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  1. Let's see if I can break my "winless on YouTube" streak. Spoiler alert: no.
  2. Sevda's issue is the same issue I had at first. I solved it by clicking "Rebuild List," and then all the scores populated.
  3. This is pretty cool. FYI: After installing and starting it up, I had to click "Rebuild List" before I was able to get actual ratings. Once I clicked that, it worked fine. If we're posting our own ratings for comparison, my rating here with this mod was 3.43. My lobby rating is 1286.
  4. I definitely like the fact that users can participate by modding the game. I don't even do mods myself - I'm not really inclined to do it - but I appreciate that others can and do. I also like some of the mods - boonGUI 2.4 is excellent, for example. I like that strategy plays a leading role in the game. The graphics are really solid, but they're not too distracting and don't get in the way of the strategic aspects of the game. I really appreciate the commitment to history and a reasonable amount of historical accuracy. Using the actual names for the various buildings is a nice touch. The commitment to historical accuracy could never be 100%. Otherwise we'd just have a game where the Romans are suuuuuuper OP. But the commitment is there, as far as it can go.
  5. I definitely have the same problem, but, yeah, using control groups is a reliable way to solve it. If I have a complaint, it's that there's not a comparable solution for telling what units my opponent has on the field.
  6. That seems fair enough. You might be right about that. My thought on it was that the 375/100 player was probably doing the most strategic damage, while the 400/350 player was more of a team meat shield. But there could be situations where the 400 kills player was the better player.
  7. I wonder if it might be possible to have a military score that incorporated kill:death ratio into the score. Say you get an increasing # of bonus points for having an increasingly positive ratio. In 1v1 games, it wouldn't make a difference. But for team games, esp. 4v4, it would do a lot more to show that a player who kills 400 units and loses 350 did a lot worse than a player who kills 375 units and loses 100. Whereas now the worse player gets the higher military score.
  8. I'll go with the baseball interpretation of what happens after Alpha 26: 0ad gets moved up to Double A.
  9. More campaigns and AI development - basically, more ways to play the game by yourself even after you're a good player.
  10. I'm glad you did bring it up! It's nice to know the options available. The archer can be useful. The other MC unit I like is the merc melee infantry unit. It's a good unit to use against rams. The merc cav that comes out of the MC is, imo, pretty much useless, though. The champion cav out of the stable is way better.
  11. As someone who plays Seleucids pretty regularly these day, I actually never even knew about this. Unless I find myself playing a 1v1 on an inappropriately large map, the thought of building a new CC is one that never even occurs to me. The military colony is a superior building for expansions.
  12. Booming to phase 3 and then turtling is what a good player who wants to turtle would do. But very few turtlers are good players, and very few good players go for a defensive turtling strategy. Most turtlers I've seen in action build some early military units, maintain a fairly defensive stance even in phases 1 and 2, hit 100 pop around the 12 or 13 minute mark (sometimes even a tad later), and then start cranking out fortresses and garrisoning all their troops as soon as they hit phase 3. I've even seen one or two stop all resource gathering at phase 3, except farming, and operate entirely with trading at markets. Then they play the old Muhammad Ali strategy: wait for the enemy to attack, and then mop them up if the attack fails.
  13. I like it the way it is, too. Small groups of troops are useless either way - they take forever to capture buildings, but they take even longer to knock them down. And if you've got a large army, it's much more efficient to capture and delete than to bash them down.
  14. So, like a scientist I guess, I sought out turtlers for about a half dozen or so games the last couple of days to test some things out. I played mostly unrated games, because I didn't want any losses to mess with my rating (which is already sitting a bit too low b/c I lost a bunch of rated games back when I was new to the game). As a part of the experiment, I made no attempt to use my usual (and almost 100% successful, but super slow) strategy for dealing with turtlers - building defensive structures, encircling their territory, and taking them down in gradual waves. What tended to work: invading with elephant armies or large numbers of rams, supported by ranged units and swordsmen. Including defense against cav in the army. What didn't work: invading with large armies with 4 or fewer rams or elephants (i.e., or any other conventional strategy against boomers or rushers). Phase 2 rush (but that might be because I'm just not very good at phase 2 rushing). Cav rush at Phase 1. I won about half the games and lost about half. One particularly frustrating game ended in a stalemate, where I took out the opponent's fortresses and got the CC down to half power, before they were able to drive me back. I probably could've won that game, but it was going to take an hour or longer. I got so annoyed that I quit the game, which is the first time I've ever done that. Not my best moment, but I think we were playing unrated. I called an end to this little experiment after that game.
  15. A Phase 2 rush is another strategy I thought might work against defensive turtling, but I've never tried it. The idea would be to prevent them from going to Phase 3 and building fortresses. Turtlers tend to be hard to rush in Phase 1. At least, the ones I've seen build early military units so a cav rush won't be successful.
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