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  1. Becouse if 4v4 then there won't be more than 4 teams, and it will be impossible to coordinate games to play, and if 1v1 we just had events like that in the past, why not making something new? 2v2 is fun to watch and play and doesn't lag.
  2. Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce an exciting 2v2 competition in the real-time strategy game, 0 A.D. If you're a fan of strategy games and love competing against other players, then this competition is for you. The competition will be in a team format, with two players on each team. Each team will face off against another in a best-of-one serie. The team that wins will earn 3 points, while the team who loses won't earn any point. To ensure that all participants have a fair gaming experience, fair play rules will be applied at all times. Players caught cheating or using any type of exploit or hack will be immediately disqualified and reported to 0 A.D. moderators. All the games will be played at Saturday at 20:00 CET. If there is any game that is not possible to be played at that date, players can play it in any day of the same week. RULES: Map: Mainland , Normal size , Max pop: 200 , Relics: No , Conquest mode. TEAMS REGISTERED: - eae Gaming (Stockfish, borg-) To register to the event, just post an answer to this post with the name of your team and the team members. We will try to stream the highest rated games. Sign in open until: 26/05/23 12:00 CET.
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