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  1. Reading the wiki/Phabricator article helped me and it also taught me how to use Arcanist to upload my patch. You would need someone to review your patch, here is a quote from a former developer describing the situation: PS: Wiki doesn't seem to work properly at the moment, archive.org might be a temporary solution. Also I can't review your patch, I'm just a player/ tester and someone who learns JavaScript by modding the game. I mostly just test patches for @wraitii or @Freagarach and write my results in Phabricator.
  2. @azayrahmad will you create a patch for it? https://code.wildfiregames.com/
  3. Cool, I like the extra button. Working well. I know @nani has integrated something like that in its AutoCiv mod. In this video, titled 0AD Mods - AutoCiv Game Enhancer @1min53sec (4/Sep/20), you can see the feature in action.
  4. I think it was a bug, it has been fixed in the development version (see wiki/BuildInstructions). The patch for this can be found here: D3616 - fix Iberian starting walls on skirmish maps (1/Mar/21).
  5. You could change your "Display" settings in "System Preferences" or you could add gui.scale to your user.cfg file (see wiki/GameDataPaths) and play around with that number till you are happy with it. The options is currently being worked on at Phabricator and might end up in the next game version. D3037 Add gui scale to options EDIT1: If you are using macOS 11, can you take a look at this thread? Looking for a macOS 11 user with missing polygon on the minimap (26/Mar/21)
  6. Rise Fall Civilizations at War.mp4 I found it. A bit difficult to capture it on video, I tried messing with saturation/contrast/brightness of the video but not much success. It would be a good addition, I personally prefer the effect on the statue more.
  7. Yes, you can create a mod. Create a folder and add a mod.json file in there. Or you could just download it from an existing mod and make small changes to it. e.g. from the "City Builder" mod on GitHub. Your mod.json file should look like this, a more detailed explanation can be found here: wiki/Modding_Guide { "name": "dutch_fix", "version": "1.0", "label": "Dutch typo mod", "description": "Fixing typos in the dutch language", "dependencies": ["0ad=0.0.24"] } Next you will need the .po files, which contain the text that will be displayed in the game. Download the files fr
  8. Hey. I think this thread may answer some of your questions: Lag in 0 AD - A Few Questions (12/Feb/20) @nani's AutoCiv mod, lets you disable corpses, maybe this also helps a little.
  9. What do you think about adding a "crown" or some glittery particles to the hero to make him more visible in battle.
  10. I noticed that my scout can kill any domestic animal (chicken, cow, ...) but no other animal. Shouldn't he at least be able to kill the dear wolf when attacked? Edit1: Forget it, I think you have already fixed this problem with your latest update.
  11. Thanks for sharing. What is the current status of your project? I read about ForkAD shortly after I joined the forum, and haven't heard anything about it since. From reading the "Wildfire Games Meetings" (9/Jun/19), I understand that there was at least an intention to cooperate: What's going on?
  12. I think it this one D3037 Add gui scale to options In the meantime, you could try finding your user.cfg file (see wiki/GameDataPaths) and add gui.scale to it. Play around with this number until it suits your purpose. I was going to add this to my mod, but haven't done it yet. PS: another nice quality of life gain, was the discovery of the hotkey section (see wiki/HotKeys), especially those: Change speed of scrolling, rotating and zooming. scroll.speed.increase = "Ctrl+Shift+S" scroll.speed.decrease = "Ctrl+Alt+S" rotate.speed.increase = "Ctrl+Shif
  13. You could try disabling "TLS" in the settings.
  14. Your problem sounds like the one described by "Gaius_Claudius" (28/Mar/21) in ticket #6124. Can you read it and confirm that it is the same problem, he also provided some images (see attachments)? Are you also a Windows user?
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