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  1. RC3: Fix for goats 70 food now, on alpine sheep are used instead balanced-maps.pyromod
  2. RC2: Fix DiskPlacer usage since it was merged and modified into upstream, fix hyrcanian shores flora changes. balanced-maps.pyromod
  3. Release Candidate, if no bugs are reported I'll release this on mod.io next week:
  4. First release candidate for A24, as far as I can see only remaining thing to fix is the new stanza command to deny entry for unmodded players on balanced map host. Issue was that all berry templates are now inside `gaia/fruit`, which is very handy, thanks! Please test, I won't be testing extensively so it will be what will be released if no complaints arise. balanced-maps.pyromod
  5. @ValihrAnt provided some useful data showing that there are possibly changes to fauna templates messing up with the counts, so even if gen is successful food won't be balanced (everything else will).
  6. Yeah, I fixed that, unfortunately the top bar replacement is a bit tricky with the new handlers architecture without a proper way to deregister, working that out.
  7. balanced-maps updated, currently dev version (requires adjustment for blocking joins when hosting balanced-map against players without mod), find on balanced-maps thread on map making subforum
  8. Dev version, only install if you know what you are doing. Proper update requires further adjustments to avoid people without mod joining room if balanced-map being hosted. balanced-maps.pyromod
  9. Does not show any more info than that, that is the message... Any ideas?
  10. @nani Would you mind sharing the diff for a24 or the repository if you use a VCS? I'm having a little trouble adapting the mod checker for a24 (sendRegisterGameStanzaImmediate)
  11. Chill out and be happy :-)
  12. Not really, what I'd have I'd probably introduce as a mod, if it ever came to fruition.
  13. If we ever do this reskin, can we also do some rework on the UI to optimize screen real estate?
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