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  1. Hey! If there's a spot I will also participate. Nick: Daniel_King Points: 1502 Regards. Edit: Underscore missing in my nickname.
  2. Hello. I want to upload another rage quitter Name: Lord_Commander What do u do with quitters ? @Hannibal_Barca commands.txtmetadata.json
  3. Hello once again. Another quitter in the house. He's name is: yildirim978. Guys please fix this somehow cause it's frustrating a bit. When somone's quitting ranked match I'm always feeling like it was just a waste of time. Thanks in advance, Daniel_king. Regards. commands.txtmetadata.json
  4. I don't know what's going on. From couple of days I'm not able to connect to any game. Any suggestions what can be set wrong in router settings ? Thanks in advace, Regards.
  5. Hello again. Another cowardly quitter who left the game fearing Daniel_King's power. Hes name is LegionVC. What's the weird's part of that game was that chat shown that he resigned but there wasnt a melody and then I didnt get points in the lobby. It happend to me maybe second or third time. Maybe there's tool for quiting or something xD? Regards, Daniel_King commands.txtmetadata.json
  6. @Stan` Yes error occurs only when im at work . I'm on machine which runs windows 7. I turned off windows firewall and i don't have any other software here so maybe the problem is in the router configuration. It's strange because I can normally play with some player like Doctor_Organs for e.g. and i cannot play with Lord_Commander for e.g.. Any tips what i can switch in router configuration to make it work for everyone ? I'm using TP- Link, Model TL-WR841N. UPnP is enable and also I tried to set the port forwarding but it neither works. Thanks for help in advance, Regards.
  7. Hello. To not waste Your time im starting ASAP. For several days im getting new kind of error, I don't know, maybe someone had posted it. I'm adding photo of the error in attachment. What's the most strange in this situation is that error occurs only when some players try to join my host, for example Lord_Commander cannot join and in the other hand Doctor_Organs can. Second thing is that I'm able to join some hosts and cannot join the others(even if there are other players in like Doctor_Organs for example). Need help to solve it cause im 0 ad addict and I suffer when I'm not able to play
  8. Hello another quitter. Please fix this somehow cause its only time wasting. Hes name: xXCesareXx Please punish him xD commands.txtmetadata.json
  9. Another one: *ArtmosPT commands.txt metadata.json
  10. Hey guys. Here's another quitter: *oshivan I want justice . Reagrds, Daniel_King. commands.txtmetadata.json
  11. Hello i would like to report a hih rated quitter. Hes name is Lagos. Please punish him commands.txt metadata.json
  12. Hello guys. Recently I'm playing all the time 1vs1 ranked games. During this time I passed through multiple games ending by leaving (not resigning) by my opponents. I was thinking what can be done to solve this problem and i invented something like that. In ranked match there can be only resigning option for both players to end the game before the time. Although I'm aware of the fact that sometimes match needs to be ended qucikly. For example if random map turns out to demonstration map or something like that there needs to be option for "RE'. So i inveted something like this. In multipl
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