challonge as well. I and my friend (Subotai_Mongol) have decided to twist it up a bit. so here are the changes Changes: There is now a group stage (groups of 4) This guarantees that you get 3 matches to play Group stage will be played in Bo1 while the Final stage will be played in bo3 There is now a banning phase Maps played are now different | before: Mainland After: Balanced Mainland - Small , Cross - Medium, and Balanced Hyrcanian Shores - Medium Finals will be played in BO5 (This will be the Template used for the tournaments) So without Further a Do Let me get into the Rules, and FAQ about the Tournament! F.A.Q. Q: When is the Tournament? A: On July 20th, or earlier Q: How do I register for the Tournament? A: Go ahead to our Registration Page and Go ahead and Register, Alternatively you can Just reply on the Forums That you want to participate along side your In Game Name (IGN) and I'll Pop a message to you on the Forums. Q: Do I have to Check in for the Tournament? A: Yes, Check in Starts 2 days before the Tournament. (July 18th) Q: If I want to Leave the Tournament before it starts can I do so? A: Yes, you can! If you registered on Challonge you can simply go here - https://challonge.com/july0ad/participant_settings and Click "Unregister" Q: What is it a Best of A: The Tournament is a Best of 1 in Group stages, in Final Stages it becomes a best of 1 and in the finals it's a best of 5 Q: What Maps are being Played? A: Balanced Mainland, Corinthian Isthmus, and Death Canyon Q: What is the Map Size? A: Games will be played on the Small Map Size Q: If I want to contact me about something how should I? A: Respond to this post or email me at: derekowumi@gmail.com That Wraps up the FAQ Now the Rules and Game settings etc. Games' Setting: Population Limit: 300 Starting Resources: Low Mode: Conquest Spies: Allowed Treasure - On Explored Map: Off Revealed Map: Off Cheats: Disabled Game Speed: Normal (x1) Ceasefire: None Spectators: Allowed Tournament Rules: Recordings: Send Files to me via Email - derekowumi@gmail.com or Reply to this Post Play-style: Best of 3 1v1 Groups (4 --> 2) Single Elimination Banning Phase: Both Players can ban 1 Civilizations (Bans affects both player and it can be canceled off) Maps used - Balanced Mainland, Corinthian Isthmus, and Death Canyon Player Ethics: Do not be rude Do not pause the game before loosing Do not Pause the game without asking for permission from your enemy and the host If any of these rules are broken you may be kicked or banned from the tournament completely If you're in any way interested feel free to register with any of the ways given. Wish you the best of luck in competing!
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