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  1. Can you attach crashlogs ? See https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/ReportingErrors In the mean time you could try the following:
  2. @Stan` might answer your request, I only write an anwser so he notices your post. Can you attach crashlogs ? See https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/ReportingErrors In the mean time you could try the following:
  3. @1:07:06, when it comes to the installation process on Mac, the more convenient way is Homebrew Casks. It is not mentioned on the website, probably there is a reason for that. brew cask install 0-ad PS: Stan was good, glad to hear some interviews from the people who make 0AD and some of their annectodes. If I had been the interviewer, I would also have asked if the game should take a more commercial path, like the Czech game company "Wube Software", which is known for Factorio.
  4. It's regarding the article "Trying to compile game on Mac" from 27th November 2019. I had the understanding you would rather use the latest develper version in this case.
  5. I searched through the forum and found your answer, so I sent him a private message. He responded with success. It did the trick. Edit: 2hrs ago
  6. Hello Asterix, Thank you for the reply. Well, I studied your forum account and found a MacUser who had the same problem to create the game. Stan wants the WXWIDGETS developer version 3.1.3 instead of the 3.0.5 stable version. Which one shall I send to the phabricator (https://code.wildfiregames.com)? As pointed out in the "build-osx-libs.sh" file regarding GnuTLS, wouldn't it be wise to update Nettle and GMP as well? # gloox requires GnuTLS, GnuTLS requires Nettle and GMP GMP_VERSION="gmp-6.1.2" NETTLE_VERSION="nettle-3.5.1" # NOTE: remember to also update LIB_URL below when changin
  7. -SDL2_VERSION="SDL2-2.0.5" +SDL2_VERSION="SDL2-2.0.12" modified the build script updated the library Workspaces. Run test & Start pyrogenesis. Problem solved PS: For almost all library files there are more updates available, I thought this overview might be helpful. If you want me to update the file "build-osx-libs.sh" with the latest libraries and replace http with https. I think I can do that. I am only hesitating because of Krinkle's comment on the ICU update. ZLIB_VERSION="zlib-1.2.11"
  8. I downloaded the public SVN Code (wiki/BuildInstructionsGettingTheCode). I followed the Building Instructions (wiki/BuildInstructions). Two library problems with gnutls & icu. Found the solution here (#5729) Workspaces. Run test & Start pyrogenesis. (Added Delenda Est from Github to the mod folder) Problem: The game window looks like in the picture below. Everything is clickable but you have to operate through the black by trial&error. I read the article wiki/ReportingErrors, so I chose to create a new topic in the Bug Reports forum. interestinglog.html
  9. Imagine playing 0 AD 60 FPS on a 1:1 world map with 100,000 citizens per player while running on a Core 2 Duo CPU, 4 GB Ram and an Intel HD 4200 graphics card, and you won't even hear the fans. The future will be great.
  10. Are there any plans to make 0 AD playable through GeForce NOW or similar alternatives?
  11. https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/27612-0ad-crash-when-logging-in/&do=findComment&comment=392367
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