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  1. Hi. Where and how can i report those who quit rated games without resigning? I'm so tired of those players. Another one today - elan_mask
  2. Installing M1 version didnt solve the problem.
  3. ok i found the M1 test version, ill try it and update later.
  4. i have this mac for 6 months only. no problems, never been overheating, i never turn on more apps then messengers + game + internet with couple tabs max
  5. im using this : https://play0ad.com/download/mac/ can u get other one for M1?
  6. mac with m1 is almost impossible to overheat. the problem is that i lose connection only when playing 0ad and it never happened 2 days straight during 6 months.
  7. Update: The error that it shows: Disconnected. An I/O error occured Uninstalled, deleted config and logs folders, nothing helps. Two times disconnected around 20th minute.
  8. how do you do that? and still, there should be a better solution i believe, then putting linux or win on your mac
  9. I was playing for 6 months and everything was good, except 2 days as i described in my post. Also it isn't the same problem as described in other post you are sending. Connection is not dropping for 4 seconds, and not exactly every 10 minutes. It is dropping every 5-15 minutes, it depends, could be even dropping at 2nd minute. And not for 4 seconds, but for all 20 till i get disconnected and then can't join the lobby for another 3 minutes.
  10. Hello. I'm on Macbook. Yesterday i started to disconnect every 5-15 minutes, though my connection is good (everything has been checked and please don't write stupid comments that i should change my provider) then i have to force quit the game and when i come back in, i can't join the lobby for another 2-3 minutes, it keeps loading and i have to quit game again and enter it again couple times till i can join the lobby. I've been reinstalling the game but it didn't help. Thought it will maybe somehow get better over the night, but today is still the same. Completely unplayable. It happened once in past, and the other day everything was fine, but now it continues for 2 days. Any suggestions FROM MAC USERS? Please don't tell me to delete some weird user.cfg files that aren't even there on Mac, because Mac programs are built differently i guess, and i can't find that file anywhere. If you have Windows then it's a big chance u will not help and please don't spend our time.
  11. 5XT


    Here you can see other complaints on player named atrepar. In my experience he had been very mean, swearing without reason (kicked me out of the game and sweared because thought i'm better player then my rank says)
  12. 5XT


    This is unacceptable. It makes me want to vomit. I don't think any normal new players would want to keep playing seeing something like this on lobby, because they would know very fast that toxic people are here and nobody is controlling that. <3 Would be very nice if some admins would also be more often present in the game. Or - an option for players who are trusted players to kick/ban for 60mins (for example) people who are acting toxic.
  13. Hi. I think there are more words to be added for being kicked out or muted in lobby. Because today this was too much. Also suggesting banning player with name "atrepar" too much swearing etc. Sorry for posting this here, but i dont know where to post such things. There also been other episodes of vulgar language in games where i'm present, which is very uncomfortable and makes me want to leave this game at all. Suggesting also such thing as voting for someone being kicked in lobby, when admins are not present, if someone is acting like a d*ck.
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