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Found 7 results

  1. Well this is not nice. I upgraded to newest community mod - 0.26.02 and it realy sucks that there is not a " downgrade " option rn, because there are only 4-5 people who has the newest mod update, and basicaly you can't play with anyone unless they will join your mod hell, where just 5 people has this mod. As discussed with a friend - this mod upgrade thing it will make game waiting time forever. Because people will not upgrade. Many will not even download the first mod, because they are too dumb in computer stuff or because they don't speak english enough to understand what is happening. My offer as a solution: In most of the games, when you turn on the game, there is a screen "There is an update, please download it" and then you just press a button "Yes" and it downloads. Can you make something like that for 0ad? Like... make it easier for players. They enter game-> You tell them there is an update -> They press a button -> Mod is downloaded and enabled.
  2. Community Update (8/02/22) Over the course of a few months, we have continued to update our community centered-operations. Today we wish to share those changes and state our plans for the future. Discord Server Our Discord Server is used for many things. It is a community center at heart but also is a hub for everything else. Regular updates, exclusive polls, and an archive come together to make our Discord Server the thriving heart of our community. Our archive includes: Art, Music, Mod Lore, Cutscenes, and more. We are always active and ready to answer any questions you may have and take suggestions on lore, game mechanics, or other things you would like to see in the mod. We always love hearing from you. Wiki (Fandom) We have just begun to break ground on the Fandom platform in order to create a readily available repository of information regarding the mod's lore, mechanics, and more. The Wiki page is unfinished but it has an almost defined framework and we thought it was worth reporting on. Sub-Reddit A small but valuable piece of our community, our Sub-Reddit is basically our forum dedicated wholly to community interaction. We do post content reports here and there but the real goal is to respond to our community and create a friendly environment for discussion. Future Plans: Our current priority is to add our first faction to the game, The Adrestian Empire. The Empire will be the first to join the mod because of the result of a community poll we had a while ago. You can find more information on the Adrestian Empire here in one of our articles. We are also planning to expand our Wiki and continue to add content to it going beyond what it is at the moment. If you wish to help in any way, just let us know on our Discord Server or Sub-Reddit, and thank you. We are trying to avoid spoilers for the mod entirely in this update but we can give you this hint: the "Three Wars" in the title is not just for sake of naming it. Thank you for reading our Community Content Report for August 2, 2022, we hope you have a wonderful day.
  3. Hello 0.A.D. Community is time to give some love to persians due the recent changes to other civ assets, even when they have the most detailed cavalry assets, their infantry assets like helmets and shields are pretty much outdated. Its time for some persian love... Starting with the recent changes to chamfrons: And this new helmet (Missing Plume): Texture of the helmet is 1024 for have a cleaner bake due the amount of detail: Plus the new neckguard, Thought the iron bake went a lil bit darker than supposed to be. If any1 find references for the conical helmets, feel free to post'em here it would help me to properly find their conical helmets.
  4. Hi again, i made this topic to ask for 2D workers and historical investigators for references to start an update for the Iberian Faction Infantry/Cavalry, since their units are really outdated and all infantry looks almost the same. References: Weapons used by iberians: Shields: Javelinist/Heavy Swordsman Light Infantry - Basic Rank Scutari equipment: Scutari Formation: Infantry Spearman: Basic rank slingers: Iberian Heavy Cavalry: Iberian Chieftain: Iberian Cavalry and Scutari: Various Infantry: Iberian Cavalry: Religion: Source: https://arrecaballo.es/edad-antigua/el-caballo-en-la-peninsula-iberica/los-iberos/ Celt Iberian Cavalry: Celt Iberian infantry Source:https://arrecaballo.es/edad-antigua/el-caballo-en-la-peninsula-iberica/los-celtiberos/
  5. i made this two tools for update the old meshes of the axe and the pick Reference Blend file >Tools_update.blend <
  6. Hi everyone, You'll find here slightly modified female meshes. Not a big deal... just to give female actors a (IMHO) nicer look. If @stanislas69 didn't suggested me strongly to post it, I would never have made public this personal modification. In the game, the differences are quite unnoticeable: Original meshes are on the right. A better view in Atlas: (people offended by breast nudity shouldn't open this) You'll find the modified meshes used by the game in the first archive. If you don't already know where to put them, create the '../art/meshes/skeletal/new' folder in the 'mods/public' of your local folder. Friendly, newFemMeshes.zip amazonMesh.zip
  7. the request is to translate website content for play0ad.com, and that this has a version in Spanish, i don't know if is possibly do this as we are doing with the game through some similar to Transifex platform and also help translate the Wikipedia article or Update to last english versión. la solicitud es para traducir contenido de la página web play0ad.com, y que esta tenga una versión en español, no se sí se podrá hacer igual que estamos haciendo con el juego mediante alguna plataforma similar a transifex , y que también ayuden a traducir el artículo de Wikipedia. With Wikipedia Sanderd17 ask help with that, but I was can't with that.
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