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  1. Hi! I've got strange issue. Namely I cannot connect to the lobby. When I'm trying it process statys at connecting... Earlier this day I was able to connect without any problems. I didn't make any changes or something. Could someone please help me? @user1 My name is: Daniel_King Regards, Dan.
  2. Raffut1969 is ultra nub. He's that high in ranking only because he's leaving always when he's losing/is at lost position.
  3. Another day another leaver. My name: Daniel_King Offender name: JmNzhl @user1 commands.txt metadata.json
  4. Hello hello hello. I'm here again to report serious crime... My name: Daniel_King Offender (nub) name: Neb He just quited after losing a big fight XD. What is more funny he asked at the beggining if I won't rage quit XD. @user1 Can I ask what is the punishment which all offenders got for leaving games? Edit: Uploading commands.txt cause I've forget about it when I've posted XD commands.txt metadata.json
  5. That's why we don't have siege in military camps now, Romans soldiers became retards and cannot construct it XD. That's why we don't have siege in military camps now, Romans soldiers became retards and cannot construct it XD.
  6. Hello hello hello. It's me again. First serious ranked game in a24 and of course I'm crushing my enemy with Ibers elite cav(op). My opponent did not have the dignity to resign so he pretended internet drop and it disconnected me. It's second time when this noob is doing this kind of thing. There must be a punishment. opponent name: Raffut1969 my name: Daniel_King commands.txtmetadata.json @user1
  7. Short answer. Nope! It's even worse than before.
  8. I wouldn't say that XD. When I've sended ~100 units they were walking in a very very long line then when they reached their goal they started to rotate like clock hands. It was pathethic to watch. Lastly most important thing 4vs4 is now unplayable. Yesterday we were playing (nani, juarca, etc) and it was impossible to play. For sure lag is bigger than at prev alpha. Also one more thing. Chop chop chop wood for the win lol.
  9. Hi! YT99 requested so I'm post ing traditional 1vs1 with Obry vs Daniel_King. Cheers lads. commands.txt metadata.json
  10. Hi, another day - another win - another leave in ranked 1vs1 game without even saying goodbye my name: Daniel_Kinq offender name: z_sk @user1
  11. I've scored a win against MarcAurel. He has resigned and I didnt get win neither points. My name: Daniel_Kinq Enemy: MarcAurel Fix please. REgards. @user1 metadata.json commands.txt
  12. Hi. My name: Daniel_Kinq Enemy: Rafut1969. He just min ago broke my hearth. I was wining and he quit without saying nothing ;/. Such a looser ;p. @user1 commands.txt metadata.json
  13. Hi! All of these changes are pointless until You will fix IP address leaks. Nowadays game is unplayable because someone is making DDOS attacks on player who's hosting the game. I'm not the security expert or something but You really need to make a closed source function built in lobby that will encrypt/decrypt IP addresses because people will simply start leaving the game because noone is happy when hes not able to finish the game on which he spends hours on. Best regards, Daniel_King.
  14. Hey! In the first one player left. In the second one player resigned and immediatly closed game. In both cases i didn't get any points. Regards. commands.txt commands.txt
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