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  1. You meant @Dizakaperhaps? Or maybe dakeyras, dakora, darkcity..
  2. As I said, I don't mind a24 being released as soon as possible. I even advocated multiple times for reaching beta status. But we have a player base, that's been dwindling (at least with regard to the competitive scene) with the lack of progress on balance/performance/addressing the dos issues. Making at least one of the above worse does not help. But then, I was not even aware we had blockers for a24, especially given the lack of responses to raised questions about it on the forum (do we have a roadmap?). That said, releasing a24 would do more good than bad for the momentum at the cur
  3. I wouldn't mind relaxing the criteria for releasing a24, however I'd rather have unmerged gameplay patches in the release than a worse balance than a23.
  4. Not too difficult to make. I made the monitor mod modular, so you can just take the productionmode + adapt getplayersproduction to not return techs + replicate research_progress.xml and adapt it to your will. https://github.com/badosu/prodmod/blob/master/gui/session/ProductionMode.js https://github.com/0ad/0ad/blob/master/binaries/data/mods/public/gui/session/ResearchProgress.xml https://github.com/badosu/prodmod/blob/master/simulation/components/GuiInterface~prodmod.js#L168 Now if you're taking about adding to vanilla, that's a different story. I think it detracts a bit from the i
  5. As long as we can also address the issue with formation and pathfinding with strangler trees/obstacles, I agree
  6. Just my 2 cents, unless something dramatically changes more differentiation won't bring much improvement to both gameplay and historicity, in my humble opinion. AoE2 has a wide variety of counters, well defined rocks-paper-scissor, and I feel it's kinda boring/spammy/mechanical. Focusing on mechanics, I wouldn't say an extreme change - maybe flanking, ranged recharge, trampling, melee focus could both make it more interesting from a tactical pov and historically. Lake trasimene, cannae, Alexanders numerous hammer and anvil with wedge cav formation all could be easily recreated (not that
  7. I think a flanking mechanic like this could work: - Set a distance threshold, slightly higher than melee range (e.g. 3-4 tiles) - Find an enemy melee unit inside that threshold - Define quadrants where that unit is in 45 degree of the first quadrant - For each other quadrant that has at least another enemy melee unit inside it nerf -1 armor This could be doable on an experiment mod, I would expect performance to be incredibly poor. Another issue is defining the start quadrant, I'm not sure it's well defined (nerfs are the same regardless the initial unit). Nevertheless could be
  8. Counter to heavy infantry is making flanking work as it's supposed to, e.g. a frontal cav charge won't break a compact infantry formation but cav is mobile enough to surround it (anvil and hammer tactic). If enemy does not have cav to counter, they can't avoid formation to be surrounded. Also skirmishers for kiting/hit-and-run. That's why cav should be a counter to infantry, but not in a simple manner. Also trampling mechanic (for spear cav) could break and induce more flanking nerfs to formation. I'm not sure how to make it work, the simplest manner would be to nerf armor if a unit is s
  9. Yeah, I agree Lowlands may get a pass, but I've seen horror stories with the wood gen/obstacle. Anyway, happy to see some work on this :-)
  10. Ah, custom map flags, we need you!!! :-) By the way Edwarf. One should be able to remove the undesirable turtly maps: Lowlands, Passes and Isthmus and backport it to a23. Was one of the ideas I had in mind, make balanced unknown maps, but the code isn't too friendly for that. I think if we remove those undesirable maps unknown finally might be a good map for TG (maybe the best).
  11. Well, that's a good idea but perhaps in the scope of a map/civ pool mod I suggested some time ago. Still it would help to have a text-based one in autociv
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