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  1. thanks. With this i can finally play 0ad
  2. when i ran make CONFIG=Release -j3, below messages appears and i could not find test binary in 0ad/binaries/system //snipped In file included from ../../../source/ps/UserReport.cpp:24: ../../../source/lib/external_libraries/curl.h:50:23: warning: curl/curl.h: No such file or directory CCmpDecay.cpp ../../../source/ps/UserReport.cpp:478: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of ‘CURL’ with no type ../../../source/ps/UserReport.cpp:478: error: expected ‘;’ before ‘*’ token ../../../source/ps/UserReport.cpp:479: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of ‘curl_slist’ with no type ../../../source/ps/Use
  3. if someone trying to kill you will you're trying to bring down someone's home, would you just let them kill you first? There won't be a second wouldn't it? no offense buddy, just my two cents.
  4. version 4 is my fav. I simply loves the fact that when i'm outran by a mob/strong foe, I can simply run away from battle to the nearest town & get the guards to help me but i guess bethesda wouldn't make it run on linux so....
  5. as the title goes, i think player's soldier should at least respond to enemies poking their behind with weapons
  6. Soldiers with piercing weapons are soppose to unable to bring down buildings. This just looks ridiculous like it was in AoE. Just my 2 cents.
  7. i just compiled the latest version from svn. On map miletus as hellenic i realized that soldiers and females cannot exit the gate. also there's a bunch of javascript warning about AI or something.
  8. i'm just compiled my first 0ad today on my trusty Debian Squeeze! it's nice to see that there's a open source game that resembles my favorite age of empire.Sort of brings my the good old memories to me.
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