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  1. I played my first boonGUI A26 game and all looked good - thanks for the work on it! It was just a single player game, so I haven't tried any form of multiplayer yet. Looking forward to that!
  2. Congrats - excited to play the released version!
  3. Are the imposters good players? Is this finally my chance to "defeat" a 1600 rated player?
  4. It seems to me that the natural way of incorporating the bribing of units would be to carve out mercenaries as being the main (or only) unit susceptible to bribery. The game already tries to incorporate an element of this by requiring that mercenaries cost metal to train. And that's based on solid historical evidence. Making them susceptible to bribery would also be based on historical evidence, and it would also complicate strategies that over-rely on the use of mercenaries (which would definitely improve A25, imo).
  5. So, I'd be interested in hearing from some longer term players on this issue. I started playing during A23, and didn't really start joining the lobby until A25. My impression is that the "100+ units in 10 minutes" is sort of a newer thing and that the average player used to produce units more slowly than they do now. The best players probably always produced more than 10 units/minute, but the average player seems to have gotten a lot faster/better. My impression has been that Kate0AD's boom guide was especially influential in speeding up the way average players play.
  6. I agree. If anything, it adds some new strategic depth and options to the game without going down some roads lots of people don't want to go down (e.g., adding lots of additional unique features to specific civs).
  7. Does this work with Iberian opponents and fire cav? Could create some nice 'LOL' moments when you capture Iberian buildings and then use fire cav against them.
  8. I'm also opposed to the Russophobia and Sinophobia I see in the U.S. (my country).
  9. Trezzahn, there's a long tradition of work on this problem in Islamic scholarship and literature, and nothing about what Mohammed did was unusual in his historical time and place. None of that is to excuse child marriage, which almost every human society now condemns. But it's to point out that there's nothing particularly "Islamic" about it, and it doesn't excuse Frinsong's Islamophobia.
  10. My favorite variation on 'ad hominem' is 'ad mominem.'
  11. I like the p1 colony bonus (in one's own territory!), as someone who often plays Seleucids. The slight nerfing of Pikemen for A26 definitely takes away some of the better strategies for playing Seleucids and makes merc units and colonies more important. Leaning in to that with an earlier colony would help mitigate the challenges.
  12. More broadly, it might be worth analyzing hero usage and consider cutting from 3 to 2. imo, most civs have at least one hero who rarely/never gets used. My play has been largely limited to two civs, admittedly, but with both of them (Spartans and Seleucids) I only ever use two heroes. Other players seem to do about the same.
  13. Having just played a quick game, my first impression was that I miss the BoonGUI mod and I hope it's coming out for A26!
  14. Lots of people have proposed adding later periods of Rome to the game. Just wait until your next hero is Imperator Caesar Divi Filius Augustus Pontifex Maximus Consul XIII Tribunicia Potestas XXXVII Imperator XXI Pater Patriae.
  15. This is a good idea. Isn't the gear map very highly symmetrical in this way (except, of course, it has water)?
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