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  1. What do the logs say? wiki/GameDataPaths Is your mod clean? In your last video (0.A.D. local.cfg tricks - 8/Dec/21) you get an error spawning into the game, but the corresponding line of code no longer exists in boonGUI 2.1.
  2. Version 2.1 Giving all houses a garrison flag. Adding some camera options. Requires a restart Adding a sound when switching to the loading screen. @ffffffff audio_interface_ui_switchToLoadingPage.ogg @ISlan fixed it for version 2.1
  3. Yes, thank you. I think I fixed all those bugs this morning with the release of version 2.0.2. Added as well. Bug reports on GitHub are always preferred, as we can then easily point to the fixed issue with the commit. This helps to manage things better. Since I think these bugs are already fixed, there is no reason to post on GitHub again. If there are any bugs with the new 2.0.2 version, please do so.
  4. Maybe it's because they used to look quite different from one another. Related forum thread: ===[COMMITTED]=== Siege Artillery Rework (30/Nov/19)
  5. Yes, I somehow managed to reproduce it. Opened an GitHub issue for now so that it is not forgotten. The stats overlay should be hidden when you spawn into a game as an active player, and when you resign, the stats overlay will be displayed. (You would still be able to toggle it on/off when playing actively with the button or hotkey.), right? yes, i would agree.
  6. Thanks for the help in improving the mod. Try to find the "logs" folder (see wiki/GameDataPaths), there is a file called "interestinglog.html", that would be very helpful, finding a way to consistently reproduce the problem would be even better. If the game crashes you can even attach the crashlogs.txt file, the replay where the problem occurred is also useful. Post everything here or on the GitHub page under issues. PS: The "interestinglog.html" file is reset every time the game is restarted, so save it immediately after the problem occurs. Which messages do you refer to?
  7. @feneur @Stan` A Spanish user has reported via IRC #0ad (19/Nov/21) that you cannot download the files by clicking on them. It does work by copying the link and manually passing it to the browser address field. Somewhere between now and Dec'20 the issue was introduced.
  8. Version 2.0.1 The stats overlay has been updated by @ISlan to improve overall readability. In addition, a second overlay has been included that provides much more information to analyze a match. Thank you for all the hard work you have done so far. Thanks to @The Undying Nephalim for allowing me to use his hero selector in this mod. Thanks to @nani for his feedback and advice on improving the mod. Feedback Anyone can follow the development, contribute to discussions, report bugs, suggest features or even make pull requests at github.com/LangLangBart/boonGUI.
  9. Related ticket: #6303 - Error when viewing a replay following a specific player (30/Aug/21) Raised concern: https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP25691#54103 (not fixed)
  10. Related changeset: rP25458 - Allow decaying only in enemy territory. (18/May/21) Proposed patch to add it to more structures: D4339 - [Gameplay] Expand the number of structures that do not decay in neutral territory. (10/Nov/21)
  11. Related ticket: #6374 - [Atlas] Passibilty overlay does not autoupdate (5/Nov/21)
  12. If you'd like, I could use a 3D object for an improved hero marker (see ticket #6370 - 30/Oct/21). Would you be interested in making one?
  13. Something like this? Related ticket: #6150 - Increasing the maximum camera zoom in normal game mode (16/Apr/21) It is possible to set it up via your user.cfg file. Check the 6th item in the wiki/FAQ#General.
  14. Thanks for uploading some A25 replays, but it would be easier to find them if you uploaded them to the correct replay section. https://wildfiregames.com/forum/forum/487-alpha-25/
  15. You can't even open the "Mod Selection" screen? Try the method in the wiki/FAQ, its the 4th from the top. crashlog.txt and interestinglog.html are also empty? wiki/GameDataPaths
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