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  1. Community Update (8/02/22) Over the course of a few months, we have continued to update our community centered-operations. Today we wish to share those changes and state our plans for the future. Discord Server Our Discord Server is used for many things. It is a community center at heart but also is a hub for everything else. Regular updates, exclusive polls, and an archive come together to make our Discord Server the thriving heart of our community. Our archive includes: Art, Music, Mod Lore, Cutscenes, and more. We are always active and ready to answer any questions you may have and take suggestions on lore, game mechanics, or other things you would like to see in the mod. We always love hearing from you. Wiki (Fandom) We have just begun to break ground on the Fandom platform in order to create a readily available repository of information regarding the mod's lore, mechanics, and more. The Wiki page is unfinished but it has an almost defined framework and we thought it was worth reporting on. Sub-Reddit A small but valuable piece of our community, our Sub-Reddit is basically our forum dedicated wholly to community interaction. We do post content reports here and there but the real goal is to respond to our community and create a friendly environment for discussion. Future Plans: Our current priority is to add our first faction to the game, The Adrestian Empire. The Empire will be the first to join the mod because of the result of a community poll we had a while ago. You can find more information on the Adrestian Empire here in one of our articles. We are also planning to expand our Wiki and continue to add content to it going beyond what it is at the moment. If you wish to help in any way, just let us know on our Discord Server or Sub-Reddit, and thank you. We are trying to avoid spoilers for the mod entirely in this update but we can give you this hint: the "Three Wars" in the title is not just for sake of naming it. Thank you for reading our Community Content Report for August 2, 2022, we hope you have a wonderful day.
  2. Fire Emblem: Three Houses Zelda Total War (so far Shogun 2 is my favorite) Smash Bros basically a lot of Nintendo games.
  3. Fight the tyranny of the Archbishop as the Adrestian Empire or defend the "Holy Church" as the Knights of Seiros! Journey across Fodlan and take part in some of Fire Emblem's most iconic battles, but this time in an RTS format. As rumors of war begin to formulate in the surrounding villages due to the tensions between the Church of Seiros and the Empire, the Archbishop, Lady Rhea, forms an army in secret just in case the rumors become fact, what happens next is something entirely different than what she had expected and it all began with three students being chased in the woods by bandits... Release Date: TBD An Empire in the Making (View Original Post) The Adrestian Empire is located at the south end of Fodlan bosting the famous Black Eagle house to represent them at Garreg Mach Monastery which lies at the center of Fodlan. It is said that the founding of the Adrestian Empire was aided by Lady Seiros when they helped her defeat Nemesis (The King of Liberation). The "Crest of Seiros" runs through their family bloodline as a gift from the goddess for lending their strength to Lady Seiros. The Black Eagle house was named after the traditionally black armor of the Adrestian knights and the twin-headed eagle on the Empire's coat of arms. The Black Eagles' attendants this year are as follows: Edelgard (The only child left of House Hresvelg and the only heir to the throne of the Adrestian Empire), Hubert (House Vestra), Bernadetta (Only daughter of House Varley), Ferdinand (House Aegir, in line to become the next Prime Minister of the Empire), Capar (One of the sons of House Bergliez), Linhardt (House Hevring), Petra (House Macneary and in line for the throne of Brigid), Dorothea (The only commoner in Black Eagle). Help Wanted: If anyone wishes to help in the development of this mod we will be grateful to hear from you on our Discord Server. We are currently in the need of a 3d modeler, music help, and some artists. If you wish to help in any other way then you are always welcome on our team. Thank you. Fire Emblem: Three Wars Reddit Fire Emblem: Three Wars Discord Server Fire Emblem: Three Wars Mod DB Page
  4. Thank you for letting me know, could I create the cinematics in engine like move the camera somewhere, spawn the actors needed and assign the animation that would be in the video to the actors and have the player view locked to that location?
  5. I am trying to add cutscenes to 0 A.D.. For example, when a Hero dies I would like to add cutscene as a video file (MP4), so first I need to know if this is possible, and if so, how I trigger it to go off once the hero dies, also is there a way to pause the game using scripts so that while the cutscene is playing your team is not getting destroyed? Thank you for your time.
  6. I have to practice and get better at this
  7. Well, I would explain if I knew how I did it. I just deleted my pack and repasted everything, I assume I jacked something up in the code by accident and the wipe got rid of it. So far it is just a menu changer, the menu is not even finalized, aka just some stock images for now. I do not even have any content on it because I can't 3d model, because I suck. There is not much to upload.
  8. I am sorry for wasting your time, I seem to have fixed it, thank you for being willing to help. My apologies.
  9. I must have missed something, can you please inform me on the case
  10. Thank you Stan, but I think you are misunderstanding the situation. You see, I am creating a mod and the game is having trouble reading it, I suspect that I am missing a step but I could not understand the instructions given on the official tutorial, so I looked at what a fellow modder did to his json file and checked mine by it, they both match, currently my mod only changes the menu Background and I copied the backgrounds from the public file and then renamed them to all have .DELETED, then I wrote an xml and js file for the image I wanted to use. but, when I started it, the background images were the same.
  11. Hello, I am brand new to modding so I am quite inexperienced. So I copied the contents of the public file into a new mod file that I created, then I went into the mod json file and wrote this { "name": "Test Mod", "version": "0.01", "label": "Label", "url": "https://play0ad.com", "description": "Description", "dependencies": ["0ad=0.0.25"] ,"type": "game" } the difference between my mod and the main game is that it changed the menu music as a test, and, when I started it, the game allowed me to select and enable the mod, but once I did, it showed an error to small and fast to read, and the mod did not work. So I went to the crash logs and it said this (error while dumping stack: No stack frames found) errno = 2 (Error during IO) OS error = 0 (no error code was set) I really would like to make a mod for this game so I would be glad if you told what I am doing wrong, thank for your time. also, every time I open the game, it brings me to the mod selection menu and says incompatible or missing mods, then it has me enable it again, but not before having deactivate it as well
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